As I am currently on holiday in Italy as this is uploaded, I thought I would do a quick set of measurements of a CIEM I have already reviewed. So if you are interested in the background on this monitor or how we found it subjectively, read mine and Josh’s review here.


Of all the CIEMs I have measured and already reviewed, I picked this as it is a monitor that has been measured by a lot of different sources such as members of Changstar and bloggers alike. One thing I have found look at a broad range of measurements is some rather obvious differences in results.

Anyhow first of all we have my pairs results.

Honestly right, this is almost how I would draw the curve, other than a bit more presense before the 10kHz peak. The bass is slightly rolled off, the mid-bass is slightly ahead of the mids, the upper mids are slightly relaxed and the treble has a sparkle peak at 10kHz. All of these things I commented on in my review and as one would hope, they are all present here.

Next up is Josh’s pair.

Interestingly Josh’s pair was using a silver plated copper/copper hybrid cable from Effect Audio. Funnily enough even though we can hear a difference with this cable, the measurements do not show anything of the like. Below is actually measured with a stock cable but I can assure you it is identical to what we got with the Effect cable. 


I have to be honest and say that while not bad, tolerence for driver matching is not perfect with it splaying slightly in the bass and again in the higher treble. That being said it is only a touch worse than my unit and not audible. Much better than that is how close mine and Josh’s units are with only a small difference coming after 10kHz with Josh’s unit dropping before peaking agin and mine not, but until 10kHz, they are pretty spot on. Maybe my unit as a little bit more treble presence but other than that, bravo.

While as I have said before, you can’t hear measurements, on a pair of earphones that is sold as refrence it is kind of nice for them measure pretty flat and the UERM do just that, in fact only my Hidition Viento-R measure flatter, with them also being sold as a reference monitor.

Do We Need a Summary?

Not really. But it feels natrual to do one. That being said some Measurement Mondays are going to be short while some will be like the ACS one and pretty much a full review. Right now the goal is getting the data to you and sometimes lots of words are not needed. You already know we love the UERM here at Inearspace and what is important to note is that even if these measured horribly, we would still stand by our original review. That being said it is always nice when the measurements agree with what we said, who doesn’t like an ego brushing?

Sonny Trigg