Why Do My Speakers Have No Bass? 3 Things To Check

Why do my speakers have no bass? Your speakers might not have any bass or a low bass, due to issues in the speaker’s hardware or software.

Your audio system may not have any bass, or the bass from your speakers might be very low because of any technical issue. The majority of the speakers available in the market have bass in them, bass audio or tones consisting of all the lower frequency sounds. These sounds also consist of a lot of vibrations that add emotion and elevate the audio.

In this article, you will know the probable reasons why your speakers might have no bass. 

Why Do My Speakers Have No Bass?

Why Do Some Speakers Have No Or Low Bass? 

Bass in speakers is usually created by the woofer or the subwoofer drivers present in them. These drivers are responsible for generating all the sounds that fall under a certain category of low-frequency sounds

There are some reasons why your speakers may have no, or low bass can be due to the following reasons:-

Check Connections

You must check all the wires and connections from your speakers to the amplifiers, and you can check the wires and connections running to the amplifiers, receivers, or speakers. 

Make sure that all the wires are fully inserted in their ports, and you have also connected the correct wire in the correct port. There are several inputs on the subwoofers. Inspecting the entire length of the wire is always beneficial. You may be able to identify some other faults in the wiring as well.  

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Check Settings

You can also check the menu and the internal settings of the speaker to make sure that proper and high-quality bass is coming out of the speakers. Someone might have changed the system settings, so it is always better to check and restore the settings if they have been altered. 


Your speakers might have no bass because of the poor positioning of the speakers as well. You can place your speakers at places that boost the bass coming from your speakers rather than keep them at places that reduce the intensity of the bass. 

Why Do My Speakers Have No Bass?

How To Increase The Bass In The Speakers 

There are a few simple and easy steps that you can follow to increase your speakers’ bass levels significantly. These methods are effective with the majority of speakers and audio systems available in the market. 


The place where you keep your speakers contributes majorly to the speakers’ sound quality and bass intensity.

Bass is omnidirectional. That is, the speaker’s direction will not matter to the base as it will resonate in the room independent of the direction of the speaker. 

Generally, you should avoid keeping your speakers near any wall or other objects as they may serve as obstacles to the sounds produced by the speakers. If you place your speakers where there are no obstacles, the speakers’ sound and bass will be enhanced. 

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Using an amplifier with your speaker is a very effective method of increasing the speakers’ overall performance. The amplifiers boost the audio signals along with the bass. 

The drivers in your speakers will start to perform better and enhance your entire experience of using an audio system for your entertainment. 

You must remember that while you purchase an amplifier for your speakers, you should also consider the operating capacity of both these devices.

If the speakers and the amplifier have a similar rating, then they will be compatible together. Else they will not be compatible, due to which you will have to change the amplifier. 


Keeping your speaker inside an enclosed box will also massively improve the audio quality. You can buy a ready-made box for your speaker, or you can even make a box for your speaker on your own.

Keeping the speaker inside the box will make the sound echo, due to which you will feel a significant increase in the volume and bass levels of the audio. 

It is a good option if you want to experience the audio in a much grander fashion. Generally, this enclosure for the speaker is made from either wood or acrylic. 

Why Do My Speakers Have No Bass?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:- Why do my speakers not have much bass? 

Ans:- Your speakers might not have much bass as before because of some hardware or software issue in your speaker. The phase wiring connecting the drivers inside the speaker could be loose or not connected properly. 

Another reason due to which the bass of your speakers might be low is because of phasing. Both your speakers might be out of phase, and you can identify this by switching on one speaker at a time and then turning on the bass. 

If the bass increases, then your speakers are definitely out of phase, and if it doesn’t increase, there might be some other problem. 

Q2:- Why do my car speakers have no bass? 

Ans:- Your car speakers might not have any bass because both the speakers in your car might not be adequately synchronized. Usually, this no bass problem occurs in the speakers when one speaker pushes the air out whereas the other speaker pulls the air in. 

You can resolve this issue by bringing both the speakers in the same polarity or under the same phase. You can use an equalizer to increase the bass in the speakers. 

Q3:- How can I make my speakers have more bass? 

Ans:- You can increase the bass coming from your speakers by enclosing the speaker inside a box. Enclosing the speaker will increase the volume of the audio as well as the bass in your speakers. 

Your speaker inside the box will have less air and space for dispersion. The sound waves from your speaker will not be dispersed in the air. And instead, the sound waves will be more concentrated and direct. 

Why Do My Speakers Have No Bass?

Q4:- What determines the bass of a speaker? 

Ans:- The bass of a speaker is determined by the internal components present inside the speaker. If your speaker has high-quality components, then the output bass from your speakers would sound great, whereas if the internal components of your speakers are not that great, then the bass from the speakers will sound low. 

The Bass of a speaker is an essential aspect as it adds more depth and emotion to the audio, the bass of the speaker consists of all the low-frequency tones and audios. 

Q5:- How do I know if my speakers have a good bass? 

Ans:- A speaker with a good bass will always give an authentic feel to the audio you listen to on the speakers. Speakers with a good bass will pack the same punch of power, weight and make you feel like you are enjoying a live performance.

Another identifier on an excellent speaker bass is that the sound produced by your speakers should have minimum distortion and dispersion. Speakers that have a clear and articulate sound are considered to be the best speakers. 

Why Do My Speakers Have No Bass?


Your speakers might not have any bass or a low bass, mainly due to some issues in the speaker’s hardware or software. Loose components inside the speakers, such as the drivers or the wiring, are among the significant contributors, due to which you can experience no or low bass in your speakers. 

The difference of polarity and phasing in the speakers is also a common issue due to which the impact of the bass from the speakers is not as significant as it is supposed to be.