Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive?

Why Are Harbeth Speakers so Expensive? The fresh and natural sound of Harbeth speakers makes them one-of-a-kind and, thus, expensive.

Why are Harbeth speakers so expensive? The reason is quite simple –they are aesthetically pleasing and musically engaging in quite a unique way. 

They are indeed one-of-a-kind and thus, have a cult following around the world. So, what makes their price range so colossal and yet worthy? We shall find out in this article.

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive

Are Harbeth speakers good?

These high-end speakers result from more than 40 years of experience in the industry with genuine advancement into sound technology. They are known to be far more dynamic, authentic, open, and transparent. It has an extravagantly linear frequency in music, which gives out the most delicate details of the music from every genre.

Harbeths are also quite pleasing to the eye and are reckoned to be made from the finest material supplied by the best manufacturers in the world, and it clearly shows in their aesthetics. They are lightweight with the most stunning cabinet that you will find in the market. These cabinets are hand-made and polished with the finest veneer that accentuates the beauty of every piece of the speaker.

According to this user, “This magical sound quality is real and will make you melt and swoon at the breathtaking beauty this unique combination of components delivers.”

Thus, in simple terms, it can be said that Harbeth speakers aren’t just good; they are extraordinary. 

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Where are they made?

Designed and built-in Sussex, England, the history of these Harbeth speakers goes 40 years back when Harbeth Audio was founded and established in 1977

The founder of this company, H.D Harwood, gained quite a lot of experience at the BBC Research Department and learned that polypropylene was an excellent speaker driver material. Also, he understood that a tighter bass on a modest-sized speaker played music more efficiently than the bigger ones.

With time, he introduced far more advanced and innovative ideas, including the Radial Cone Technology ™ to produce top-of-the-line speakers for the affordable market. The production of Harbeth speakers thus continues to be done in England, the United Kingdom.

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive

What tweeter do Harbeth speakers have?

A different tweeter is needed for each category of Harbeth speakers. It is required to create a high-frequency sound in the speakers. 

Thus, each tweeter carries its own frequency response. However, every Harbeth speaker’s tweeter is specially made at SEAS Europe.

Why are Harbeth speakers so expensive?

To put it simply, Harbeth speakers are quite iconic both as a brand and technology. They use an exclusive technology called RADIAL in their products, which involves the building of expensive drivers. 

However, the main reason these speakers are unusually pricey is that they are hand-made in the UK – this is something that you will not find in the speakers of other companies across the world. 

Thus, the music of Harbeth speakers stands out in a way that most people describe as their best hearing experience compared to other brands.

Apart from the above reasons, manufacturing, shipping, stereo system, installation of advanced equipment, etc., are also responsible for the high price range of this brand. Some pointers that direct why are Harbeth speakers so expensive are mentioned below

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive
  • Traditional manufacturing workers over artificial intelligence
  • Increased sound quality and clarity
  • Expensive driver (RADIAL Technology)
  • Use of Polypropylene as the cone material for the perfect quality of mid-range sound (110mm RADIAL2™ Cone Technology)
  • Higher shipment charges since Harbeth speakers are heavy
  • Availability in beautiful veneers (aesthetically gorgeous)
  • Accurate bass effects
  • Dynamic integration in every sense of the word
  • Lifelike transparency
  • Natural tonal balance and more.

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Impact Of The Pandemic

Many people have argued that the price of current speakers has touched an unbelievable high due to the pandemic. The chaos is true since many companies increased the cost of production since the imbalance in demand and supply ratio has gone beyond our heads. 

The dealer network has also been brought under constant control, which leads to fewer deals. This usually results in zero discounts for customers since brands demand more supply than production. 

There is no choice but to pay the fixed price; however, Harbeth speakers are known for their unmatchable quality and do not disappoint. Even so, the company is committed to providing world-class products at quite an acceptable amount if the speakers’ performance is duly seen and noted.

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive

What makes them superior to other similar-looking speakers?

Since the time of their first sale, Harbeth UK has only marched towards progress in a way that makes them more transparent, genuinely advanced, and outstandingly dynamic in every sense of the word. 

Even after being so innovative and trendsetting in approach, these excellent speakers continue to fulfill their age-old promise of keeping the sound natural and fresh. This natural sound is the main reason why the following of Harbeth is unmatchable compared with its contemporaries.

Another reason why these audio speakers are better and, thus, in more demand than others is because of their unbelievable audio performance. Each product of this company carries a unique character and, therefore, gives something that ensures incomparable resolution, clarity, and tonality. 

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive

For example, Harbeth 40.2 is famous for sounding like live music to the listeners. In contrast, Harbeth Super HL5Plus, apart from its high quality and natural sound, is also known for its 200mm RADIAL2 ™ bass/mid driver that brings a unique freshness to give the listeners an incredible music experience.

Each category of speakers is known for its distinctive features and thus, has its group of audience. Depending on your needs, you can choose amongst various speakers, starting from P3ESR XD, C7ES -3 XD, M30.2 XD, SHL5plus XD, and M40.3 XD. 

These speakers are also available in various finishes, including Cherry, Walnut, Olive Ash, Rosewood, and Satin Black.

The brand also won the Best Loudspeaker (2019) amongst many other international awards and recognitions. It is no wonder that it is the best brand for people looking to buy the best sound speakers.

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Why should you own Harbeth Speakers?

Harbeth speakers are a beautiful amalgamation of elegance and quality. They are luxurious in every sense of the word, as they should be. You can play a variety of genres of music on it and will be awe-struck by the high-end audio experience. 

Every minute detail of the musical notes can be heard across the corner of the room via these speakers. Thus, one can very quickly tell the difference between the speakers of other brands and Harbeth. Yes, they are that outstanding!

Why Are Harbeth Speakers So Expensive

The custom-made RADIAL2 drivers perform extraordinarily well for a speaker to function impressively and up to its full potential. The woofer and mid-range drivers are custom-made in this brand’s factory and provide sound engagement unlike any other.

Harbeth Speakers are worth their price!

Even though they are expensive, you must understand that Harbeth Speakers are entirely worth buying! They have every reason to be this pricey since they are hand-made and use highly advanced equipment to give you the best sound experience within the comfort of your home. They are available from the size of a shoebox (P3ESR) to a large monitor (Harbeth Monitor 40.3) in the market. Go ahead, and share these speakers a try, and we reckon you will fall in awe of them and join the mega cult of Harbeth listeners.