Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather?

Can headphones break in cold weather? The low temperature won’t damage the headphones, but the moisture does. Read on to know how you can protect your headphones.

Nowadays, most headphones can withstand cold weather and even light rain. The cold temperature usually does not break the headphones. Unfortunately, cold weather comes with a bit of moisture, which can damage the headphone drivers. 

You can use your headphones at a high temperature of 40°C. But exceeding this limit will compromise its performance and damage it. If you use headphones in freezing weather, your battery will die much faster as very low temperature and moisture kill the battery. 

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather

In this article, let us further look at:

  • How can a low temperature reduce battery life
  • How does moisture break headphones
  • Does cold weather affect wireless connectivity
  • Do headphones keep ears warm?
  • How can you protect your headphone from damage?

How Can a Low Temperature Reduce Battery Life?

Any electric device needs power to function. The battery supplies power to most of these devices. You need to handle the battery with care, and if exposed to extremely cold weather, it can damage the device.

Most of the lithium-ion batteries in headphones and other devices do not work well in extremely cold weather. As a result, the battery’s life is reduced and discharges quickly.

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How Does Moisture Break Headphones?

Humidity and moisture are the main factors to consider when you use your headphones in cold weather as they may damage them.

Usually, water and electronics don’t mix well. However, cold weather does not damage your headphones. But when you move your headphones from a cold temperature to a warmer one and use them, it causes condensation to form inside the headphone. 

Water can also get inside the headphone from condensation, which damages it. The moisture present in headphones can create electrical shocks and damage the metal parts there in your headphones.

So when you move from chilly to a warmer room, make sure not to use the headphones for some time. Switch it off for a few minutes and let the moisture out.

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather

Does Cold Weather Affect Wireless Connectivity?

The RF radio waves and Bluetooth connectivity are not affected by low temperatures. Even if your battery is low, you can use Bluetooth headphones in cold weather. 

But when you use headphones in cold weather, the battery may discharge in just two hours or even less. The performance of batteries of low-end Bluetooth devices may run out quickly.

So if you are going to use your headphones at low temperatures, always get good quality headphones. The weather will not affect the Bluetooth but the sub-zero temperature damages the device.

Do Headphones Keep Your Ears Warm?

There are winter headphones available nowadays that can handle low temperatures pretty well. They have a dual function and can keep the headphone insulated during the cold weather and also helps keep the ears warm.

Winter headphones have good insulating properties that can withstand extremely cold weather without the risk of freezing. In contrast, the plastic on most of the headphones breaks in extremely cold weather.

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather

How Can You Protect Your Headphone From Damage?

Though the cold weather affects the headphones badly, there are ways you can protect them.

Thermal Cover

You can buy a thermal cover and cover your headphones. You will find the thermal cover in any store or even online. This cover helps isolate your headphones from extremely low temperatures as much as possible. You can listen to your favorite songs for quite a long time. But avoid overusing it.

Winter Headphones

You can either avoid wearing headphones to protect them from low temperatures. Or you can get good quality winter headphones that are available in the market. The winter headphones are pretty comfortable and come with earmuffs to keep you warm. 

The winter headphones are helpful in three ways: they can withstand cold weather, warm your ears, and have good noise cancellation to enjoy your music. These headphones can withstand low temperatures and prevent the headphone’s structure from corroding.

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Wireless headphones.

Some wireless headphones can withstand cold weather and do not let the cable freeze. The low temperature does not affect the Bluetooth, enabling you to use the headphones without worry. You should protect your smartphone.

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to leave headphones in car? Can you leave headphones in a cold car? 

Leaving your headphones in the car is not a good idea unless the temperature outside is at an average room temperature.

If you leave your headphones in cold weather for a long time, when you finally take them into a warm place, there might be condensation inside the headphone, which is sure to damage the headset’s electronics.

What temperature is bad for headphones?

In any electric device, the circuit generates heat when it’s functioning. If you expose the headphone to direct heat for a long time, it will destroy the headphone parts inside.

Similarly, any device will work properly at a low temperature. However, it will have a problem if the weather is freezing outside. Using headphones at extremely low temperatures such as -80°C can damage the electronic circuit.

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What can you do when your headphones break in cold weather?

When you get your headphones from extremely chilly weather outside, don’t try to heat them immediately with something. You will damage it more. So if you have kept your headphones in chilly weather for a long time, you need to get them to average room temperature.

Usually, the climate of any country ranges from 22 to 30 degrees. So let your device get back to average temperature if you have just come from chilly weather. Your headphones will start working again in some time.

Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather

So Can Headphones Break in Cold Weather? Yes, They Can.

Extremely cold weather affects the performance of the headphones. The electric circuit, battery, or the metallic part outside may not function properly due to the moisture inside. 

But if you enjoy listening to music in cold weather using your headphones, you must invest in some good low-temperature resistant headphones of excellent quality. 

You can replace them with winter headphones. Winter headphones have excellent insulation and protect your device in chilly weather, and keep your ears warm.

I hope now you get some idea of how you can protect your headphones from damage and extend their lifetime in cold weather.