How To Install 6X9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf In Just 7 Steps

In this article, I will explain in simple steps how to install 6X9 speakers in parcel shelf. 

The 6×9 speakers are known for their loud bass, thanks to their large cone area. Therefore they become one of the first choices in cars.

The parcel shelf of your car is undoubtedly the best place to install the new 6×9 speakers. The parcel shelf is located right behind the car’s back seats and above the trunk; they are removable too.

Most people find it difficult sometimes to install speakers on the parcel shelf on their own and end up spending extra money on a mechanic. So I will explain in simple steps how to install 6X9 speakers on the parcel shelf. But before that, let’s cover some major pros of 6×9 speakers.

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Benefits Of Installing 6×9 Speakers 

There are many reasons people like to install 6×9 speakers in their cars, with high bass being the leading one. It has some fair share of cons too, but the benefits compensate for them. Below are the major benefits:

  • You don’t require an amplifier for these speakers unless it’s a powerful one. It can be run from the rear channels of the stereo.
  • These speakers are pretty convenient to fit in the car as you only have to cut out holes in your already existing parcel shelf.
  • The 6×9 speakers are usually known for their high bass, but they also offer a lot of enhancement in the treble.
How To Install 6X9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf

Steps To Install 6×9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf 

Before I jump on the steps, you should know that many of the compressed cardboard parcel trays may not work with 6×9 speakers as cardboard parcel trays can be too flimsy. 

So I would recommend making a new tray of your own using a heavy and solid piece of MDF. Still, it’s not a necessary step, and therefore I would mention it briefly in the end.

Items Required For Installing 6×9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf

You would require the following tools and items for installing the 6×9 speakers on the parcel shelf:

  • 10mm, 12mm + 17mm socket 
  • Ratchet
  • Thin MDF sheet
  • Any type of saw
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A round side file
  • Phillips screwdriver bit + ratchet + matching socket
  • Pencil
  • Template for 6×9 speaker 
  • Spray adhesive
  • Re-carpeting material 
  • Soldering kit 

Now once you gather all the tools and items, let’s get to the step-by-step process of Installing the 6×9 speakers on the parcel shelf.

Step Wise Instructions On How To Install 6X9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf

#1 Removing The Seat

Just pull the bottom part of the seat, and it will pop out. Use a 12mm socket for unscrewing the seats’ back section (3 bolts) and raise the seat towards you, and it will come off. 

#2 Removing The Parcel Shelf 

Unbolt the seat belt in the middle with a 17 mm socket. Once you reach the boot, unbolt the head brake light surround with a 10 mm socket, unscrew the seat belt’s surround, and pull them both. Do the same with speaker grilles and also take out the stock speakers from the plug. 

The car’s parcel shelf will pop out just by pulling. Don’t shy from applying some extra force to pull the shelf out. 

#3 Wiring

You need to clip off the car’s stock plugs for wiring. Clip the wires of the 6×9 speaker onto the speakers. Solder the negative (yellow and red) to the speaker’s negative wire clip and the positive (white and blue) to the positive wire clip. In the end, wrap the wires with electrical tape.

How To Install 6X9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf

#4 Mounting Sheets – MDF (If Not Reusing Stock Grills)

You should use MDF for the 6×9 holes with the templates you got with your speakers. Most brands provide templates. 

For the speaker’s MDF housing, first, you need to mark where you will cut the round hole by pressing it over the existing holes and cutting a square shape to stick to the parcel shelf. 

Draw according to the template of the speaker on the MDF and cut it with a jigsaw. Smoothen it with a round-shaped file. Draw around the just housing you just cut to make another housing on the opposite side and cut it out (It will help you get the same angle on both speakers). 

Use a sealant to mount the MDF to the topside or underside (the topside will leave a weird-looking ridge if you don’t cut the remaining MDF well). Hold it till it dries using a clamp. After that, pop the shelf back on. It will help to know where you need to adjust the metal.

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#5 Modification Of The Metal Shelf (If Reusing Stock Grills)

First Way

In case you’re reusing the stock grilles, then cut large holes—Mark where you need to cut with the template and cut it. You need to fix the speakers by drilling holes, then putting the speaker in those holes. Keep space to prevent crosswires from hitting the speaker’s bottom while closing the boot. 

Second Way

Just hammer the shelf down. If you are not an expert with cutting tools, this method will be great. It would require some pulling through the end of the hook and hammering.

Keep hammering the speaker till you feel it fits well.

Note: Be careful about the windows while hammering. 

#6 Securing speakers

Just screw the 6×9 speakers in the wood to secure. You don’t necessarily have to bolt the speakers with the metal shelf because they don’t touch each other. Using a Phillips screwdriver will be a good idea as a standard screwdriver won’t be handy due to the window coming in the way. 

#7 Recarpet The Shelf

Find the material you want to recarpet the shelf with. You would have to take out the shelf again, so better do it before putting it back in after speaker installation. Cut the material you have chosen in rectangle shape, cover the entire parcel shelf, then use the spray adhesive on the shelf and hold the material on it. 

Cut the leftover edges but leave a little material on edge and wrap it on edge with the help of the spray. Cut out holes, slits, etc., for the seatbelts and speakers.

How To Install 6X9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf

How To Make A Customized Parcel Shelf 

As I mentioned earlier, I will explain how to make a solid customized parcel shield that will be more durable:

  • Take 12 mm MDF and cut it in size of the pre-existing shelf.
  • Chamfer the edge to produce a seal when the tray is pushed up hard against the window rubber.
  • Keep it a little loose as the size increases after recarpeting. 
  • After fitting, mark the excess and trim it off. Carve it little in the front using a grinder with an 80-grit flapper disc to clip it properly.
  • The rest of the steps are the same ones that I mention in the last section.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you hook up 6×9 speakers?

Just take out the parcel tray, cut holes in them, take help from the speaker template, and fix the speakers. Solder the wires by connecting the positive to positive and negative to the negative terminal and then put the parcel back 

How do you cut a hole in a 6×9 speaker?

Mark on the shelf according to the template on the MDF and cut it with a jigsaw. Smoothen it with a round file. Draw around the housing you just cut to make another housing on the other side and cut it out.

Can you hook up 6×9 speakers to the amp?

You can do it using the following steps:

  • Measure the wire length required to reach from 6×9 speakers to the amplifier.
  • Peel the four ends of the wires of the speaker with wire strippers.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen one speaker’s negative and positive speaker wire connectors among the two. 
  • Open the amplifier’s negative and positive output connectors for the right channel using a screwdriver.

Can I bridge the front and rear speakers?

Yes, you can run front and rear speakers from a couple of channels by wiring pairs of speakers in the front and back together in parallel.

How To Install 6X9 Speakers In Parcel Shelf

Installing 6×9 Speakers Can Be Easy If You Follow Our Directions!

I hope you can install 6×9 speakers on the car’s parcel shelf yourself and save yourself from spending unnecessary money on a mechanic. We learned that it’s quite straightforward, and this simple process should not stop you from enjoying great music in the car. Please do share your pics when you install your speakers for our other readers!

Happy Listening!