How To Use Built-In Speakers In House?

How to use built-in speakers in house? Most built-in speakers are passive and require an amplifier and receiver depending on certain factors. Read on to know more about how to use them correctly.

Built-in speakers are an excellent in-house audio solution. They give excellent sound quality, utilize the natural acoustic strengths of the house, and save a lot of space in the house. Built-in speakers are best to use if you want to listen to music in multiple rooms. 

However, using these speakers is slightly more complex than using normal speakers. If you, too, are wondering how to use built-in speakers in house, you may find them a bit hard to install and operate. But once it’s done, you can appreciate the difference. 

How To Use Built-In Speakers In House

Most built-in speakers available in the market are passive speakers. But whether you need an amp or receiver depends on your usage. Let us look in detail at built-in speakers and how to choose the right one for your house. 

In this article, let us further look at

  • What to look for in a ceiling speaker and how to use them?
  • Hooking up built-in speakers to your receiver and surround sound.
  • Are built-in speakers worth it?
  • Do you require amplifiers for In-Built speakers?

What Are The Types Of Built-In Speakers?

Mono Or Single Stereo

Usually, ceiling or built-in speakers have a mono stereo or a single stereo. Mono speakers are great for large spaces, while if you want to install the speaker in a bathroom or any small space, then stereo speakers are a better option.

However, a single stereo speaker needs two cables to install on the right and left sides to get a stereo sound. 

In-Wall Speakers

These are similar to built-in ceiling speakers but are mounted on the walls. You can use in-wall speakers for your TV, so the sound is at a better height than the ceiling speakers. Sometimes, installing speakers on the ceilings may not be possible, so installing them on the walls is a great option.

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Outdoor Built-in Ceiling Speakers

If you want to install speakers outdoors, you can install the outdoor ceiling speakers. These speakers are specially built to install outdoors and work great even in harsh environments. Things You Should Consider Before Using Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers are one of the best audio solutions for in-house. However, it is essential to use the right quality speaker for your space. There are different factors to consider when choosing ceiling speakers. So what to look for in-ceiling speakers?


The size of this ceiling speaker is the cone size and not the overall size. The popular size that people choose is either 6.5inch or 8-inch. 

If you want to use the speaker for a small and compact space, 6.5-inch speakers are ideal. But if you install an 8-inch speaker, you will see a difference in the bass that you get out of them. You will be able to hear the sound from a long distance as well.


Usually, ceiling speakers come in two shapes. They are either round or in square shape. Most people prefer round speakers. Though it also depends on what kind of ceiling they have.


It is essential to look at the in-ceiling before installing the speakers. You need to know how much depth or space you have behind your ceiling to install your built-in speakers. You will find ceiling speakers of different depths and sizes. Usually, slim speakers are relatively expensive.

How To Use Built-In Speakers In House

Key Features Of Built-In Speakers Which Make Them Better Than Normal Ones

You Can Direct Your Speaker To Higher Range

In most of the built-in speakers, you can rotate the tweeter. So instead of sound getting directed to just one side, you can direct it to other sides to get better sound wherever you want it.

It Offers Stereo Input Speakers From Just One Speaker

The stereo sounds in in-built speakers are of great use when you want to use both channels of your speaker. You get an excellent sound quality even in a compact space.

Using Moisture Free Audio For Bathroom

It is always a great idea to look for bathroom speakers that work great even in a humid environment.

Enclosed Speakers

When you install the speaker, you need to look for the speaker depth. Some speakers come with woofers that are at least 7-inches deep. Some are even built with back boxes. These speakers give much better bass performance than others. Make sure to measure the depth of the speakers so it fits perfectly.

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How Do I Hook Up a Built-In Speaker To My Receiver?

To hook up your built-in speaker to the receiver, you need first to switch off your Audio-video receiver. Now you can connect the wires of your speaker to the back of the A/V receiver. You can connect the other end to the other speakers.

Different receivers have different power channels. Sometimes you will find the speaker connections are more than the number of channels. So when you connect the wires of the speaker, look at the total output channel of your amp and speaker. 

It is mostly there at the back of your sound system. If you want to connect multiple speakers to the receiver, you can split the two cables and connect to the speakers accordingly. 

How To Use Built-In Speakers In House

How Do I Hook Up My Built-in Surround Sound?

There are many ways to connect your TV to surround sound. Usually, in this type of sound unit, the receiver is the central part. So you need to connect the speaker and woofer with the TV and connect it to the receiver. However, the process may be wired or even wireless. 

Using A Wired Connection

There are many ways to connect the surround sound system to your TV. Using HDMI and optical cables are the best choices among others. These cables send digital signals to the speaker or sound system without losing the sound quality.

Using A Wireless Connection

You can use a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to connect your surround sound system. You can connect your smart TV using the Wi-Fi router with ease. Nowadays, most TVs can detect the sound system when the Wi-Fi is on and gets connected. You can also connect your surround sound system via Bluetooth. So once you switch on the Bluetooth of your TV and the sound system, you can connect the devices. You may have to enter some code to connect or pair the devices.

Answers To More Commonly Questions About Built-In Speakers

Are Built-In Speakers Worth It?

If you install the built-in speakers properly as per your space, it is worth installing them. Having a built-in speaker in the house has various sound quality benefits. It has a much lower sound reflection and is an excellent sound solution for houses. The design of built-in speakers is very flexible and creates an excellent sound experience.

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Do You Require Amplifiers For In-Built Speakers?

Yes, you may need an amp if your built-in speakers are passive and want to play your music tracks. If you’re going to connect multiple speakers, then you will even need a receiver.

However, if you need an amplifier mainly depends on the use.

How To Use Built-In Speakers In House

So How To Use Built-in Speakers In House?

So the built-in speakers are one of the best audio systems for in-house. You need to choose the right speaker as per your space and use. In most passive built-in speakers, you need to have an amplifier or receiver for better bass performance. Make sure you get excellent sound quality and power it up accordingly.