How Much Do Car Speakers Cost?

Planning to replace your worn-out car speakers, but don’t know how much do car speakers cost? Read our guide to find out.

Car manufacturers design the speaker that usually lasts for five years. After the estimated time, the audio quality of the car speaker becomes impaired and weakens. 

It is better to replace your car speaker with a high-quality, budget-friendly car audio system. The cost of replacing old car speakers varies due to the aftermarket speakers’ price ranges and labor charge of the installation.

How Much Do Car Speakers Cost

How Much Do Car Speakers Cost?

According to its sound quality, a good quality speaker may cost you around $300 to $800. The average cost you may have to pay for a car speaker is $500, and its installation charges are from $65 to $100. 

You can go to the market or online on the Internet to purchase your car speaker and its components that you may need, and also, you can perform the DIY installation by yourself. You can learn vehicle-specific installation instructions from many websites to save some money.

Let’s dive deep into the structure and other characteristics of a speaker to find out the reason behind its high price.

The Factors That Will Affect the Car Speaker’s Cost.

Car model

Car drivers need to know what speaker would be best for their car. The car model and year in which the factory built it can create drift between the price of car speakers. In some car models, installing a new speaker is difficult to apply, so you will have to pay a high price for it. However, some cars are capable of adding an upgraded aftermarket sound system.

Types of speakers

According to experts, the type of speaker you are adding to your car will define the cost of this procedure. The speakers come in two types; one is a component, and the other is a full-range speaker. 

The component speakers are pricey separate parts for the car speaker system. The full-range speakers are inexpensive and consist of every component that you can use in the speaker system. 

Speaker power

The unit of speaker power is amps. If you are adding high-power external speakers, you will probably require a more excellent power supply to run it. Thus high-end speakers may cost you extra, but in low-powered speakers, you don’t need more power; you can tap into the speaker wires of your car.

How Much Do Car Speakers Cost


If you have extra money left, you should add accessories to your speakers, such as a control panel, subwoofer, or additional amplifier. These components give you more accurate and precise sound quality with an increase in the bass of your car speaker.

Installation charges

Professionals use a particular device to open the dashboard of the car’s door carefully. The installation fees are around $60 for one installation. The price may vary depending on location and car model. 

The cost of installing a subwoofer into the speaker may cost around $20 to $40.

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Is It Worth Replacing or Upgrading Car Speakers?

Over time car speaker failure may happen to the car; it is essential to replace it after finding a decrease in its sound quality. If the speaker gets blown or any component gets damaged, torn, or broken, you should replace it. 

Repairing is probably not worth it, instead, try upgrading or replacing it with a new speaker set. Upgrading it will cost you less than $800 when you decide to moderate quality speakers for the car. 

Upgrading the speaker components is less expensive than upgrading other parts of the vehicle. After upgrading, you get more life to your speaker, get away from the speaker’s buzzing noise, and have better bass control, so upgrading is worth it.

How Much Do Car Speakers Cost

What Components May You Need To Buy To Upgrade Your Car Audio System?


The receiver or head unit will cost around $120 at moderate. It is the part of the audio system that commands other speaker components and features of your car. The price can vary according to the receiver model you want to install. 

If you’re going to upgrade the head unit, you should pick the one with more features, especially Bluetooth compatibility.


Amplifiers, like its name, amplify and power the speakers. You must upgrade your sound system to the point where it can boost the low frequency. Most cars come with factory-fitted amplifiers, which means you may not have to buy another one. However, if you want to install it, you should know that it may cost you around $40 to $100 to purchase it.

How Much Do Car Speakers Cost


Most people consider a subwoofer an additional component for the speaker as it costs around $100 to $200. Its role is simple as it boosts the low-frequency sound below 50Hz and maximizes the bass. There are also high-performance subs that cost more than standard speakers, $500.


If you want more speakers in your car or get better sound quality, it will cost you $200 for one high-end speaker. You might have to pay less if you bought them in a bundle.

Coaxial speakers

Coaxial speakers are better than the standard speaker as they do not require the amplifier to run. The amount you need to pay for high-end coaxial speakers is $400 to $900.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Speakers and Their Answers

Is replacing car speakers worth it?

Most car drivers agreed that replacing the car speaker with a new one is worth it. Because with constant use and age of your speakers they may not work as when they first bought.

Is it easy to replace car speakers?

Yes, replacing car speakers is not hard work to do. According to experts, this is a cost-efficient improvement that can happen to your car speakers. In replacing car speakers, you will require an aftermarket speaker that is inexpensive and easy to install.

How much does it cost to install new speakers in your car?

If you want to upgrade your car stereo system, you should consider installation done by a professional. The building may cost you around $120 to $150, depending upon the car model and speakers you want to install.

How Much Do Car Speakers Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade Car Audio?

Upgrading your factory-fitted car audio system with a new set of speakers to boost the audio quality of the car may cost you around $500 on average. The cost may vary from different regions to the type of car speaker you need for your vehicle. Hence, the range may cost you between $300 to $800. 

How Do You Tell If Your Car Speakers Are Blown?

In the unfortunate case, external and internal factors may blow your car speaker, you will be able to detect it as you may not hear a sound from it or hear awful sound quality. You may listen to a buzzing sound rather than the soft sound of the music.

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Wrap Up

Upgrading your car speaker is worth it, but it makes you lose your pocket a little bit. The total cost for whole car speaker installation may cost you somewhere between $350 to $500.

However, if you want the best quality, superior sound system, you will need $1000 for complete installation and speakers components.

When buying a car speaker, make sure it’s working perfectly well and has an extended warranty that you will not need to change it again for many years.