How Long Do Magnepan Speakers Last

In this article, we will answer questions surrounding Magnepan speakers and how long do Magnepan Speakers Last? 

Magnepan is a private high-end speaker manufacturer based out of the United States. Magnepan has been in the market with top-notch, innovative speakers for almost 50 years. 

Initially, Magnepan’s entry-level speaker was only available direct from the factory. Magnepan LRS found a place in the Absolute Sound Magazine in January 2021 as the “Budget Loudspeaker of the Year.” 

Also, Magnepans are mostly called Maggies. In this article, we will see multiple questions surrounding Magnepan speakers and also look into their durability. 

Are Magnepan Speakers Good?

Magnepan speakers are more than good. The Magnepan LRS speakers are completely worth the money for any other variant from different brands in the market. 

The sound they produce is amazing. Although they demand specific room placement and the amplifier used, they offer very strong bass performance. 

How Long Do Magnepan Speakers Last

Are Magnepan Speakers Still Made?

As per the brand website, Magnepan has successfully manufactured and delivered as many as 200,000 speakers to music lovers across the globe. However, the brand has moved with time. 

Their Tympani series was replaced by the 20.7 and 30.7 speakers many years back. The MG series has been around since forever, but its name has received a complete makeover. The MG has been dropped from the name. 

The MG-I was rechristened the 1.7, and the MG-II became 2.7, and so on. The 2.7 has also been discontinued, though. 

Where Are Magnepan Speakers Made?

The manufacturing and corporate facilities of Magnepan are based out of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Their current plant is over 50,000 square feet in addition to corporate and engineering offices. 

How Much Power Do I Need?

Magnepan says that they get asked this question every single day. Power recommendations on chatrooms on the internet can be misleading because they are based on a person’s preference, surroundings, and listening habits. 

Someone might be happy with 50 watts and someone with 100 watts. Hence, the best way to figure out a solution is by visiting a dealer or arranging to hear a pair of Magneplanars. The only reliable method to determine your power needs goes like this. Yes, it is tiresome and would require much effort, but it is tried and tested. Here goes.

Suppose you listen to your music at normal volume in a room roughly the same size as where you plan to set up the speakers, with an amplifier similar to the one you wish to use. In that case, you can arrive at a quite accurate power requirement for your listening habits. 

How Long Do Magnepan Speakers Last

Is Magnepan Similar to an Electrostatic Speaker?

Yes, Magnepans and electrostatic speakers are very similar because the film is very thin and has a low mass. The force drives the entire area, so there is no need for rigidity- therefore, one can reduce the mass to the lowest possible levels. 

What Associated Equipment Works Best With Magneplanars?

Magnepan’s official website makes the following recommendations in answer to this question.


Subwoofers move a lot of air and can become tiresome during extended music listening. Integrating a music woofer is tricky and expensive, but one can do it. It would help if you reached out to your nearest Magnepan dealer for the same. 

Speaker Cables

Magnepan says that a system’s total performance is dependent upon a balanced approach. It is sometimes possible to improve performance by spending less in one area and more in another. The same applies to cables and speaker wires as well as other ancillary equipment. 

Also, 4-ohm capacity is important in amplifier design. 

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What Is the Best Position in My Room for Magneplanars?

Magneplanars will work in any conventional position where you place your speakers. You can also seek help from an authorized dealer if the trial and error method is not working for you. 

What Are Magnepan Speakers Made Of?

The MG and Tympanis speakers use wire-on mylar. The speakers who do not bear the MG all use the aluminum foil on Mylar (Quasi-ribbon). The 3.7, Tympani IV, MG-III, 20.7, and 30.7 all use a ribbon driver. All Magnepans have a sensitivity of 86 dB at 500 Hz, 2.83 V, and are 4-ohm speakers.

Coming over to the durability, an important question is:

How Long Do Magnepan Speakers Last

How Long Do Magnepan Speakers Last?

We searched a lot for answers to this, entered various chatrooms, and here is the list of pros and cons. Let us begin with the good ones first.

Sound Quality

Music at home sounds like live music with Magnepan. 

Customer Service

Also, we feel it is worth mentioning that Magnepan’s customer services are superb, and the number of good customer experiences is a testimony to this fact. 


The LRS speakers have been thoughtfully designed. They feature a very thin strip of wood in cherry, black, or light oak, which provides an interesting visual accent to the monolithic panel. One can also order the panel in black, gray, or off-white. You can choose the merchandise to match the interior of your room. 

Here are the negative reviews and experiences:

Tweeter conductors getting delaminated from their backing, Crossover component value drift, Woofer, or tweeter panels tension loss are common issues with Maggies. 


Delamination of the mylar membrane/ wire bond seems to be a common issue with Magnepan speakers. However, the same is repairable. People have also quoted experiences where the glue begins to weaken, and eventually, the external facade falls off at some points. Also, the warranty offered by the company is relatively short. 

Not easily user repairable

You will need tensioning tools designed specifically to repair these problems and equipment that make DIYs a very unsuitable idea. 

Physical damage to the crossover panels

The large size of the panels makes it very expensive to return them for refurbishing at the factory. Magnepans are expensive to repair. 


The quasi ribbon foil is lightweight, and the wires don’t tend to curl, so they are much more resistant to self-inflicted damage. When compared with a wired panel, the quasi ribbon mid-woofer has a greater degree of delicacy and transparency. 

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What Do Maggie Users Say About This?

However, Maggie users say that the sound quality is so great that they are willing to spend on repairs and re-invest in a pair of Maggies after their demise. It is, however, undeniable that such issues increase the cost per year of owning a Maggie compared to conventional speakers. 

Hence, our suggestion would be to sell the product before common issues like the ones mentioned above begin to surface or get them repaired as and when required. Magnepan’s customer service is excellent and approachable.

Maggies Are One Of The Best Speakers On The Market Even Today!

If budget, frequent repairs, and the likes are not an issue with you, Maggies is one of the best speakers to own. 

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