How To Protect Speakers From Cats: 7 Ways To Save Your Speakers From Scratches!

Cats scratch things, which can damage fragile electrical equipment like speakers. There are many ways to avoid this. Learn how to protect speakers from cats in the article below.

I see! So you have got a new set of speakers, but it’s evil arch-enemy, the cat, is not letting the speaker be at peace? Don’t get me wrong, cats are one of the most adorable, funny, and loving creatures on earth, but they have this tendency to scratch test everything.

How To Protect Speakers From Cats

What you see as sofa, speakers, or pillows, for a cat, is just another opportunity to test its claws. This is something many cat owners go through at some point in their lives, but do not worry!

You won’t have to go through the same. We have compiled a list of ways by which you can prevent your speakers from being scratched. Let’s dive in!

Note: For cats, scratching is instinctive and normal. They do it to express certain emotions, to mark the object as theirs, or just to get a good stretch.

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How To Protect Speakers From Cats

Clip Your Cat’s Nails

A cat requires regular clipping of nails, per 2-4 weeks. Clipping your cat’s claw won’t only protect your speakers but you and other furniture as well. It will also protect your cats as the nails can get stuck inside the speaker grill, and the consequence of that can be painful for your cat.

Still, as the cat ages, its claws start to grow more rapidly, which means you will have to trim your cat’s nails quickly, so this might not sound like an excellent solution to you. We have got more ways!

Take Off The Speaker Grill

Clipping the nail does not sound great? Well, how about removing the very source of temptation? The speaker’s grill likely is what tempts your cat to use it as a scratch post, but this has its risks.

The cat might still play around, and an exposed speaker can also attract kids in your house, thinking of it as a toy to poke with, so you will have to carefully assess the situation and see whether removing the grills is worth the risk.

How To Protect Speakers From Cats

Get A Cat Tree

If Your cat not only scratches the speakers but also sits on them and uses them as a resting place, it could be that your cat does not like to live in a box but instead wants a tall, resting place with a scratchable surface.

Well, I know just the right thing for you, your cat needs a condo/cat tree. A cat tree provides a tall, resting place and provides a place to scratch and play with; does not suffice? There is an alternative to that as well.

Plant More Scratch Posts

This sudden attraction towards speakers could be because your cat does not have enough scratch posts, so they’re using your speakers as one. If that’s the case, you will need to plant more scratch posts around the house, especially in the areas where they are most frequently present.

On top of it, you can add some cat toys or give them some treats when they use the scratch posts. This will distract them and encourage them to use scratch posts other than your speakers.

Scold Your Cat

Did nothing work? Are you angry? You should be; well, it’s time to let that out a little bit. Pets may not understand what we speak, but they definitely sense our emotions and react accordingly.

Scolding your cat might sound stupid, but it works, it does, you won’t have to spend anything except for a little bit of your energy, whenever your cat starts to scratch your speakers, show them that this is not acceptable. 

You are not happy with that, do not worry. You don’t have to scream at your adorable cat. Just a little louder than the usual voice will do. We communicate through emotions, and scratching is also an emotional expression. You just need to counter that with your emotions.

How To Protect Speakers From Cats

Spray At Your Cat

Don’t want to scold your cat? Well, here’s an alternative you can do just that without scolding. We all know how much cats hate water. It is time to take revenge. Spray your cat whenever it tries to scratch the speakers. What will it do?

That will train your cats not to touch speakers unless they want to get wet, but training takes time. You can not protect your speakers 24/7; You can hope that it works out or keep reading further to know more ways.

Nail Caps

You can buy adhesive nail covers. It is widely available in pet stores or online stores such as amazon. It comes with glues. You need to cover the nails with the cap and then glue them to the nails.

It’s comfortable, doesn’t affect nails, and is made up of non-toxic materials. Sometimes the glue is not skin-friendly. In that case, you can buy a skin-friendly adhesive for your cat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my cats away from my speakers?

There are many ways. Such as keeping your speakers beyond the reach of your cat. Spray them with water if they move around your speakers. If the above method does not work, you can try spraying scratch deterrent spray around your speakers.

It produces an obnoxious smell that is obnoxious to cats but not to humans. This will discourage your cats from being around your speakers.

How do you protect yourself from cat scratches?

Trimming cat nails is essential, especially as they grow older. If trimming nails is not a viable option for you, you can always go for the nail caps made for cats. They are very comfortable to wear; this is one of the best ways to protect yourself from painful cat scratches. They wear off after a while, so you will have to rebuy them.

How To Protect Speakers From Cats

How can I protect my TV from my cat?

  • Attach your tv to the wall. Play with your cat while you are watching tv.
  •  Distract your cat with toys or treats.
  •  You can use a scratch deterrent spray; it will produce a safe but obnoxious smell that will keep your cat away from the tv.
  •  You can gently scold or spray your cat with water, over time, will train the cat to not go near your tv.

How do I protect my new furniture from my cat?

You can train your cats to avoid scratching the furniture by exposing them to the things they don’t like, such as sticky surfaces. You can spray water on your cat when it gets near the furniture and cover your table with aluminum foil. Cats don’t like rattling noise. These are some of the ways by which you can avoid scratches.

How To Protect Speakers From Cats

Wrapping Up

Cats are very adorable creatures, but their tendency to scratch things can sometimes become frustrating, especially if you have just bought a piece of new furniture. But as you can see, there are countless ways to prevent your furniture from being scratched.

You can mix them up to increase efficiency or sell your furniture if everything fails, but you will have to understand your pet for what it is and be patient. No matter what happens, don’t let that affect your relationship with your pet companion.

Do our methods work for you? Do you have better ways? We are always open to suggestions, do not forget to send us your ideas!