Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers

Heos has a wide variety of speakers and features. But can Heos speakers be used as surround speakers? Read this article to know more.

Having a wide variety of high-quality speakers, Denon has everything ranging from soundbars, wireless speakers, amplifiers to subwoofers, and you name it. Denon has it.

Which all can be connected to its Heos multi-room application, but there is a question that many Heos users have asked, and the question is: “can Heos Speakers be used as surround speakers?”

Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers

In this article, we will discuss a lot about Heos speakers and if it is worth buying them, etc. And also, answer the question which has been asked many times, so without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers?

According to Denon’s official website, Yes, Heos AVR can directly power the passive surround speakers, if connected to the speaker terminal on the back unit; besides that, Heos speakers and the Heos amp can be configured as wireless surround speakers. Sounds good?

As long as they are of the same size, you can use any Heos speakers. It does not matter whether they are of generation one or two, e.g., two Heos generations one speakers.

Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers

Also, if you want to use other third-party speakers as your surround speakers and have not put the cables in front and back of your room, in that case, you can configure a Heos Amp to be used as an amplifier for the surrounds in your Heos home theatre system.

So now that we have got the answer to our question, further, we will discuss how you can use them as your surround speakers. Keep reading!

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How Can You Use Heos Speakers As Surround Speakers?

You can follow the initial setup of Heos AVR assistant to setup Heos speakers or Heos amp as surround, but if you couldn’t for some reason or if you installed the surround speakers at a later stage, follow these instructions to do so:

  • Be sure that the Heos speakers and the Heos amp have the same network and are being displayed in the room tab.
  • Navigate to the Music tab and click on settings.
  • Then click on My devices. After that, tap on the name of your device, then click Setup Assistant.
  • Now, go to surrounds, and from there, follow as instructed in the app.
  • Once you have selected the left and right speakers, it will then connect them to Heos AVR.
  • If you have followed the steps correctly, then at this point, the surround speakers shouldn’t be visible in the room tabs.

And that’s it; you have successfully added the surround speakers.

Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers

To customize the settings of your Surround Speakers: 

  • Go to my devices then, tap on the name of your Heos device.
  • Then navigate to speakers. From here on, you can manage the levels of your speakers.

If you need to disconnect the surround speakers:

  • Navigate to the Rooms tab, tap on the pencil icon. It’s situated on the right upper corner.
  • Choose your device. Click on the red arrow >.
  • Now click on, disconnect wireless surrounds, a new confirmation prompt will appear. Click disconnect again to confirm.

It will disconnect the speakers, and now they should be visible in the room tab once again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Heos with wired speakers?

Heos AVR is a 5.1 wireless sound receiver, having the option to connect the surround speakers wirelessly. So, the answer to that question is no; you can not use a wired speaker with Heos AVR. If you want to use wired speakers, you’ll need a 7.1 classic AVR to run a 7.1 wired setup.

What speakers can connect to Heos?

Any Speakers can connect to Heos using the Heos link, and you can use the Heos link to connect and stream music to your third-party speakers.

Can Heos play TV sound?

Heos can do all sorts of things, including playing tv sound. You’ll be asked whether or not to connect the tv with Heos bar or Heos AVR during the initial setup of Heos AVR or bar. If you haven’t done yet, follow these instructions to do so.

Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers
  • Open the Heos app and navigate to settings.
  • Here, click on my devices and choose the preferred device that you want to use as the speaker output for the tv.
  • Now, navigate to system setup assistant and click on input.
  • Inside the input tab, select HDMI(ARC)as the sound source.

If your tv does not support HDMI or if you have not plugged the HDMI cable, you’ll receive a notification “No HDMI was found.”

  • Once done, take out your HDMI(ARC) cable and plug one end to the Heos AVR or the Heos bar.
  • Plug the other end into your tv/monitor.
  • Once done, go to my devices, then click on the name of your device (Heos AVR or Heos Bar)
  • From there, click on device input, then to default and select the HDMI you just connected(e.g., hdmi1).

That’s it, and you’re done now you can play the tv sound on your Heos Speakers.

Can Heos Speakers Be Used As Surround Speakers

Is Heos worth the buy?

Heos was initially launched in 2014, referred to as HS1, then again in 2016, Denon launched the second generation of Heos Speakers,

With added features such as;

  • Add a separate button on Heos wireless speakers to activate and stream music with Bluetooth.
  • The Bluetooth feature was built into all the HS2 devices from the second generation, and it wasn’t required to add an extra Bluetooth dongle.
  • Alexa compatibility.
  • High speed and high distance 5ghz wireless transmission.

Heos speakers are definitely worth buying. It is suitable as a standalone speaker as well as worthy of adding to your home setup.

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Denon’s Heos has many features that you can use to enhance your experience. Using Heos AVR, a 5.1 wireless sound receiver, Heos speakers, and other wireless third-party speakers can be used as surround speakers, and it is worth buying them.