How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs?

Are you wondering how to tap into rear speakers for subs? We will give you all the steps below

When you want to boost the lowest frequency sound waves in any stereo system, you should consider adding a subwoofer to your rear speaker. You can seek professional help, but you will need an expert’s advice and tips to do it by yourself. 

Installing a sub or two and tapping it into rear speakers without damaging your car is possible. You can locate the Rear speakers in the back seat doors of the vehicle. 

How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs

How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs?

Open the dash plate of your car’s rear door, look for the speaker wires, and use an RCA cable to connect the AV receiver with input and output options and connect it with the power source. You may need more components like an amplifier to boost the bass of your speakers.

Car Amplifier And Subwoofer Guide

If you had no idea or are having a problem with tapping sub into the rear speaker, try following this guide:

  • Most subwoofers, whether expensive or low budget, are similar in structure, design, and functionality. If you want to add a specific setup, you should use these components, amplifier, enclosure, and speaker individually.
  • For an easy installation, try using a powered subwoofer. In this sub, you will not need to add an amplifier. 
  • When installing the subs in your car, look for the rear speakers in the back doors scuff plates, open the dashboard carefully and tap into the wire of rear speakers. Place the sub at the back seats of your car.
  • If you are adding different brand amplifiers and subwoofers for your car, first, you should make sure that both sub and amp components are compatible with each other. 
  • Before you buy a subwoofer, measure the size and where you should put it on your car. It will help you get the best subwoofer size for your vehicle you may need for your speakers.
  • You should need an amp to power the subs. However, you can also tap off rear deck speakers to an RCA input to the amp.
  • You can also tap into any switched power source that is possible in your car, such as a 12v battery outlet.
  • You can use an RCA cable or LOC to run a connection or channels between the speaker and sub output converter.
  • If a subwoofer comes without an enclosure, you may need to purchase it separately to upgrade your car audio or factory radio system.
How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs

The Merits of a Subwoofer in the Car’s Rear Speaker

Better bass response

The company manufactures the factory-fitted subwoofer in the car audio system to expand the bass response of low-frequency sound in the music played in your car. However, it doesn’t produce enough bass response; it usually enhances the sound above 50Hz but doesn’t go below this limit.

Thanks to an aftermarket subwoofer, a better bass response is possible for your car to produce a shallow frequency of around 20Hz.

Reduce in distortion

The vibrations caused by speakers and amplifiers usually create a distortion. To reduce this distortion, you will need a high-quality subwoofer in your car’s speaker. You can enjoy your music with high volume without distortion, even if your favorite music contains nothing but bass.

How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs

Greater clarity in sounds from low to high frequency

This sound clarity is an excellent property, which helps produce the fastest response to the bass. It makes tight bass sounds very clearly due to its superb quick, responsive effect. 

Full-spectrum response

A good quality sub for the car will help your speaker system create a full spectrum without putting too much load on the speakers. With a full-spectrum response, your speaker will get the power to produce the high to mid-range frequencies with the best clarity.

Having less load on smaller speaker

With a car subwoofer, low-frequency amplifier, and proper bass management, your car will gain the full potential with your music. The car sub lightens the load for full-range speakers, improving their overall performance to better sound quality without distortion. It also relieves the smaller speakers from having significant loads for producing low-frequency sounds.

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What To Look For in a Sub When Buying It for the Car’s Speaker?

  • Subwoofer size: The subwoofer size is significant as the bigger its size, the deeper the bass it produces. Also, a giant subwoofer may not fit in some cars. It would help if you bought a sub that your vehicle can handle.  
  • Root mean square wattage: This unit defines the power of the sub that it can handle on continuous running. It would be best if you shopped for a more powerful subwoofer to get better audio quality.
  • Sound pressure level: This helps subs to maintain the power it needs to produce the given volume. The more the SPL of sub means, the less energy it requires to make a sound.
  • Enclosure: You should shop the sub with a sealed enclosure as this design has a better sound quality. You can also purchase them separately.
  • Voice coils: Generally, the subs come with two voice coils, including single and dual. The dual voice coils increase the range of amplifiers that you can purchase and also help maximize their power.
How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs

Answers to More Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Rear Speakers for Subs.

How do you hook up subs to speakers?

Connecting a subwoofer to speakers is simple; use a subwoofer cable (RCA cable). It would be best if you connected it to the AV receiver from the receiver’s subwoofer output to the subwoofer’s input. If you don’t have an AV receiver, you can use preamplifiers.

Can you connect the subwoofer to the speaker output?

Yes, you can connect the subwoofer to the speaker output with the help of a receiver or preamplifier. Use an RCA cable to run a connection through it.

How do I connect my left and right subwoofer speakers?

You can connect your left and a right subwoofer the same way you connect the regular subs to the speaker. Use an RCA cable to form a connection between the sub output and sub-input line. However, click the left to L and right to R option.

How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs

Can you hook up a speaker backward?

It would help if you did not hook up the speaker backward because devastating consequences will occur. Wiring it backward will cause damage and an “out of phase” audio error. This error will create no sound wave or output and can also damage your amplifier.

Is a subwoofer necessary for the car?

Yes, it can be necessary as it helps relieve the bass load that the rear speaker of your car carries. It protects your speaker from damaging and distorting due to the high bass.

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You Need To Follow Simple Steps To Tap Into a Rear Speaker.

Adding a subwoofer is relatively easy; all you need is a simple aftermarket subwoofer capable of attaching to any factory speaker of the car. It would be best if you went to the market or searched for a subwoofer online on the internet to purchase it.

You will be able to install subs to the rear speakers after going through this article. However, If you are still unsure or confused about tapping for replacements, try taking help from experts in tapping.