How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers? 5 Ways To Reuse Your Aiwa Beauties

Aiwa was once a globally reputed brand known for making speakers, boom boxes, and others. Let us find out how to use old Aiwa speakers below in this article.

I recently renovated my entire home and came across an old Aiwa speaker system, which was lying in one corner of the house. The set has two speakers along with a central unit which is also known as the receiver. 

My father had brought these speakers many years ago, and no one has been using them for many days. So, I dusted them off and thought that it was time for the old Aiwa speakers to breathe new life. There is no sense in throwing away a perfectly good electronic gadget!

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

I remember it had excellent sound quality when I was using it many years before. The speaker was just excellent and liked by the majority of people. Well, now you will not find Aiwa products in the market. 

But if you have the speakers at your home, you can connect to the various CD player, I pod, and numerous others to listen to your favorite audio at home.

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So, How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers? 

I researched on the internet and found that there are numerous ways to use the old Aiwa speakers. But saying this much will not answer your question. 

So, I will briefly discuss each of these ways to use your old Aiwa speaker. You can continue reading this article for more information

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

Does Aiwa Product Exist In the Market?

Aiwa is a strong consumer electronics brand and was globally reputed for making speakers, boom boxes, stereo systems, color television, DVD player, and others. 

The stock exchange of Tokyo listed the Aiwa company from 1961 to 2003. But it’s sad to say that the company had not many profits in the 1990s and finally it was bought by Sony in the year 2003. 

Although the company rebranded the products, it was not successful in the market. The brand was discontinued in the market in 2006. Now the products of Aiwa are hardly available in any antique shops. The Sony company announced the termination of the Aiwa brand on 14th May 2008.

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

How Can I Use My Old Aiwa Speakers?

You can use your old Aiwa speakers in numerous ways, like connecting them to your television or desktop or CD player and listening to your favorite audio at home. 

Step 1: Make a diagram.

But before hooking up your Aiwa speaker with a desktop or CD player or any other device, you need to draw a diagram of the stereo system, which will help you visualize how you are going to connect the speaker with the devices.

You can draw the speaker, receiver, source, and the connection in between them. The sources need to connect with the receiver, and then the receiver connects to the speaker. The sources can be your CD player, iPod, and various others, and the stereo receiver amplifies the audio signal for the receiver.

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Step 2: Select The right position for the speakers

Your next step should be to select the right place at your home to keep the source, receiver, and the Aiwa speaker at home so that you can make the connections easily. 

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

Step 3: Connect your speakers with the sources

Then your last step will be to connect the speaker with the source. I have listed below a few sources where you can connect the old Aiwa speakers and listen to the audio according to your desired level. The list is as below.

What Can I Connect Old Aiwa Speakers With?

#1. Connect It With Television

Nowadays television screens are getting bigger with better picture quality. But the sound quality remains the same, which you may not like. So, if the Aiwa speaker is lying on one corner of your house, then you can easily connect it to your television and have an upgrade.

First, you need to see the connection of your television thoroughly. Well, you can also know about the connections by reading the manual. If the television doesn’t have an amplifier, you need to provide the amplification separately. 

You have to connect one end of the amplifier to your TV and the other to the Aiwa speaker. There is also another option to connect TV with speakers like Bluetooth, WIFI or a separate transmitter. But in that case, you may need a few wires to connect the wireless system to the Aiwa speakers.

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

#2. Connect It To An Old Desktop

Your old Aiwa speakers can be easily hooked up to the computer to kick the sound level. But for this, you need to buy a digital amplifier from the market.

You have to attach the speaker to the amplifier by the speaker wire. You will see two terminals. The red wire should connect with the positive terminal, and the other wire should connect with the black terminal. 

The speaker wire has two ends, of which one needs to be connected at the amplifier and the other end to the speaker.

Then you need to connect your desktop with an amplifier by using RCA-type audio cables. The RCA cables are often color-coded, and you will find a white and red cable. The red cable should go into the red hole and white on the white hole of the amplifier. 

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

You should try to match the cables with the name written on the amplifier. Now connect the other end of the RCA cable to your computer. Next, you have to supply the power source. It is pretty easy to do. You may need 10-15 minutes to connect the whole thing.

Now your connection is over, and you need to play the audio source and adjust the desired level of sound you want to hear at your home.

#3. Connect To CD Player

A CD player does not have an amplifier to boost the volume. So you need an amplifier if you want to connect the Aiwa speaker with the CD player. You have to connect the speaker wire with the amplifier and then connect RCA cables to the CD player.

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#4. Make Table Or Bookshelf

If your Aiwa speaker is not working correctly, then don’t worry. You can convert the speaker into a bookshelf or a table. Your first duty will be to remove the cones, wires, and padding from the speaker. 

Then sand the speaker’s surface, apply a layer of wood stain, and allow it to dry for one day. Now take an old wood chair, remove the four legs from it, and try to attach it to the speaker with bolts and screws. Your table is ready now.

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

#5. Make Earrings

You can make earrings by removing the diaphragm from the old Aiwa speaker. These diaphragms consist of metal. So you can add any color of your choice.

Answers To More Questions About Your Old Aiwa Speakers

#1. How do you use old speakers?

  • Create a radio on the internet
  • You can reuse the diaphragm part of the speaker to make earrings.
  • You can turn the old speaker into a bookshelf or any table.

#2. Are Aiwa speakers good?

Yes, Aiwa speakers are excellent speakers, and almost all the customers are delighted by its performance. The sound quality is just excellent.

How To Use Old Aiwa Speakers

#3. How do I connect the Aiwa speaker to my phone?

You need first to make sure that the Bluetooth is active on your mobile phone. Then the search device and the Aiwa speaker will appear on the list. Then connect with the device.

#4. How can I use old speakers on my phone?

You can easily connect your old speaker to your phone by activating Bluetooth on your phone.

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Wrap Up

Aiwa speakers have excellent sound quality. Almost everyone liked these speakers because their sound quality is just incredible. Unfortunately, these speakers are no longer available on the market. 

But if you have an old one and have not used it for many years, I will suggest you not throw them out. You can easily give them a new life by using any of the above ideas.

I hope you liked this article, and don’t forget to share any suggestions in the comment section. Do share the article with others looking to put their old Aiwa speakers to good use as well.

As always, please post all your questions to the comments board, and we will try to update the article to include all of them.

Happy Listening!