How To Turn On Outdoor Speakers In Just 5 Steps

Turning on your outdoor speakers can be tiring and confusing. There are a few steps and setups required for it. To know how to turn on outdoor speakers and the steps read this article.

So it’s party season, and you’re ready to rock in your backyard, but the main compartment, your speakers, are yet to be turned on? 

Maybe you didn’t set them up correctly? Setting up outdoor speakers may sound intimidating, but with the correct instructions and information, it can be fun.

How To Turn On Outdoor Speakers

In this article, we will learn how to turn on your outdoor speakers by setting them up correctly, so let’s jump right in, or you’ll be late for the party! Simply follow these steps to set up your speakers and turn them on.

Steps For Setting Up Outdoor Speakers

Step1: Setting up receivers inside

Many people set up their receivers outdoors, but it’s essential to set them up inside as the receivers are central to a speaker setup. 

It is unsafe to set them up outdoors, especially in a party environment. And if you want to play a different song on the inside while a different one plays on the outside, in that case, you can use a multi-zone receiver.

Step2: Setting up the wires outside

  • Most speakers these days come with Bluetooth features inbuilt in them and do not require wires.
  • But if your system doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature or if you prefer to use wires, You’ll need around 20 meters of cables or less, depending on the distance. Try to keep the distance as small as possible. The longer the distance, the worse the audio quality.
  • If possible, set up your speakers beside a window or right beside your house door. If you want to drill holes, you can prepare a small hole down the wall but make sure to seal the hole With silicon or similar material to ensure the integrity of your house.

Note: make sure the wires are for outdoor use. Outdoor cables have higher resistance against weather and corrosion.

How To Turn On Outdoor Speakers

Step3: Volume box

To never be distracted from the party, it’s better to install the volume box on the outside, so you can quickly increase or decrease the volume as required.

  • Volume boxes are required to be installed in a well-protected area as they don’t necessarily come with outdoor protection.
  • People tend to get confused when it’s time to wire them. Remember to attach your wires in this pattern: From the receiver to the volume box to the speakers.
  • If you’re using multiple pairs of speakers. You may install multiple volume boxes to control each pair separately.

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Step4: Setting up the speakers

Just a few more steps and you’re party-ready. Let’s hurry up!

  • Outdoor speakers are specially designed to withstand weather and corrosion. But still, to give them long life, you may want to install them in a sheltered place.
  • It is essential to ensure adequate space between two speakers. If they are too close to each other, then the sounds coming from both speakers will overlap. Keep at least 2-3 meters of space between the two speakers.
  • Adequate height helps in the spread of the music. Mount them at appropriate height but not too high from the surface.
  • Do not use the indoor brackets as they might get rusty and become weak quickly. Use the frame that comes with the outdoor speakers.

Step5: Connecting the wires

Do not plug the wires naked. You can use banana plugs to insert your wires into the receiver safely. Follow the steps to do so;

  • Separate the two red and black wires for about ¾ of an inch.
  • Now strip the end of both cables and unscrew the banana plug.
  • Now, insert the wire into the banana plug to make sure the exposed part touches the end.
  • Now tighten the screw and insert the wire into the receiver.

From here on, repeat the same at each connecting point.

How To Turn On Outdoor Speakers

Frequently asked questions

How do I turn on outside speakers in my camper?

Find the button labeled as A, B, C on the unit;

  • A is to play 5.1 speakers. B and C are for auxiliary speakers capable only of playing standard stereo speakers.
  • Use the button to choose the speaker you want the output from; in most cases, B or C is set up for outdoor speakers. Try pressing them.
  • As you hear the sounds coming from speakers on the inside, push the buttons and look out for the one that transfers the audio to outside speakers.

How do you use outdoor speakers?

In short;

  • Set up your receivers safely on the inside.
  • Drill a small hole, run the wire to the outside, and make sure to fill them up with silicon after use.
  • Install a volume box in a well-sheltered place on the outside.
  • Install speakers at adequate height and enough spacing and connect the wires.

Now you can use your outdoor speakers for parties or celebrations.

How To Turn On Outdoor Speakers

How do you run speaker wire from outside?

You can drill a small hole on the inside wall or use the windows or doorways to run the wire from outside.

Is it OK to leave speakers outside?

If you are using indoor speakers, it is highly unsafe to leave your speakers on the outside. If you are using a speaker designed for outdoors, then it is safe to leave them outdoors because they are created in such a way that makes them weather and corrosion-resistant.

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Wrap Up

Outdoor speakers are some of the strongest and most reliable speakers of all. They come in many shapes and sizes, and With easy-to-follow instructions turning on your outdoor speakers can be fun and exciting. 

You can make them party-ready in no time, but for some, it can be very time-consuming as well. In that case, it is best to meet with a party organizer or someone who has good knowledge of speakers and ask them to set it up for you.

Did we make your party fun? If not, we are always open to your suggestions, so do not forget to write back!