Buzzing From Speakers When Playing Games And 9 Things You Can Do About It

What should you do if you hear a buzzing from speakers when playing games? Let us look at some of the reasons why this might be happening and what you can do about it.

Do you own a good gaming laptop, and are you an avid gamer? Do you hear a buzzing sound coming from your speakers when you’re playing games? The exasperation, in this case, can be overwhelming and can ruin the gaming experience.

Buzzing From Speakers When Playing Games

We know issues like surfacing in a brand new setup are worrying. Rectifying these issues is urgent because they can be potentially harmful to the system. Worry not. You aren’t alone; the buzzing sound from speakers when playing games is a not so uncommon issue.

In this article, we will look at all questions you possibly have surrounding the same. We will also look at some methods you can try on your own to fix this issue. 

Why Do My Speakers Buzz When Playing Games?

What does it mean when your speakers are buzzing? There are many possible causes of the buzzing sound, which makes it a difficult question to answer. They can, however, be classified broadly into three categories.  

Electrical issues

When your speakers suddenly start buzzing, the cause is most likely electrical. However, if there are no problems with the wires and cords, the problem could be physical damage to the speakers. 

Physical Damage

Secondly, physical damage to the speaker can cause it to hum when air escapes from it. 

Software issues 

Thirdly, software issues such as corruption or malware in the drivers can also cause buzzing. 

Why Do I Hear Buzzing From Speakers When Playing Games

It is not always the speaker which makes the noise, and there can be other issues with the hardware which might be causing the buzzing noise.

While some sort of buzzing noise is normal, Coil Whine can also be the reason for a buzzing noise when you play games. Coil whine is a high-pitched noise caused by vibrations in electromagnetic coils. 

Can Dust Make a PSU Fan Noise?

Yes, dusty computer fans can also cause noise. If dust accumulates on the PSU fan blades, the unit may malfunction. Accumulation of dust means your system needs service, and an authorized dealer can help you with this. 

Buzzing From Speakers When Playing Games

How Do I Make My Speakers Stop Buzzing?

To begin with, try and troubleshoot the cause of the problems. Identify the source of the sound. It might not necessarily be from the speakers. If you are certain, the speakers are making the sound by troubleshooting the problem in the hardware. 

Check the audio cable and ports.

First, the problem may be with the audio cable and ports; check to see if they are working properly. Switch to another audio cable and port to see if the issue is with a specific port. Replace the cords connecting the noisy speaker to an electrical outlet or a sound source. 

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Route the audio and video cables separately.

Poor shielding of a KVM switch cable is also a possibility. This cable bundles both the monitor cable and speaker cable with the same wire. There can be interference in the signal going to the monitor and speakers. Also, this most likely won’t show up until you start playing 3D games. 

The solution to this would be to route the audio and video cables separately. An audio ground loop isolator can also come in handy. It is effective with speakers that use 3.5mm jack cables, which are notorious for picking electrical interference. Moreover, the device is easy to install. 

Turn the volume control up and down.

Make sure the sound works by turning up and down the volume while connected. A blown speaker can be the trouble; get it fixed by calling the seller or the manufacturer’s helpline. 

Check the transformer.

Troubleshoot problems with the transformer since an unstable transformer can also be causing problems.

Update your audio drivers

If the audio drivers on your systems are out of date, you can hear strange noises and sometimes no sound at all. Updating the audio drivers is one of the easiest fixes, and you are really lucky if this is what is wrong with your system. The system will show that audio drivers need to be updated once they troubleshoot the errors. It will resolve the issue within seconds of the update. 

Buzzing From Speakers When Playing Games

Grounding issues

Breaking the electrical loop can also fix the problem. Try to power everything through a single AC socket. One can also remove the cables connecting the device powering the speakers and only connect the speakers to have a try. One can get hands-on a grounding adapter to deal with grounding issues. One can use a two-prong to three-prong power adaptor. Figure out the type of plug you have and find an adaptor that will fit it. 

Open Audio Settings in your system 

Improper audio settings can also be a reason for the buzzing sound. Open the audio settings and check if they are configured properly. Disable all sound effects in the enhancement tab to troubleshoot and correct the audio issue. 

Enable Vsync on the games

Many people uncheck vsync. However, if you enable the same on the games you play, it can stop the buzzing noises from the speaker. 

Reach out to an expert

Each at-home hack comes with its pros and cons. If you feel uninformed, do not mess up things for yourself. Try everything under the sun that you are comfortable and confident doing. Do not think twice; reach out to an expert and let them troubleshoot the problem. 

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It’s Easy To Solve The Buzzing Sound Problem If You Follow Our Suggestions Above!

Is there anything you would want to share with us that isn’t mentioned above? Let us know about the same in the comments down below. Also, if you try any of the methods listed above for troubleshooting the problem, share your experiences, tips, and inputs with us. 

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