Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

Do you wear headphones for an extended period? Are you worried that they are too tight? Can headphones dent your head? Read on to know more.

Headphone users often have questions like, do headphones cause head dents? Or, can headphones change the shape of your head? These are legit concerns for those who use headphones for an extended period without any relief.

But there is no need to worry so much. Headphones are entirely safe as long as they are worn comfortably. If you think your skull might be affected or your head can be injured permanently, then this article is for you. Read on to know more! 

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

Contrary to popular belief, headphones do not cause any head injuries. If you already have some underlying issues, then using heavy headphones can exacerbate that. Otherwise, you are entirely safe. Now can you get a dent in your head from headphones? Yes, it can temporarily dent your hair or even your head. 

When you are wearing headphones for a very long time, the headphone band presses on your hair. It will flatten that portion of your hair, pushing the hair to your scalp. So when you take off the headphones, you will still find that part to have a dent. 

However, the mark is not permanent. It is simply headphone hair, and it will soon get back to its original shape and volume. 

If you use headphones for extended periods, it can dent your head. But the dent is just temporary. A mark in your head usually happens when you use heavy headphones for several hours without taking them off even once. However, there is no need to be alarmed. The dent is not an indication of head injury. 

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Why Do I Feel a Dent in My Head?

Can you get an indent in your head from headphones? Yes, you can, especially if you have been wearing them for a long time. But do headphones dent your head permanently? No, they do not. 

If you feel a dent in your head, it is because of the weight of the headphones. Headphones are heavy and sit on top of your head. They press down so that the ear pads are sitting over your ears. But that position is what causes the dents. 

However, if you wait a while, the dent will go away. The marks caused by headphones last for a few minutes. If they last longer, then it can be one of the following two things:

  • The headphones are heavier and tighter than usual ones.
  • There are some underlying medical issues. 

If it is the first problem, you can adjust the tightness and wait for the dent to fade. But if it is the latter, then you need to consult a doctor immediately. 

While headphones cannot indent your skull, seek medical advice because various conditions can cause it if you feel there is a permanent indentation. It can be due to a genetic disorder or a congenital disease. Medical conditions that can cause skull indentations are:

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Congenital Skull Indentation

Congenital skull indentation or craniosynostosis usually occurs in fetuses or infants. The sutures in newborns are fibrous and flexible, allowing the brain to expand. 

If the sutures close too soon, before the brain fully grows, it can cause skull indentation. Craniosynostosis can interfere with brain development and skull growth. It can leave a permanent indentation. 

Paget’s Disease of the Bone

If someone has Paget’s Disease of the Bone, it means that their bones grow quicker than usual. Since bones are being developed faster, the process of remodeling produces weak bones. The Paget’s Disease of the Bone can cause aches, fractures, and structural deformities. 

This disease is usually not observed in young people. Those who suffer from this disease are generally above the age of 50. 

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Any form of head trauma can cause injury and permanent indentation. Trauma to the head can cause a fracture in the skull. If you ignore such an injury and wear heavy headphones, the pain can increase. So, if you have suffered head trauma, immediately visit the doctor. 

A dent in the head usually means that a piece of the skull is positioned inwards and can cause more damage. Heavy headphones add pressure to the injury and increase the extent of the damage. 

Bone Cancer

Bone cancer causes abnormal cell growth in bones and destroys bone tissue. While bone cancer is not very common, it can become severe and affect the skull. Bone cancer can cause irregularities or depressions in the head.

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Gorham’s Disease

Gorham’s disease is a rare medical condition. Gorham’s disease is also known as Gorham Vanishing Bone Disease or Phantom Bone Disease. 

There is a sudden loss of bone due to the unusual proliferation of the lymphatic or vascular channels. There is still no known cause for this disease. 

Do headphones affect the skull in case of any of these diseases? Apart from trauma, no other condition that causes skull indentation or depression is known to be affected by headphones. 

But if you notice the indentation after wearing headphones, you should consult the doctor and ask if there is a connection. You might be asked to use earphones or lighter headphones to take off the pressure on the top of your head. 

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How Do You Fix a Dent in Your Head From Headphones?

Can wearing headphones cause your skull to change shape? While headphones can be heavy, they do not have enough weight to cause any permanent damage, like changing the condition of your head. The human skull is tough. It would take a tremendous amount of pressure to change its shape in any way, and headphones can’t do that. But as discussed before, headphones can leave a temporary dent or impression on your skull. If that happens, you can try doing the following things. 

Reposition Your Headphones To Sit on the Back of Your Head

If your headphones are sitting on the top of your head for a very long time, they are likely to cause a temporary dent or headphone hair. You can slide them down and reposition them at the back of your head. 

To transfer your headphones, first make sure that the ear pads are sitting firmly over your ears. Then gently move the band of the headphones so that it is no longer on the top of your head. Position them at the back but make sure that the fit is secure and comfortable. 

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Adjust the Clamping Force of the Headphones

The clamping force of your headphones is the pressure exerted by the headphones to stay on. The clamping force makes sure that your headphones don’t slip off after a while. But sometimes, the clamping force can be too much. 

The headphones can cause a deeper dent that takes a long time to fade away when it happens. You will also feel pain if the clamping force is powerful. 

If the headphones feel tight, you need to lessen the clamping force. It will relieve the pressure on the top of your head. However, make sure that the headphones are not too loose. Adjust the clamping force if it is too weak. 

Loose headphones do not necessarily mean no dents or headphone hair. The band will still sit firmly on top of your head, but the earpads will hang lower. So change the force accordingly. 

If you don’t have adjustable headphones, you can change the clamping force manually. If the headphones are too tight, place them over an object that is larger than your head. 

If the headphones are loose, place them over something narrower. You can use a rope to secure the headphones around the object. Leave them for a few hours till the clamping force is precisely what you need it to be. 

Put On a Cap Under Your Headphones

Headphone hair or a dent might take a little time to go away if you have been wearing the headphones for hours. To avoid this, you can put on a cap and then wear your headphones. You can also put on a comfortable beanie. 

Wearing a hat or a beanie gives extra padding. It will also distribute the pressure evenly so that the headphone band does not press into one part of your head. Now, once you put on your cap, you might need to change the clamping force of your headphones. If you are wearing a thick beanie, you will need to loosen the headphones to feel comfortable. 

Buy Padded Headphones

Buy good-quality headphones that have thick padding under the band. These headphones are not only comfortable but also don’t leave impressions on your head. Excess padding works in the same way as a hat or a beanie. 

It distributes the weight of the headphones evenly across your head. If you already have headphones that are not padded, you can go for a little DIY project! Make padding out of thick but soft material and stick it under the band. 

But you can also buy cushion pads for your headphones. These are readily available and very comfortable. If you are buying new headphones, invest in ones that have adequate padding. 

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Can Headphones Change The Shape Of Your SKull?

So headphones cannot affect the shape of your skull, but can headphones change the shape of your ears? Fortunately, they can’t do that either. If you see that your ears are looking a little twisted or seem to be flattened, massage them a bit. 

They will return to their standard shape soon. Headphones do put a certain amount of pressure on your ears, but this pressure is not enough to change the shape of your ears. If you are wearing heavy headphones, they will push your ears against the skull. 

When you take off the headphones, your ears might stay like that for a while. But that shape is only temporary. Your ears will straighten and get back to their usual position. 

If you are still worried, you should know that the outer ear cannot change after the initial few weeks of infancy. The outer ear is known as the auricle. The auricle can change shape when you are an infant, but it is more rigid in adults and cannot be molded any differently. 

So by the time you start using heavy headphones, your ear can resist the pressure and retain its shape. 

But then why does it feel like the shape of your ears has changed? Large headphones are cumbersome. They push against your ears, and this can cause some temporary flattening. But this does not mean that the structure of your ears is changing. 

For the shape to change, the internal structure needs to be modified. Headphones cannot put enough pressure or cause friction for that to happen. So you needn’t worry. 

Do Dents in the Head Go Away?

Do headphones give you dents? Yes, they do, but these dents are temporary. They do go away in minutes. Now, if you have thin hair or are using large and heavy headphones, the marks may stay longer. But can headphones change your skull if the dents don’t fade away within minutes? 

No, headphones cannot affect the skull in any way unless you have a medical condition. If you don’t know about any such situation, you can consult your doctor if the dent stays even after a few hours. However, this does not mean that the headphones have caused the indentation. The indentation is due to internal problems like bone deformities. 

The reason why dents caused by headphones go away in minutes is that they are only superficial. Headphones dent your skin or flatten your hair. Neither of these is an injury or a permanent effect. 

Can Headphones Dent Your Head

Can Headphones Dent Your Head? It’s Not Likely

So you have the answer to can wearing headphones change the shape of your head? No gadgets similar to headphones can do this.

You can refer to the sections above whenever you are in doubt about using heavy headphones. Please share it with others who have the same concerns, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about the article.