Why Are My Macbook Speakers So Quiet? 6 Things To Check.

Why are my MacBook speakers so quiet? If you have been having this problem, I had the same problem a few months back, and I have some solutions to help you.

Apple is known for its high-end gadgets, and the Macbook is among its flagship products. This top-quality machine offers the best features; therefore, it can be slightly frustrating when things don’t go as per your expectations. 

A question that bothers people the most is, “Why are my MacBook speakers so quiet”? I will mention the most common things that raise this issue and how you can fix them.

Why Are My Macbook Speakers So Quiet?

#1 Check The Volume

Let’s get the most obvious thing out of the way first. It is possible that someone might have lowered the volume in your absence, but people usually don’t think about it. Press the F12 key (shortcut for volume up) on the MacBook. If the volume goes up, it becomes pretty clear that someone had lowered the volume in your absence.

#2 Check The Hardware

In case you have external speakers, the chances of getting short in the wire are always possible. Generally, people with multiple systems face this issue mostly as there’s a lot of switching out of the speakers. 

First, unplug the external speakers and again plug them back in the jack. If there’s no difference in the sound quality, try playing a song.

Wiggle the wire in the ends while the music is playing and check if the volume is affected at any point. If it works, you have a short in the wire that needs to be fixed.

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#3 Other Applications Affecting The Sound 

People often download many apps with their own sound drivers that mess with the Macbook’s default sound driver. You need to check your Macbook’s audio output setting to learn more about this issue. Just follow the simple steps:

  • Go to system preferences and choose the sound option. 
  • You will see an option named ‘output’ in that section. Check what’s listed there. 
  • If you see a suspicious application under the output section, those apps may override the default audio. You can simply uninstall the app to resolve the issue quickly.

Sometimes there’s an issue with sound while using a specific app. In that case, check the audio settings of that app. Some apps like iTunes or Safari have different volume settings compared to the default volume system volume of the Macbook.

Why Are My Macbook Speakers So Quiet?

#4 Restart The Sound Controller

Restarting your system is on regular intervals is usually a good idea. Restart the sound controller using the simple steps:

  • Go to ‘Applications’ then to ‘Utilities,’ and under that section, select Activity Monitor from the Apple menu under that section.
  • Type ‘CoreAudio’ in the search field, which is your core sound driver.
  • Finally, select the CoreAudio tab and close it by clicking the ‘X.’ Restart the driver immediately and check if there’s some difference in the sound.

#5 Run Maintenance Scripts And Declutter Your MacBook

When operating normally, the Macbook system creates multiple temporary files that need to be cleaned regularly. The OS X of Macbook’s runs a Unix-based operating system; therefore, running decluttering scripts isn’t too hard.

The scripts will clean your temporary system files. These scripts and usually run automatically between 3:15 am to 5:30 am. But in case your Macbook is shut down or put on sleep during this period, the scripts won’t run. As a result, you will have to do it manually.

Besides, you can also download some apps, which allow you to declutter your Macbook without following any long steps.

Note: Never run any maintenance script without backing up your system. It’s unlikely for the built-in scripts to harm your system, but it is safer to back up your prevailing setup before starting any maintenance.

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#6 Use The Latest macOS Version?

Always ensure you’re using the latest Mac OD X version. First, check your current version by going to the Apple menu and checking the section ‘About This Mac.’

Once you find your version number, click on the ‘software update’ tab to check for recent updates and install them. 

Note: Just like the last method, you should back up the Mac OS before installing updates using any preferred backup method. 

Even if all these methods don’t improve the sound, you can try some more methods mentioned below.

Why Are My Macbook Speakers So Quiet?

How To Improve Your Macbook’s Sound Quality?

Use External Apps

Many external apps can improve the sound quality of your Macbook a lot, especially while watching a movie or listening to a podcast. Below are some of the apps (paid and unpaid) you can install in your Macbook for better sound quality. 

  • VLC Equalizer
  • Ears Chrome Extension
  • Audio Hijack
  • Boom 3D

Buy External Speakers 

Buying decent speakers can create a tremendous theatrical experience in your house if you arrange them properly. You can either invest in one speaker or buy a set of 3-4 speakers depending upon your budget.

Use Headphones 

It won’t improve your Macbook speaker, but it will provide you with a great alternative to get the best sound possible from the Macbook. Headphones are also a great option while you are in the office, library, or traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is my Macbook Air speaker so quiet?

There can be many issues that can be both software and hardware-related. Mostly it is because of any other app overriding the default sound driver of the Macbook, but sometimes it can also be because of your Macbook’s operating system not being updated.

Why is the sound on your Mac so low?

There can be multiple reasons:

  • The audio setting is messed up.
  • Other applications are affecting the sound driver.
  • The Macbook is not updated.
  • There is too much cluttering of temporary files.
Why Are My Macbook Speakers So Quiet?

Why are your speakers so quiet on your Macbook Pro?

If you have external speakers, there are chances that there’s a short in the wire, or the low volume can also be because of other apps overriding the default settings of the Macbook.

How do you make your Macbook speakers louder?

Some standard methods include:

  • Checking the audio settings.
  • Updating the system.
  • Restarting the sound controller.

Wrap Up

I hope the solutions provided in the article make your Macbook’s speakers louder and better. If you find the guide helpful, share it with other Macbook owners experiencing the same problem.