How To Make 6×9 Speakers Sound Better

If you make minor changes in your basic speaker model, you can enhance its performance manifold. To know how to make 6×9 speakers sound good, read this content!

If you have a 6×9 speaker, you must be thinking of ways to improve the sound quality coming from your speakers. Although, a 6×9 speaker already sounds good without any external help or aid. If you use these speakers with an amplifier, then the audio quality from these speakers will reach the next level. 

People generally buy these speakers instead of buying a subwoofer. A 6×9 speaker pretty much eliminates the need for a subwoofer in your vehicle. You will also get to know more about these speakers further in this article. 

How To Make 6X9 Speakers Sound Better

Ways To Make The Speakers Sound Better

The sound quality from a 6×9 speaker is decent, but these speakers are more oriented towards bass. This is because the surface area covered by these speakers is equivalent to the surface area of an eight-inch speaker cone.

We will discuss additional ways and methods that will help you increase these speakers’ sound quality. 

Buy an enclosure box.

Using this method, you can immediately improve the audio quality from your 6×9 speakers. If you keep your speaker inside such a box, the bass would suddenly sound fuller and deeper. 

Enclosing the speaker inside a box will add more impact and punch to the audio. This kind of musical audio arrangement is ideal for listening to loud rap music, so anyone who is a rap enthusiast can try this method. 

While implementing this method, you should also ensure no air leak where you have kept your speakers. Any sort of air leak is pretty harmful to 6×9 speakers. If these speakers suffer from an air leak, they will sound poor and horrible after some time. 

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Connect An Amplifier

Using an amplifier along with your speaker will increase the audio quality and the bass. An amplifier boosts the signals and makes them larger. Due to these powerful signals, you will experience the vocals to be clearer. 

While you connect an amplifier to a speaker, you must check whether both these devices are compatible together or not. For instance, a speaker that operates on 100 RMS will sound the best with an amplifier that also operates on 100 RMS. 

Connecting an amplifier and a speaker that are not compatible with each other will cause damage to the speaker components as well as the audio quality. 

How To Make 6X9 Speakers Sound Better

Change the equalizer settings.

This is the most effective way of improving the sound on your 6×9 speakers as most of the time, playing or changing the equalizer settings can massively affect the audio quality. There are several settings on an equalizer that you can alter and adjust. 

Sometimes just randomly changing the settings can also improve the audio in your speakers. You should have an aftermarket head unit for the best experience. These units have more features as well as a higher signal processing power. 

What Are 6×9 Speakers? 

The 6×9 speakers are music speakers that mainly have two important drivers. Both of the drivers in these speakers are tweeters. The tweeters inside these speakers are built to handle all the high-mid and ultra-high-frequency sounds. 

As these speakers operate on the high-mid and ultra-high frequency, you will also get the best mid-range audio along with strong bass capabilities. Both the tweeters present in your speaker will ensure that you can clearly understand all the high-frequency notes. 

6×9 speakers are much better than your usual round speakers, both these speakers occupy almost the same space, but the width of the 6×9 speaker is more than the round speakers, due to which there is more space for creating more bass. 

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How To Convert 6×9 Speakers To A Subwoofer

This information is relevant for the people who want to use a 6×9 speaker instead of a big subwoofer occupying the trunk of your car. 

The following method will transform your 6×9 speakers into mini subwoofers then you can blast your favorite tunes or music on these speakers and impress your friends. 

Fit The Speakers

You can fit your speakers in large wooden boxes, and you can get these boxes pre-made according to the size of your speakers. 

Generally, such wooden boxes are made from MDF wood. This is the same material that is used in the making of the enclosures of a subwoofer. This material provides greater bass and vibrations in comparison to other materials. 

You can attach all the wires and cables to your speaker while kept in the wooden box by drilling a small hole at its back. 

How To Make 6X9 Speakers Sound Better

Attach Amp

The next step is to attach a mini amplifier to the speaker so that you get boosted audio. Generally, most of the 6×9 speakers available in the market operate at around 100 watts RMS. 

So you should keep this figure in mind and then select an amplifier with a similar 100 watts RMS rating. If the ratings of both these audio devices do not match, there will not be sufficient power for better base and high-quality audio. 

Set Filters

The next and last step for converting the speaker to a subwoofer is setting up filters. You can set specific filters on your amplifier, and these filters will help you by permitting only a certain frequency of audio to play. 

For instance, if you want to listen to the bass and lower frequency audio, you can use a filter that will not play any vocals or completely block all the treble signals. 

Another effective composition is that you use the front speakers of your vehicle for playing higher frequency audio and then use your rear 6×9 speaker just as a subwoofer. You can enjoy these speakers like they are a woofer or a subwoofer without actually buying them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do 6×9 speakers have a good bass? 

Yes, most of the 6×9 speakers available in the market can produce good and solid quality bass without needing an amplifier. You can always connect an amplifier to get deeper and louder bass. 

Although the bass produced by a 6×9 speaker will not be as good as an expensive and big speaker, these speakers are very good for the price that they offer. 

There’s a myth among the users that 6×9 speakers do not produce bass, but the bass quality of these speakers is pretty good. 

Do 6×9 speakers sound good? 

Yes, your average 6×9 speaker is a good speaker that has great audio quality. Suppose you listen to music or any other audio at a moderate or a moderately high volume. In that case, you will certainly enjoy the sensation and would not face any problem with these speakers. 

If you start using an amplifier with these 6×9 speakers, then the music quality from these speakers will shoot upwards. 

Most audiophiles want their music speakers also to be connected with an amplifier so that they can enjoy a full experience. 

How To Make 6X9 Speakers Sound Better

How can I make my speakers sound better? 

You can make sure that your speakers sound better when you use them by positioning them properly. The majority of the speakers are designed to function best when they are level with your ears. 

If you keep your speakers at the same level, you will have a better experience than before. You should leave the correct space between the walls and speakers to make all the bass notes clear. 

If you don’t have a stand in your room, you can also use a layer of foam to keep your speaker. This additional layer of foam will separate the audio waves from the wall, due to which the bass will sound better. 

How do I get more bass out of my speakers? 

To get more bass out of your speakers, you can follow some simple tricks or techniques. If you want more bass from your speakers, you must create distance between the wall and the speaker. 

If the space between the wall and the speaker is too less, then the audio waves will tackle each other, due to which you will not get a good base. Whereas, if you position your speaker according to the position of the wall, then you will be able to get a good bass output. 

You can also consider using a large box to increase the bass. If you keep or place the speaker inside the large box, the audio will echo, giving you a greater bass. 

How To Make 6X9 Speakers Sound Better

Can you upgrade your car speakers without an amplifier? 

Yes, you can upgrade your car speakers without an amplifier. If you don’t like the original speakers present in your car, you can remove them and replace them with new speakers. 

It’s Easy To Enhance The Quality of 6×9 Speakers.

Even though a 6×9 speaker offers great sound quality, you would often find some music enthusiasts always looking for ways to make their speaker sound better. 

There are several simple tips and tricks mentioned in the article that you can follow to enhance the sound quality of a 6×9 speaker.