How To Hang Speakers With Chains: 3 Easy Steps

Not everyone has floor space in their room for keeping huge speaker sets. Going vertical is the obvious solution, but how to hang speakers with chains from the ceiling? In this article, we discuss some ways you can get this done.

The market has ‘n’ numbers of speakers for your room. It can be a part of your home theatre or your speaker computers. If you don’t want to keep your speaker on the floor, you will have to hang the commercial speakers on the ceiling. 

How To Hang Speakers With Chains

However, experts usually don’t recommend speakers to be hung from the roof. Because the best sound from the speakers needs to be at the same level as your ears, however, if hanging your speakers suits you, you can try the below methods to hang your speaker from the ceiling. 

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Can You Hang Speakers From the Ceiling?

Start by selecting the correct placement for your speaker for the best quality sound. Experts have recommended a few ways to Angle speakers. 

How Should You Angle Your Speakers?

You can hang the speaker 1 foot or 30 cm away from the roof, and it should be aligned in a symmetrical configuration so that the sound reaches the same height as your ears. You should tilt the speaker towards the couch at a 110-220° angle from the TV center.

Think about the weight

You should know about the weight of the speaker before you think to mount. Commercial speakers can hold a certain maximum weight level; therefore, you need to know before buying the mounts. Mostly the mounts are rated with 2.3 KG increments; however, if you are unsure, you can always scale them up.

How To Hang Speakers With Chains

Get the right mount.

You can choose to purchase the mount for each speaker so that you can hang them from the ceiling. You can buy speaker mounts at electronic stores, A/V specialty stores, hardware stores, and online. 

If you’re looking for a specific design can be daunting, but for the speaker’s security and the chic look, you need to find the correct amount. 

First, however, make sure that the speakers are at the proper angle to facilitate the excellent sound quality in the direction towards your couch. 

For the aesthetic look on the mounts, you can check out different colors.

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How Should You Hang the Speakers?

First, you need to find the ceiling joist where you’ll be hanging the speaker. Most of the time, the speaker will need to be suspended from the ceiling where it is not too heavy and only depends on the roof. 

However, there is an exception about speakers that requires very light( less than 1lb )speakers, which are generally made of plastic. 

So when you decide where you want to hang the speaker unit, find the joist and determine the exact location. You can even use electronics to locate and mark the choice through ceiling drywall.

Step 1: Mark Out Your Mounts Position On the Ceiling

You have to hold the speaker in the position of mounting and mark the ceiling with a pencil or chalk. When you put the speaker mount at the exact location, you can use a pencil to keep the schedule ends and remove the ceiling support before drilling the pilot holes. However, take care while marking the dots and using furniture to reach the ceiling.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Now you need to drill the pilot hole in the ceiling for each hole. The ceiling joist should go through the drywall to ensure a proper holding of the pilot holes. Use a power drill and always wear a safety glass while running the ceiling to protect your eyes from the falling debris.

How To Hang Speakers With Chains

Step 3: Mount The Speakers

Next, secure the ceiling plate with wood screws. Speakers have arms that include a ball shot at one end. Remember, you cannot attach the ball shot to the ceiling mount. You have to look for a socket joint. You will need a screwdriver or wrench to loosen the tension bolt.

  1. The exact method required depends upon the speaker mount. 1) You have to re-attach the mount down to the ceiling plate. There are chances that you will find a ball shaft’s end attached to the speaker’s back via a joint. The joint is supposedly fixed in the ceiling. Then you can fix it with a socket wrench or a key to tighten the tension bolt. 
  2. If you find a slight possibility of the extension arm hanging loose, you can attach it to the ceiling and secure it. You can mount extension arms of the speaker, which will hang further down from the ceiling. It is to ensure that the speaker is at a level to your ear. Even a bit of symmetry can alter the audio quality.
  3. Now, you can string the wires from your speaker to an amplifier or receiver. You can be provided with multiple options to deal with situations. A straightforward option is to leave the wire on the outside of the ceiling, while the other concept is to hide the wires inside the ceilings to provide your speaker looks– chic and classy. You also have a final chance to connect your speaker using wifi or Bluetooth.

Talking about the Bluetooth and wifi speakers, a great option is GTK – XB90. It provides extra bass, beats, and party light and is an excellent choice for customers and highly in demand. 

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Answers to Some More Questions About Speakers.

What is the maximum communication range for the Bluetooth connection?

The range of the Bluetooth connection is within 30 feet or 10 m from the source. However, this may change depending on the obstacles like the person, metal, wall, et cetera, or the electromagnetic environment.

What is the audio return channel feature?

The ARC connects a TV and the audience system with a single-speed HDMI cable. Is this sound delayed, or the picture and the sound are out of sync? It is a condition that arises due to signal interference or a slight delay when you play videos using audio formats. 

How To Hang Speakers From the Ceiling

Hanging Speakers Is a Tedious but Fun Task To Do.

The hanging of speakers on the walls can be a fun task. But, do not forget to be patient while dealing with the drill machine, positioning, and marking the mount holes. 

Also, you are advised to wear glasses and avoid falling debris. Make sure to put up speakers in a safe and comfortable way and ensure that the linkages and joints are strong, because you really don’t want your huge speakers falling on your head!

Happy Listening!