How To Cut Holes For Car Speakers In 6 Easy Steps

Speakers come in many shapes and sizes. There are many ways and tools to cut speaker holes. If you are wondering how to cut holes for car speakers, read the article.

Installing new speakers can be very exciting, especially for car lovers who love music as well. Blasting songs on the ride makes everything adventurous, even the tedious traffic, but setting up the speakers can be challenging, especially if you have never done it before.

That’s where we come in. So you have bought a new set of speakers and want to install them, but don’t know how? Well, you have got nothing to worry about; we will tell you everything you need to know and guide you through the process. Let’s dive in!

How To Cut Holes For Car Speakers

Things You Will Need

First of all, you will need a speaker. For this tutorial, we are using a 6.5” speaker. After that, you will need cardboard to create a circular outline of your speaker. Most speakers come with a rubber template. You will need a marker to create an outline, a drill to make holes, sandpaper to smooth up the jagged edges, and primer(optional).

What Do You Use To Cut Speaker Holes?

Many tools are available in the market, but to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed by so many options, I have mentioned a few tools that perfectly fit the job of cutting a speaker hole. Here I have listed efficient tools that you can buy from your local store or virtual stores.

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Jigsaw Machine

A jigsaw is a great tool to have. This hand beast has an excellent grip and comes with a robust motor. It’s the preferred device of professionals. It has a slim blade attached to its body that cuts through objects very quickly.

To activate the movement of the blades, you simply have to press a button that is situated on the grip, and the speed depends on the amount of pressure applied to the button, which makes up for excellent coordination. Sounds good? There’s more.

How To Cut Holes For Car Speakers

Tin cutter

It is a beginner-friendly tool that does not require much expertise. You may have already used this or similar tools many times. It consists of a sharp beak at the front that can easily glide through thin metals. All you need to do is to fit in the right place and press the handles together. That is it.

Cutting holes is a straightforward process, but to keep it beginner-friendly, I recommend you go with a tin cutter, especially if you don’t have much experience with tools.

Using the drill, make some holes on the outline, and then use your tin cutter to cut out the speaker outline. You can also go with other devices such as jigsaw or handsaw, router, etc., if you are comfortable with that, especially if you are cutting wood. 

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What Size Hole Do I Cut For A 6.5 Speaker?

The hole size can be different depending on the product, and many speakers come with a template in the box. If you do not have it, you can also check it on the back of the box on the specification sheet or follow these steps to measure the size of your speakers correctly;

  • Take a white paper, flip your speaker upside down so that the wider part is facing down.
  • Outline the wider part using a marker.
  • Use a scale to measure the diameter, and the radius will be half of the diameter.
  • Now you can use the radius to outline the size of the speaker by using a compass.
  • The hole you cut should be smaller or the same as the diameter.

Safety advice: Small metal shards can hurt your eyes, wear safety glass to ensure there is no chance of physical damage.

How To Cut Holes For Car Speakers

How Do You Cut Holes For Car Speakers?

It can be tough to install speakers on your car door, but with proper instructions and tools, you will be able to install them in no time. Follow the steps mentioned below to cut 6.5” speaker holes.

  • Find a good place to fit your speaker, ensure that there is a good amount of space inside and make sure that the area is safe and does not harm any essential components of the car.
  • Take the template and use the marker to draw an outline on the installation surface.
  • Use the drill to create two holes on the outline to make an entry point for the tin cutter.
  • Now take your tin cutter, place it inside the hole, and start cutting; just follow the line. The process is the same if you are using a jigsaw.
  • Once you finish cutting, use sandpaper to smooth up the jagged edges
  • Now, paint the cover the edges with a coat of metal primer.

Once done, see if the speaker fits or if it requires some adjustments. And, that’s it. Now you are ready to install the speakers.

NOTE: While cutting, make sure that the hole is smaller or equal to the outline’s size. It is adjustable if smaller, but it will be harder to fit the speaker if the gap gets too big. Better be safe than sorry; measure twice, cut once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drill holes in speakers?

Whether you can drill in your speakers or not depends on the shape and size, and quality of the materials used in your speaker. If your speaker has a lot of space around the corners and has a strong build, it is safe to drill holes for screws as long as you make sure that there are no wires behind.

So the answer to the question depends on the speaker but generally speaking, it is unsafe to drill holes in the speaker if you still wish to drill. It would be safer to open the sides and drill them separately.

How To Cut Holes For Car Speakers

How do you cut big speaker holes?

Big speakers are generally placed in wood plates or boxes, and they can be hard to outline, and they may require a different set of tools, nonetheless follow these steps to cut a big speaker hole:

  • First, using a ruler, measure the area that you want to fit in the wood plate.
  • Create an outline using the measurement. If it’s a circle, measure the diameter, and the radius will be half of the measurement. Utilizing the radius, create an outline with the help of a compass.
  • Place the outline on the surface, then use the jigsaw or your preferred wooden cutting tool.
  • Once finished, smoothen the surface with the help of sandpaper.
  • Place the speaker inside the hole to see whether it fits or make some adjustments if required.

Wrap Up

If you have the right tools and proper instructions, cutting speaker holes isn’t that hard. The choice of instrument is different for everyone. Still, a beginner should use a tin cutter if you are using it for the car and be cautious that you do not harm any essential components.

It is simple and does not require too much expertise. Before you do anything, if you don’t feel confident enough, it’s best to contact your nearest car service and let them install it for you. We are always open to suggestions; If you have any, share them with us. Happy driving!