How To Ship Floor Standing Speakers: 3 Steps You Must Follow

This article will answer questions surrounding shipping speakers and particularly focus on how to Ship Floor Standing Speakers.

Shipping speakers is tricky and requires a lot of care and transit. Packaging them well is hence imperative. Speakers follow the rule: standing upright or facing upwards in transit to avoid any damage. Floorstanding speakers are the largest in the room. 

On average, they are at least 3 to 4 feet tall. Packing and shipping floor-standing speakers can be tricky and need to be done with the utmost care. In this article, we will look at how to ship floor-standing speakers. 

How To Ship Floor Standing Speakers

How Do You Transport a Floor-Standing Speaker?

The packaging is crucial when transporting speakers the size of floor-standing speakers. It is therefore important to understand it. 

Step 1: Disconnect the speakers.

First, unplug the sound system from the power supply and then disconnect the speakers from the main unit. Next, carefully remove all the cables and use cable ties to securely and conveniently wrap them. Finally, wrap all the cables one by one neatly. 

Pro tip

You might want to take a picture or two of how the speakers are connected to the subwoofer. You will find it easier to set up the speakers in a new location by simply referring to the photography in your handset gallery.  

How To Ship Floor Standing Speakers?

Step 2: Dust and clean the floor standing speakers. 

Speakers are prone to accumulating dust, and they require frequent cleaning. Now that you are packing them, you won’t want to carry the dust collected atop their surface along with the packaging. So get a clean cloth and dust, clean the speakers well. 

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Step 3: Find the right boxes. 

The right kind of box is imperative. Speakers are made of delicate constituents, and hence, packing them in both oversized and undersized boxes is risky. Look for heavy-duty corrugated cartons to minimize the risk of damage. 

If you have saved the original boxes from the purchase, you are super lucky that way. You will be saved from the trouble of finding the right boxes for your speakers. Some manufacturers sell boxes too so that you can check with the same too. 


Look for boxes with stapled seams and not glued. And, if the boxes do not seem reliable, opt for double-boxing. 

How To Ship Floor Standing Speakers?

Step 4: Carefully wrap and pack the speakers.

If you do not have the original boxes, wrap the speaker in a layer of clean, soft, acid-free, and ink-free packing paper. Bubble wrap and then secure the bundles with wrapping tape. Use soft wrapping paper and not bubble wrap as the first layer because bubble wrap can press against the delicate surface of the floor standing speakers and create stains atop it. 

Use small pieces of tape to secure the paper and prevent it from unwrapping. Also, prevent wrapping tape from coming in direct contact with the speaker surface at any point. 

A layer of bubble wrap can then be applied since a random cardboard box will not keep your speakers safe, unlike the box that comes with them. Rigid foam insulation boards are also good packaging material, and they must be lined against the insides of the box.

Next, put the packed speakers into the cardboard box with utmost care. Seal the box and label it properly. Do not forget to put the ‘fragile’ and ‘handle with care’ labels atop it. 

Lastly, pack smart. Try to pack small and pack tight. In general:

  • 6” speakers can fit well in an 8” square box.
  • 8” speakers can fit well in a 10” square box.
  • 10” speakers can go well in a 12” square box and so on. 

Step 5: Reach out to a shipping service.

Shipping service providers can outrightly reject your packages if they aren’t packed well because they are already prone to damage. 

How To Ship Floor Standing Speakers?

How Do I Ship a Large Speaker for Shipping?

Shipping large speakers are challenging. It would help to wrap them as per the order mentioned in Steps 1 to 4 mentioned above. Double-check if the packaging is reliable. Do not have any packing material such as bubble wrap or polystyrene peanuts pressed against the speaker cone- they can damage the speaker cone. 

Add the labels and send the speakers to a shipping service of your choice. One must keep in mind that the trucking companies offer an extra-cost service for lifting, loading, and unloading heavy speakers.  

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What Is the Best Way To Ship Speakers?

The best way to ship speakers is by packaging them yourself or getting them done before your eyes to ensure it happens with your utmost satisfaction. Once the shipment is ready to go in transit, you can choose a delivery service that suits you most. 

One can consider services from FreightCenter, UPS, FedEx who have good customer reviews in the segment. If you are moving to a not-so-distant location, you can choose to hire a truck and drive all your goods at your convenience while also ensuring the utmost safety of the goods. 

What Is the Best Way To Ship Speakers?

Package shipping services like FedEx, Post Office, or UPS charge many packages that are heavier than 70 pounds. Not only this, there are chances that they would also reject the package owing to its weight. Not to forget, these services have size limits that are quite strict. 

On the other hand, speakers can be shipped via LTL (less than truckload). When done right, this system is secure and offers safe delivery. It involves putting the speakers in a crate on the skid or pallet, and a tractor-trailer is used for pickup and delivery. This cost around 350$-750$. 

How To Ship Floor Standing Speakers?

What Freight class(NFC) Is a Speaker?

The freight class for loud shipping speakers in boxes or crates is 100. 

Final Word

When it comes to shipping speakers, the right packaging is crucial. Did we miss anything? Tell us about the same and your experiences with shipping speakers in the comments section. Also, share the article with friends and family who are likely to find it useful.