How Can You Turn On Rear Speakers In Suburban?

Do you want to know how can you turn on rear speakers in suburban, this article will give you the answer

A rear speaker feature in the vehicle allows the back seat passenger to listen to and control any media sources, including radio, CDs, DVDs, or other devices, with the help of a pair of speakers.

Most people turn on or off this feature by pressing the button with the Power symbol on it in the middle of the car seat panels. The same is true for the Chevy Suburban as well

How Can You Turn On Rear Speakers In Suburban

How to use rear speakers in Suburban

Power on

Press the Power button in the middle of the multifunction knob to turn on the rear speaker system, and you can also turn on or off the rear door speakers. 


This button is a source button that helps rear-seat passengers to choose or switch the source between radio, CD, DVD, front auxiliary, and rear auxiliary. This button also allows passengers to connect external sound units.


Turn the knobs situated next to the SRCE and PROG buttons to increase or decrease the volume. The left knob present at the corner of the seat system controls the volume of the left speakers. At the same time, the right knob does the same and controls the right headphones’ volume.

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The button with the symbol of arrow or “triangle touches line” helps seek between the previous and next stations of FM and AM when using the radio. Press and hold one of the seek arrows buttons until it displays flashes, and the screen turns to the viable station. In some radios, this function may not work.

The rear seat audio and radio control the radio functionality, which means the passenger can tune only one band at a time. While listening to DVD, the left seeks arrow function by going back to the starting of the track or video. The right seeks arrow will go to the next track or next video on the disc.


With this button, the rear seat passengers can go to the next radio FM station or channel that the front seat passenger or driver customize on the radio. This function may not work if the front seat passengers or driver are already running the radio. 

When playing a CD or DVD audio disc, this button helps go back to the beginning of the audio and controls the selection of multiple discs in CD and DVD changer.  

When playing the DVD video disc, this button displays the menu function and helps the passenger perform and select the video on the disc.


The rear-seat passengers can view and navigate through the rear seat display controls. The display is touchscreen meaning the passenger will turn on or off using just the display.

It can also operate from voice recognition. Press the NAV(Navigation) button to open or display the menu of navigation. In the menu, there are more functions like destination menu and navigation repeat.

Voice Command

The Voice Prompt feature allows the rear seat passenger to change the voice settings. The Voice Prompt contains more menus, including Voice Volume, Voice Guidance, and Speech Confirmation Feedback.

The Voice Volume helps adjust for guidance and recognition by pressing – or + on display. In Voice Guidance, the passenger can enable or disable this feature. The Sound Confirmation Feedback menu helps turn the feedback on or off. 

How Can You Turn On Rear Speakers In Suburban

How to troubleshoot rear speakers in Suburban

If your rear factory speakers are not working correctly or providing no sound outputs, you should follow these steps to troubleshoot rear speakers are:

Step 1

You should check the fader control, and the tone controls can fade the sound from the front to the rear; in some cars, completely eat the sound in the back and cause no sound from the rear.

Look for the menu in the display in CDs function to balance the fader setting by setting it in the middle.

Step 2

Check the connectivity of the speaker wire, and you should make sure the wire’s connectivity is in the right manner. If you find them damaged, you should go to the store to pick spare speaker wires

Step 3

Check the rear audio controls (RAC) that people use to provide input signals into the amplifier. You should make sure that their connectivity to their respective outputs, that is, car stereo.

Step 4

You can install the speakers from Crutchfield to the rear doors of your car if your speakers still don’t work. Bad or defective stereos wiring harness can also make no sound coming; replace your harness with the new one. 

Answers to some more questions about the entertainment system in a Suburban

How do you use rear entertainment on a Suburban?

There are many methods and useful purposes to use rear entertainment on the Suburban. In this vehicle, the rear seat screen can help entertain via providing the ability to watch movies and videos in the rear seat. You can use a DVD player in your car by inserting a DVD into it. You can connect to wireless headphones to listen to music.

Why are my rear speakers not working?

The problem with your speaker can be either factory defects or external factors, and you should make sure they work before you buy it.

Because the previous owner may install the aftermarket speaker system, they have less life than factory-fitted speakers. Your speaker malfunction can also be because of inadequate or weakened connection, if your rear speaker shows it is connected, it may be blown, or the wire gets damaged.

How many speakers does a Suburban have?

Different models of Suburban have different numbers of speakers. Generally, in 2021, the Chevrolet Suburban comes with 9 to 10 high-performance speakers with advanced sound-related features.

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How do I fix the rear audio (no sound) in my recently purchased Suburban?

If the rear speaker of your recently purchased car is not working, you should troubleshoot the speaker at home before going to a professional car mechanic.

Check the fader control and set the setting to the middle. Check for the RCA cables; they might not connect well and if they get damaged, use the spare cable. Check for the volume; you can turn it on in the display if the volume is off.

How Can You Turn On Rear Speakers In Suburban

How do I turn off the voice on my Chevy Suburban?

You can read the Manual Guide to turn off the voice of Chevy Suburban. The guide suggests adjusting the voice volume by pressing the – or + by turning the multifunction knob. Press the decrease volume icon to turn off the voice. Drivers and passengers can enable or disable this Voice Feedback feature in the Voice Guidance menu.

How do I turn off the voice recognition on my Suburban?

Voice command can help you drive, but if you want to turn it off, you can go to the rear display, open the setting Voice Command, turn it off, and remove the voice. You can also turn off the feedback by voice recognition; when it is off, the voice command responds with a chime instead of a talkback phrase. 

Manual guide is the utmost instruction book to turn on rear speakers in Suburban.

Reading the Guide will help me understand the features of different vehicles models. The aftermarket sound system can be installed in vehicles like cars and trucks if your vehicle lacks a rear-seat audio system or has a broken speaker. Before using the rear speaker, you should make sure they are on.