How To Build Line Array Speakers: 6 Things To Think About

How To Build Line Array Speakers

In this article, we will discuss line array speakers and answer: How to build line array speakers. Line arrays are speaker systems that constitute multiple speaker units with the same characteristics arranged vertically such that they emulate a linear acoustical source. While line arrays have been in use since the mid-eighties, vertical line arrays have … Read more

Do Speakers Use AC or DC

Do Speakers Use AC or DC

Do speakers use AC or DC? Usually, speakers use AC to produce sound. It needs an amplifier to power the AC signal. Read on to know more about speakers and how it functions. All speakers need an amplifier to operate. Any speaker you use is just a transducer and needs an electric signal to produce … Read more

How To Use Built-In Speakers In House?

How To Use Built-In Speakers In House

How to use built-in speakers in house? Most built-in speakers are passive and require an amplifier and receiver depending on certain factors. Read on to know more about how to use them correctly. Built-in speakers are an excellent in-house audio solution. They give excellent sound quality, utilize the natural acoustic strengths of the house, and … Read more

How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs?

Are you wondering how to tap into rear speakers for subs? We will give you all the steps below When you want to boost the lowest frequency sound waves in any stereo system, you should consider adding a subwoofer to your rear speaker. You can seek professional help, but you will need an expert’s advice … Read more

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive?

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive

Why Are Harbeth Speakers so Expensive? The fresh and natural sound of Harbeth speakers makes them one-of-a-kind and, thus, expensive. Why are Harbeth speakers so expensive? The reason is quite simple –they are aesthetically pleasing and musically engaging in quite a unique way.  They are indeed one-of-a-kind and thus, have a cult following around the … Read more