There is not much for me to say about this brand, VT Audio. A staple of a Chinese super store called easy earphone, these are only purchasable via Aliexpress or their own dedicated Taobao store. It has been no secret that lately I have been giving all these new Chinese options a chance and VT Audio would be my next target with a driver arrangement that would normally be a little more expensive if I am not mistaken. 3 balanced armatures and a dynamic driver for ¥ 2199.00 (£265), or at least that is the best I can work out the price to be. I think you can play with options to effect the price. You can also pay a weeny bit more and have this as a custom, £300 for a quad driver hybrid custom seems just ludicrously cheap! These are the prices I have taken away from the VT TaoBao store but I was informed via Easy that they sell these for just $200. So even crazier if so!


Just a Tin!

Cheap was my immediate impression. The T4 could not come in any simpler packaging. Actually scratch that, the dreadful Zhiyin QT5 literally came in just a leather carry pouch. Then again this doesn’t even have a carry pouch. Instead all we get is a metal tin with some foam inside holding the earphones. The tin has VT audio slapped across it in the blandest font possible, I think VT do have a logo but this certainly does not wear it. Then again with these brands I am not to sure there is much thinking behind anything but the actual products. Maybe VT are initials of a creator, maybe it just two random letters stuck next to each other. Whatever the case there has not been an attempt to look professional here like LZ at least tried! Weirdly you can actually buy their knock off Westone Monitor Vault with VT branding and in a nicely presented cardboard case for just ¥50.00 (£6). If these earphone came with the vault and the presentation of it (the pictures on the Taobao show this to be quite smart) this would have been a much more positive section. Instead its less than I would expect from a £10 earbud. Even to the point these come with a pathetic 2 pairs of silicone tips, both of pretty much the same size!

t4 t4-4

It does start to pull back when you actually get the earphones in your hands though.  Firstly the silver plated copper cable is gorgeous. From an aesthetic standpoint that is, it looks like a cable you would be paying a pretty penny for from one of the established cable creators. While it is a little thin up top and in actual use does tangle a bit too easily, it is still a breath of fresh air to have a cable provided with an earphone that isn’t just that same old triple braid OEM piece of crap. To remove the cables VT have opted for MMCX connectors, not my favourites but never mind!

t4-5 t4-2

The ear pieces themselves are stunning and to the point you may have already looked past the poor show in the packaging department. Being a brand that also makes customs, VT provide some epic design options and their previous work on their store looks magnificent. With my Chinese not being completely up to scratch, I am not too sure how pricing works but think different options will change the price a bit. I am pretty sure my design is a pretty standard universal option shown in all the store photos but it is anything but standard in reality. This amber shell with what looks like a Burl face-plate is truly beautiful and these are a gorgeous piece of work.

t4-6 t4-10

There is nothing fancy in build mind you, acrylic shell with a ready bored nozzle like you get with what some of the more seasoned universal creators use. My next surprise was just how well these mirror my ears contours and how snug and comfortably they fit, in line with a customs. They fit much better than Earsonics ES3 and the new Fischer Amps line. They also got lucky with the shocking range of included tips as they are absolutely on the money, but obviously your mileage will vary!

t4-7 t4-11


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