Are Flat Panel Speakers Any Good?

A flat panel speaker is always better than a conventional speaker. For more details and to know are flat panel speakers any good, read further!

Yes, flat-panel speakers are excellent speakers. You might think these speakers are not among the bigger and expensive speakers then they might not be the best for your audio system, but this is not the case.

Flat-panel speakers can be perfect for people that want to have an immersive audio experience with everything they watch. In this article, you will get to know things like what flat speakers are and the advantages of using flat-panel speakers in your audio system. 

Are Flat Panel Speakers Any Good

What Are Flat Panel Speakers? 

Flat-panel speakers have a flat design and structure; hence, these speakers are named flat panel speakers. The reason why these speakers are considered to be good is because of their structural design. The design of these speakers optimizes the acoustic radiation coming from the speakers. 

A flat panel speaker has mainly two components. These two components are a panel and an inertia exciter. In contrast to other contemporary speakers, you will find that a flat panel speaker vibrates randomly. 

These speakers have an exciter as a driver. This driver excites the bending waves in the soundboard to produce sound. 

The vibration plate in a flat panel speaker is the second most crucial part of the speaker after the driver. This vibration plate will play a decisive role in deciding the sound’s tone, color, size, and flatness. 

The whole vibration principle of a flat panel speaker is very different from that of a traditional speaker. Most of these speakers have a piston-style vibration, whereas the flat panel speakers have a random vibration style. 

The back shell on your speakers is essential for reducing the diffraction of the sound waves to reduce the sound distraction. The speakers’ sound should be as such that it should not affect the position and distance of the listener. 

Are Flat Panel Speakers Any Good

Benefits Of Flat Panel Speakers


This is among the top or best benefits of a flat panel speaker. You should buy these speakers as they are pretty lightweight and easy to carry. Most people have a hard time placing and carrying speakers that are too heavy. To avoid such hassle, you can buy a flat panel speaker. 

You can easily place these speakers on things, desks, tables and so on. You will not have to worry about breaking or damaging something as these speakers are not at all heavy. 

These speakers are made to be lightweight because many monitors and TVs don’t have in-built speakers. The display screens on monitors and LCDs are also pretty delicate so that you can keep the speakers on the screen as well because of their weight. 

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Modular Design

The new and modular design of the flat panel speaker has enormous benefits. Flat-panel speakers have proper modularity in the speakers. 

Modularity allows the speakers to start with two channels. The two channels are the basic channel as well as the stereo channel. You can also build up to multiple channels without any limit set on the number of channels. 

High-Quality Audio

These flat panel speakers produce high-quality audio and have lower distortion because flat-panel speakers are not motor-driven with domes and cones like conventional speakers. 

Are Flat Panel Speakers Any Good

Why You Should Switch To A Flat Panel Speaker

The reason why you should choose a flat panel speaker over a contemporary speaker is because of increased performance along with less distortion. These speakers can easily produce high-quality audio that is audible to the audience as well. 

Another primary reason why you should switch to a flat-panel speaker is because of its design and shape. These speakers are pretty compact, due to which you can easily find the proper place for them in your home. Unlike the bigger and heavier speakers, you will not have to create massive space for the big speakers available in the market. 

One of the most important ways by which you can eliminate the distortion in the speakers is by applying a delicate conductive coating at the top of the diaphragm. If your speakers have an embedded design, it is a good thing to protect against scratches, dust, damage, smoke, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do flat-panel speakers work? 

The motor operates in a similar way in both the conventional speakers and in a flat panel speaker. The difference between both these types of speakers is that in a flat panel speaker, this motor vibrates like a simple panel. 

The exterior of the speaker also plays a significant role in how the speaker will vibrate. You have to know whether the exterior of your speaker is made from plastic, metal, composite, or any other materials. You will see that the entire panel starts vibrating in these speakers to create sound waves that can reach our ears. 

What is a DML panel speaker? 

DML stands for Distributed Mode Loudspeaker. This is a type of flat panel speaker that was created and developed by NXT. In this speaker, the sound is produced by uniformly distributing the vibration modes through the panel. There is also an additional component in these speakers known as a special electro-acoustic exciter. 

You will also find that DML speakers operate differently than other traditional speakers as these speakers have a uniform piston movement in the speaker’s diaphragm. 

Are built-in speakers worth it? 

Yes, built-in speakers are still a very good option as an audio system for your home or office, but the speakers you have already built in should be of high quality. If you opt for in-ceiling speakers over any other type of speaker, then you will have a reduced sound reflection. 

The sound from your speakers will not bounce back, causing you any disturbance. Built-in speakers also have higher gains, a much sleeker profile, and a flexible layout design. 

Another significant benefit is that you will not have to worry about the whole placement part of your speakers as these speakers will already have a fixed place. 

Which brand is best for speakers? 

Several top brands in the market are making high-quality speakers. JBL is a world-famous brand that is trusted by people globally. People know that any product or speaker that they purchase from JBL will give them top-level performance. 

Some of the other brands that fall in this same region are Sony, Bose, Yamaha, Pioneer, etc. If you purchase any speaker belonging to these brands, you might have to pay more money than other brands, but you can be assured of the quality you get. 

Are Flat Panel Speakers Any Good

Is flat sound or audio better? 

This depends upon your preference and need. Flat sounds are much purer than other types of sounds. People who want to have high audio accuracy prefer flat audio, and you can get high-quality flat audio from loudspeakers, monitors, and speakers. 

It is not necessary that everyone equally enjoys a flat sound. This is a very subjective thing where your liking and disliking will depend on your opinion. 

Yes, Flat Panel Speakers Are Better!

While choosing a speaker, often, people get confused between a flat panel and conventional speakers and wonder whether flat panel speakers are any good. A flat panel speaker is a great option if you want to have an enhanced audio experience by lowering the distortion.