Can Beats Studio 3 Headphones Get Wet? Yes, Your Headphones Are Not Waterproof

If you accidentally expose them to water, can Beats Studio 3 Headphones get wet? Read on to know about the water-resistance level of Beats 3 studio Headphones. 

You wear headphones every day and sometimes fail to protect them from getting wet. When you are in the rain, you might forget to remove your headphones. Sometimes, you may even spill coffee or other liquids on your headphones. 

If you accidentally expose them to water, can Beats Studio 3 Headphones get wet? Let us understand a bit about water resistance in electronics.

Can Beats Studio 3 Headphones Get Wet

Understanding Ingress Protection Ratings (IP Ratings) In Electronics

In the electronics field, you may come across the terms sealed, waterproof, dust-tight, and more, which are common marketing terms. 

When it is about protecting the electronics from liquid, Ingress Protection has special ratings to prevent products from being damaged from the liquid. Before we move ahead with whether Beats Studio 3 is waterproof, it is important to understand how one can tell if an electronics item is waterproof. 

The IP rating is used for identifying different levels of sealing effectiveness provided by an electronic enclosure against natural elements like water, air, dirt, and more. 

It is usually a two-digit number, with the first digit representing protection level against solids and the second letter represents protection against liquids. For example, a headphone with the rating IP56 is protected against dust (represented by the no. 5) and heavy water flow (represented by 6). You can view the meaning of the various combinations of IP ratings here.

Here are some IP rating levels of electronic devices against liquid: 

  • Level 1 Does not have any harmful effect from vertical falling water droplets. 
  • Level 2- Dripping water does not affect the devices. 
  • Level 3- Spraying water shall have no negative impact on the device. 
  • Level 4- Splashing water against the enclosure has no harmful effect. 
  • Level 5- Water projected from a Nozzle does not harm the product. 

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Are Beats Studio 3 headphones waterproof? 

The first thing you must know about Beats Studio 3 headphones is that they are sweat and water-resistant but not waterproof. 

They are designed so that moisture does not spoil their working, but they must be cleaned or wiped immediately as and when they come in contact with liquid. 

Beats Studio 3 does not have an Ingress Protection Rating (IPX rating), and neither does their warranty cover accidental water damage.

Sometimes, we forget that we are not wearing waterproof headphones. Long-term exposure to water or moisture of any kind will spoil the product’s work. 

Can Beats Studio 3 Headphones Get Wet


Can You Fix Headphones That Get Wet? 

You may think that you have spoiled your headphones in the rain, but don’t worry; you can quickly fix your wet headphones by drying them out.

But there are some instances under which you can not repair your water-damaged headphones: If your headphones are still in use when exposed to water, there are higher chances of irreparable damage as the circuits of the headphones get damaged. 

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How To Fix Wet Headphones? 

Fortunately, it is not impossible to fix your wet headphones. However, fixing wet headphones is not a tedious task, and it must be done as soon as you realize your headphones are wet. 

Here are few steps on fixing your Beats Studio 3 Headphones: 

  • The first thing you must do is dry your headphone with a clean and soft towel. 
  • Now, take out the foam sleeves of the headphones and let them dry thoroughly. 
  • Shake your headphones well to get rid of excess water droplets. 
  • Keep your headphones under the sun to dry them thoroughly for 5 to 6 hours. 
  • You can also keep your headphones in uncooked rice, which works as a desiccant. Uncooked rice is an excellent moisture absorber. 
Can Beats Studio 3 Headphones Get Wet

Preventing Water Damage To Your Headphones: Do’s

So now, when you have fixed your wet headphones, you must follow the below ways to take care of headphones to prevent any further damage. 

  • Always keep your headphones in a safe location- Even when you are not using your headphones, you need to be sure they are safe and waterfree, so it is essential to keep them in a safer location. Never throw them in your backpack and ensure no harm comes across them. 
  • Protect Your Headphones- It is never a bad idea to get a headphone case or cover that offers extra protection. You can quickly get them from Amazon; there is a wide range of headphone covers available. 

Get a cleaning Kit- You can also buy a cleaning kit from Amazon and get a soft towel to wipe your headphones from dirt or water. 

Preventing Water Damage To Your Headphones: Don’ts

Here are few tips that you must consider to protect your headphones from water: 

  • Never Swim and bathe with your Beats Studio 3 Headphones. 
  • Do not expose your headphones to high-pressurized water places like water adventure sports and more. 
  • It is never recommended to wear your headphones in a sauna and steam. 
  • It is highly advisable not to wear headphones in highly humid conditions. 

These tips are essential to know that saves your money and headphones. As we have read, headphones are expensive accessories, so make sure you follow the above tips to protect your expensive product and hard-earned money. 

Can Beats Studio 3 Headphones Get Wet


# What happens if your Beats get wet? 

If your beat headphones get wet, their sound circuits can get damaged, so it is essential to fix them immediately. You can do so by drying them out completely, leaving them in the sun for a few hours, or placing them in a desiccant like uncooked rice.

# Can I wear my Beats Studio in Rain? 

Since Beats studio headphones are not waterproof, it is not recommended to wear them in the rain. 

# Are Beats 3 waterproof? 

No, Apple does not design beats studio headphones or earphones as waterproof products. They do not have an IP rating. However, they are water-resistant but not waterproof. 

# What happens if Beats Solo gets wet? 

If your Beats Solo is not very wet, you can always fix it. But if it is too wet, there could be chances of damaged circuits. 

Can Beats Studio 3 Headphones Get Wet

Wrap Up 

When you accidentally spill water on your headphones, need not worry; just read the above guide on how to protect your wet headphones and enjoy listening to your music again.