Should Surround Speakers Be Angled Down?

Should surround speakers be angled down? This is a common question among our readers. We have the answers for you in the article below.

Surround sound speakers are an excellent addition to the experience of watching movies and tv or listening to music at your home. With these speaker systems, you get exceptional quality sound coming at you from multiple angles giving you an immersive experience. 

One of the most common queries from people that have surround sound speakers is whether the speakers should be angled down or not? We will discuss this query in detail in this article and try to explain the reasons behind our answers. 

Should Surround Speakers Be Angled Down

Angling Surround Sound Speakers

Yes, it would help if you angled down your surround speakers as you will experience a massive difference in the audio quality. If you have placed the speakers on the edges or the corners of your room for the maximum surround effect, you should put the speakers at the height of about eight feet in the air to get the best sound. 

Eight feet above the ground means that the speakers are approximately four to five feet above the listeners while sitting. This will increase the distance between the ears and the speakers, and if you angle your speakers downwards, the distance will reduce significantly. 

Pointing the speakers downwards will give your ears a direct sound, whereas keeping the speakers pointing upwards will provide you with a diffused sound.

It ultimately depends on your preference whether you want to listen to the audio diffusely or you want to listen to the audio directly. You can set the position of the speakers in your room according to your preferences.

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Why Do You Need To Angle Your Surround Speakers

In the case of just two speakers, firstly, you need to adjust the position of your speakers according to your main sitting position. With just two speakers, the ideal placement is on the left and right of the listener. 

Now, you can either angle these speakers towards the listener or angle them away from the listener. If you angle these speakers towards the listener, then the audio quality will be better and clearer. If you move the speakers away from the listener, the audio would seem more distant and far.

The perfect angle at which you should keep the front left and right speakers in respect to the listener is between 22-30 degrees. This is generally the preferred or recommended angle, but your room’s layout and design will also play a significant role in deciding the ideal placement and angle for the speakers.

Should Surround Speakers Be Angled Down

Different Speakers Arrangement

7.1 Surround Speakers

This speaker arrangement is ideal for a cinema-like experience, and this system is a combination of surround speakers and subwoofers. With this surround sound system, you will hear this sound and feel the entire emotion.

You must choose a central seating position for effective results. All of the speakers should be angled towards your position. The suggested angle is 90 degrees for the left speakers, whereas the right angle is 110 degrees. The two rear speakers should be angled at 135 degrees and 150 degrees.

The best method is to check and see whether you can hear the sound clearly or not from your preferred setting position.

5.1 Surround Speakers

You should place the two front speakers on the immediate left and right of the tv, directly facing the listener. The other two speakers should be on the rear left and right of the user. A 5.1 surround sound speaker system has five components, out of which four of the speakers and the remaining component is the subwoofer.

In a 7.1 surround sound speaker system, you have six speakers and one subwoofer, and you can use these six speakers to surround yourself and get high quality from all the directions. 

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Placing The Subwoofer

The majority of the people that own a surround sound system also struggle with finding the right place for the subwoofer. The subwoofer is responsible for adding and producing bass in the audio. Bass adds more depth and effect to the audio, due to which you can connect more with the sounds. Since the audio produced by the subwoofer is of low frequency, the placement of the subwoofer is not as critical as getting the placement of the speakers right.

You will also find sometimes that your subwoofer is inaudible. This is mainly due to the overproduction of bass by the subwoofer. Overpowered bass can be inaudible for a long time. The shape and size of your room will also have a massive impact on this. 

Should Surround Speakers Be Angled Down

Essential Tips For Placing Your Speakers

  • Angle:- It is a great idea to angle down your speakers in a surround sound system. Due to the angle facing downwards, you will be able to hear the audio directly. 
  • Room Size:- You should also consider the size of your room before you purchase a surround sound speaker system for your room. For instance, larger rooms require larger systems such as the 7.1 surround sound systems Or the 9.1 surround sound system.
  • Distance:- The distance between the speakers and the listener is also critical. Although you don’t have to fret about the distance being pinpoint, you can also take an estimated distance. The minimum height or distance between the listener and the speakers should be 2 feet as a general rule of thumb. 
  • Remove obstructions: It is also essential that you remove all the obstructions and objects blocking the sound coming from the speakers as sound waves can easily lose their intensity when they crash into objects and other stuff. You should also avoid placing the speakers on the corners of your room. Placing the speakers in the corner of your room restricts the range for the speakers. Placing the speakers where there is ample space for the sound waves to travel is highly effective. 
  • Use Angles:- The ideal angles for the front and the rear speakers should be between 22-30 degrees. You can also set the speakers at an angle of 90 degrees. This will create an immersive experience where the sound is coming at you from all directions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should rear speakers be angled down? 

The ideal position for surround sound or rear speakers is behind or on the side of your listening position. A 5.1 surround sound system will give you a much more immersive experience if you follow this principle. 

Dolby recommends keeping the speakers at an angle of 110°-120° from your listening position. This angle maintains an optimal hearing condition in the entire room. 

The rear surround speakers should be placed somewhere from 150°-135° off-axis. This angle should be set according to your primary seating position. 

Can in-wall speakers be angled? 

Yes, you can place your in-wall speakers at an angle for better sound quality. If you angle your speakers, you will less likely face any audio problems. This helps the speakers create a natural and realistic sound image compared to regular speakers. 

In normal stereo speakers, the voice is only distributed or coming at you from two left and right angles, but with angled in-wall speakers, you can hear the audio coming at you from multiple angles.

For stereo speakers, the best angle is to keep these speakers at 60° on the left and right, respectively. 

Should Surround Speakers Be Angled Down

Do surround sound speakers have to be at ear level? 

Most people think that the rule for placing surround sound speakers is the same as regular stereo speakers, keeping them at the ear level. Surround sound speakers should not be kept at your ear level. Instead, they should be 2-3 feet above your ear level. 

The added height is necessary for the surround sound speakers to be effective and have better sound quality. For the 5.1 and the 7.1 surround sound speakers, you can keep the speakers 1-2 feet above your ear level. 

Dolby recommends that you keep their standard speakers at the listener level and keep their Dolby Atmos surround sound speakers over the listener’s head. 

What height should surround sound speakers be? 

Typically, you should keep surrounding sound speakers above the listener’s head or their ear level. The best height is from 2 to 3 feet above the ear level, but for the 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound speakers, you can keep them one or two feet above the ear level. 

The height at which you should keep your surround sound speakers on also depends on the type of room you have, the type of walls in the room, the height of the ceiling, and plenty of other factors. 

Should Surround Speakers Be Angled Down

Is it worth getting a 7.1 surround sound speaker system? 

Yes, it is worth getting a 7.1 surround sound speaker system if you have a larger room with high chances that the sound might get lost in the space. 

The sound quality will have a deeper edge to it as well as it would also be cleaner compared to the 5.1 surround sound systems. You can also go for a 5.1 surround sound system. If you have a standard size room, then this system should be enough for you.