Are Lower Fairing Speakers Worth It?

Are lower fairing speakers worth it? Many factors determine the answer. To know are lower fairing speakers worth it and whether they are not, read this article.

Have you installed many speakers on your bike but are still unable to get satisfactory audio quality? If that is the case, a set of lower-fairing speakers might be the way to go. Lower fairing speakers can provide you with clear audio and significantly increase the audio levels.

Are Lower Fairing Speakers Worth It

Do you want the best for your bike but don’t want to make a bad decision? By now, you must have gone through several articles researching whether or not you should invest in the lower fairing speakers. 

And assuming you have not got a satisfactory answer yet, well, do not worry, this time you will. In this article, we will ask a series of questions and answer them to let you know whether they are worth it or not.

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How Does Fairing Work?

It is crucial to understand how they work and how they can help you. Fairing speakers, basically, are just speakers attached to the fairing. To know how they work, you must first understand how the fairing works. The mechanism of fairing is simple. 

Forcing the air to go around, they cut down the air resistance to make the ride more smooth and comfortable. They are most required when it is too cold or too hot if you are riding on a scorching day, winds are about to fry your leg.

Or if it is a freezing day and you are about to become an ice cube. You get the idea. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience; that is why fairings are so popular.

Are Lower Fairing Speakers Worth It

How Do Fairing Speakers Work?

If you have ever wondered, “why is it that bikes do not have any speakers?” Well, here’s an answer for you, unlike cars, motorbikes do not have a protective layer around the driver seat.

And because it is fully open, all the wind passes by the driver. If you were to install a sound system and play it while riding the bike, the air around you would blow the music away.

But then you would wish if only you could install the speaker in such a way that air does not affect the music. Well, to make your wish true came the idea of fairing speakers.

In this case, speakers attached to fairings provide excellent resistance from the wind blow creating a safe passage of sound from your speakers to ears without much loss.

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How Much Resistance Does Fairing Provide?

According to many sources and depending on the quality of your speakers. The fairing will provide good resistance to your speaker for up to 20 miles. Once you reach above the 20 miles mark, you will have difficulty hearing the audio because of the wind and the loud noise of your engine.

Are Lower Fairing Speakers Worth It?

The short answer is, yes, they are worth it as they add quite a bit to the sound system, which can significantly improve the overall quality and audibility of the sound. Still, it depends on various factors, and the short answer will not do any justice to this question. To know in detail, keep reading further!

Will I Need More Speakers?

Yes, lower-fairing speakers alone won’t do the job, especially at high speeds, as the faster you go, the less you hear. To compensate for the loss, you will have to install powerful upper speakers as well. There are so many options available in the market and for various models.

Are Lower Fairing Speakers Worth It

The Long Answer

By now, you must have gotten a clear idea; whether buying lower-fairing speakers is worth it or not. If you already have a robust system that is audible, then you do not need to buy the lower ones. 

If you have decided that you will only buy the lower ones, well, they won’t be of much use all by themselves. If you have already installed some speakers, and they are not enough, or the passenger can not hear the audio. In that case, it is worth it to equip your bike with lower speakers.

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What Are The Alternatives?

If you have decided not to go with a lower-fairing speaker, you must be wondering if there is an alternative to boosting your audio quality. The answer is yes. I list here two alternatives that are easier to install and provide excellent audio quality:

Handle-Bar Mounted Speakers

This speaker works on Bluetooth, so no messy wires and time-consuming installs. They are effortless to mount. Just place them on the handlebar, and you connect it via Bluetooth, and you are ready to rock the road.

Apart from the loud and good quality sound, they are aesthetic and add quite a bit to your bike’s overall look and sales value. Four-channel amplifiers powered by ⅔ inch of speakers also come with tweeters for better vocal amplification, and the best part is they are waterproof. The only downside is they are costly, and the style might not fit with every speaker.

Helmet Mounted Speakers

If you have ever wanted to attend calls safely while riding, well, with this alternative, you can easily do that without any distraction. It comes with high-quality speakers that will make you feel as if you are wearing headphones.

It comes with voice control, is highly durable, is waterproof, and has up to 13 hrs of battery backup. The downsides are that they are pricey and are not compatible with other speakers.


Whether the lower fairing speakers are worth it or not depends totally on your style and need. They can significantly improve the audio levels but only to a certain extent, and you would not be able to enjoy them at high speed. And depending on whether they are suitable for your bike or not, you can choose to go with the alternatives as not every bike has the option to install speakers.