How Many Headphones Can Connect To Apple TV? Can You Connect 2 At A Time?

Many people are curious to know how audio sharing works on Apple TV. Exactly how many headphones can connect to Apple TV? Let us find out.

A loud TV can disturb anyone in your house. It may also disturb your neighbors, and they may complain to you, or worse, call up the police. So, there is a simple way to watch TV and enjoy yourself with your partner, family, or friend silently. 

You can connect headphones to your TV and watch whatever you want. And to fans of Apple devices, everything electronic in their house must come from Apple. The Apple TV is an extremely popular way to watch your favorite shows these days.

How Many Headphones Can Connect To Apple TV

About Apple TV

Apple TV is a streaming media player in which you can watch videos, listen to music, or use various types of applications from the internet on your TV. It is available in two models. 

One model is Apple TV 4K which supports 4K ultra HD as well as HDR video. The other one is Apple TV HD which supports 1080p. Apple releases new versions of its products almost every year, and Apple TV products are now in their 

Like all Apple products, Apple TVs are expensive in comparison to other streaming devices, but the features are fantastic. 

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How Many Headphones Can Connect To Apple TV? 

You can connect two compatible AirPods or Beats products at a time to your Apple TV. But unfortunately, all Apple TVs do not have a system of connecting to your headphones. 

The second and third-generation Apple TV 4K did not have compatibility with Bluetooth. Only the latest 4th gen has it. 

You can use either Apple’s own AirPods or Beats products for audio sharing, but if you use any Bluetooth headphones that come under the MFi program, you will need a dual Bluetooth transmitter. 

How Can You Connect Headphones On Apple TV?

Connecting headphones to Apple TV is fairly simple; just follow the steps below.

  • Switch on your Apple TV and go to settings.
  • The next step is to go to controls and devices.
  • You need to tap Bluetooth under other devices.
  • Next, you need to turn on and set the pairing mode on your headphones.
  • Now it’s time to tap the name of your headphone.
  • Click on connect the device and wait for some time to establish the link.

How Can You Connect Dual Headphones On Apple TV?

To connect two headphones that are not AirPods or Beats products, you will need a dual Bluetooth transmitter. Connect your Bluetooth transmitter to Apple TV using the steps above, and then connect your headphones to the transmitter to split the sound.

However, dual Bluetooth transmitters may not offer the same sound quality as an AirPod or a single headphone connection. Secondly, make sure that the transmitter is MFI compatible.

Can I Connect More Than Two Headphones To Apple TV?

You may think that if you follow the same instructions again, you can connect more than two headphones to Apple TV. Unfortunately, the current technology will only allow for upto two headphones. The third headphone will simply not connect.

How Many Headphones Can Connect To Apple TV

Do All Headphones Work On Your Apple TV?

Not all headphones don’t work on your Apple TV because, to pair with your Apple TV 4K, it should have features of Bluetooth technology. However, many hearing aids now have such characteristics. 

If you stick only to the Apple brand, AirPods and the latest generation Beats can be used as headphones. Various other brands like Sony, Bose, and others have headphones, and you can use them on your Apple TV.

However, AirPods and Beats products are the only ones that can directly be used for audio sharing.

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Apple TV 4 Supports MFi Bluetooth Headphones

The new Apple TV model is compatible with Bluetooth headphones, but every pair will not work. The safest way to purchase headphones that supports mainly iPhone,iPad, and iPad(MFI program). 

The MFi program provides few guidelines for accessories of a third party. The accessories that have the MFi logo are designed for iOS devices and operate with Apple TV 4. 

So if you buy MFi Bluetooth headphones, then it is undoubtedly going to work with Apple TV.

Why Should You Connect Your Headphones To Your Apple TV 4K?

  • A good headphone enables one to enjoy better sound quality without being diluted with ambient noise.
  • You can listen to your favorite music or watch series or movies with these headphones.
  • You cannot disturb anyone in your house or neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How can I connect multiple headphones to Apple TV?

You can connect two Bluetooth headphones simultaneously by using a dual-link Bluetooth adapter connected to the TV.

#2. How many air pods can be connected to Apple TV?

You can send audio from Apple TV 4K to two pairs of wireless headphones like air pods or enjoy movies with your friend or partner.

#3. Can you connect two Bluetooth devices to Apple TV?

Yes, you can use two Bluetooth devices simultaneously on your Apple TV. There is currently a limit of three Bluetooth connections.

#4. Can you connect more than one AirPod to Apple TV?

Yes, you can add more than one pair of AirPods to your TV. It’s possible to connect two pairs of compatible Apple wireless headphones to a TV.

#5. How do I connect two AirPods to Apple TV?

  • Pop the air pods in their case
  • Go to the settings of your Apple TV
  • Try to scroll down to remotes and devices. You can easily find it in the settings list.
  • Now it’s time to pair your air pods.
  • Once you do the above steps, the Apple TV remembers the AirPod for the next time.
  • Now connect the Apple TV to your previously paired AirPods
  • Click on settings and select video and audio
  • Select the audio output. You will find the audio output settings at the top of the audio menu section.
  • Flip open the AirPods case.

How Many Headphones Can Connect To Apple TV

You Can Connect Upto 2 Bluetooth HeadphonesTo Apple TV

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