Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating? 3 Reasons Why Your Headphones Vibrate

LG headphones are notorious for glitches. Many customers are left wringing their hands and asking: “Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating?”. Don’t worry; we have all possible solutions that you can try in one place in this article.

Headphones are a great invention. They enable you to listen to your music, play games, watch your favorite shows and even answer your mobile phone without disturbing anyone else.

But sometimes, your headphones can be glitchy, which destroys all the fun! 

LG headphones are notorious for suddenly starting to vibrate with no explanation. Few reasons which may lead to this situation are moisture in your headphone, frequency interference, hardware issues, electronic interference, and audio output disturbances. 

There might also be a software issue that can cause trouble. All the concerns regarding the vibration are discussed below. 

Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating

Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating?

It’s A Feature, Silly!

Some LG Bluetooth headphones (like the LG Tone Pro, Tone HBS, and Tone Infinim series) have a feature wherein they will vibrate when receiving an incoming call on your phone. This feature is on by default, but you can easily deactivate it by following these steps:

There is a volume + and – button on the headset. You need to press the + button for about two seconds. Pressing this button will switch off the function, and the headset even confirms this through a voice message.

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Persistent Vibration

Sometimes, sweat and moisture can get inside the headset, causing it to vibrate even though you continuously receive calls.

In this case, you need to ensure that all the moisture gets absorbed. Any common desiccant, such as silica gel, can help absorb moisture from the headset. Just leave the headset in a box with a silica gel pouch for a few days.

If you can’t access a desiccant, one very easy way is to use rice. Just cover the headphone completely in a bowl of rice and leave it like that for a few days. It should absorb all the moisture and stop the vibrations.

Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating

What Are Other Common Reasons Which Will Cause Any Headphones To Vibrate?

The most common reasons that can cause the vibration of the headphones are:

Electronic interference: 

Headphones can vibrate because of electronic interference. One can explain this as a phenomenon where the radio waves of one device will result in an undesirable behavior of another device. 

Almost every electronically powered device is a radio transmitter, giving out electromagnetic waves. So if you are using headphones in the vicinity of another electronic device such as a mobile phone, an iPad, or even your old radio set, you might experience slight vibrations in your LG headphones.

Software Issues

There can be a case of software issues like a corrupt driver. Once its driver is corrupted, the headphone becomes inoperable. This phenomenon will lead to audio errors causing issues like vibration and disturbances while using the headphones.

Hardware Issues: 

If any of the above reasons are not causing vibration, it can be an issue with its hardware. The hardware here implies the cable which one is using to connect their headphones to the device port. Functionality issues of the cable can cause vibrations while using the headphones. 

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How To Fix The Vibration Problem In The Headphone?

Try Turning It Off And Back On

Turning off and back on may seem like the simplest and most stupid advice, but sometimes the old on and off technique works wonders for any electronic gadget, even headphones!

Put It Away If There Are Other Electronic Devices

When there are many devices placed in the same place or somewhere nearby, it causes electrical interference. 

So, it’s better to switch off or unplug the gadgets you do not need at that time. Also, try to keep the headphones far from solid electromagnetic devices, which will create a vibration if plugged in together.

Update The Drivers

If there is a problem with the software of the computer or the phone, update the audio driver. Connect the headphones to the computer and update the audio driver. This will solve the problem. 

Audio Settings

Check for the audio setting and always try to configure it properly. Connect headphones to the computer, open the hardware and sound section, go-to speaker and headphone, and then properties bar. Then disable audio enhancements to stop the vibrating issue.

Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating

Change The Audio Cable

If there are some issues with the hardware of the headphone, first check the audio cable. Try to use another wire and see if the vibration is there or not. Also, look at the port of the headphone. If it’s broken, replace it. 

You can also check the volume control button to test if this button is creating vibrations or not. Whatever parts are creating a disturbance, replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I check the battery on my LG Bluetooth headset?

It is quite simple to check the battery of an LG Bluetooth headset. For checking the battery level, connect the headset to your mobile using Bluetooth. 

Now open the settings on your phone and go to connections, where you can identify the Bluetooth-connected devices where you can also note their battery levels. If you are connected to a computer, press the Windows + I key, then press on the device. 

Now go to the left pane menu and choose the Bluetooth device. Now under the mouse keyboard open button, you can see the option to check the device’s battery percentage.

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Q How do I reset my LG Bluetooth headset? 

To reset the LG headset, slide the volume button and hold the volume switch upward for a few seconds, which will reset the headset. If this does not work out, then delete this headset from your paired devices. 

Then shut down the power of your headset and switch it on. Shutting them down will help in resetting the Bluetooth lists that are on your phone. Now, you will have to pair your phone with the headset again. 

But even after doing this, if the phone does not get connected, try connecting it with another phone. If it works out on that phone, then the issue is with your first phone. If it is the other way where the headset is not getting connected on any device, then get a new headset to address the issue.

Why Are My LG Bluetooth Headphones Vibrating

Q Why are my Bluetooth headphones making a weird noise? 

The reason for the Bluetooth headphones making a weird noise is because of the electronic interference. 

The presence of another wireless device can cause these noises. Apart from this, hardware issues can also result in buzzing noises. But there can be a software issue where driver corruption can lead to weird noises while using headphones.

Q How do I stop my Bluetooth headphones from vibrating? 

One reason for vibrations could simply be because there is moisture in your headset. To remove moisture, put your headphones near a desiccant, or else put them in a bowl of rice for some time.

If the reason for vibration is an electronic interference, turn off other devices that are not of use to you during that time. 

Keeping them away from electromagnetic devices will stop the vibration. But to address the software problem, make an update to the audio driver, which will eliminate the vibration. 

Replacing the headphone cable will help address the hardware problem of the headphones to stop vibrations.

Wrap Up

Trouble in your headphones is no fun for anyone. After all, you spend a lot of money on a high-quality headphone, and if it starts vibrating persistently, it is useless for you.

As it is close to the sensitive part of the ear, you should try to resolve the matter quickly. There are many reasons for the vibration in the headphone, be it from the volume button or a major hardware-software glitch. 

We have tried to cover all the reasons for this and what you can do to solve the cause. If this doesn’t help you, replace the headphone and get a new piece.