Why Are My Speakers So Quiet? 10 Things To Check

Speakers need regular maintenance else their sound quality deteriorates. If you wish to know why are my speakers so quiet then we have all the answers. Just stay with us till the end to know them all. 

Music speakers and audio systems can sometimes suddenly sound very quiet. Many people face this situation over time. The volume on your speakers can suddenly go low due to many reasons. We will try to understand the reasons why your speakers are so quiet. 

Moreover, we will also try to learn some tips and methods that will help you increase the speakers’ volume. When people purchase a speaker regardless of their design, like wired or wireless, the main features people are looking for are loud volume and high-quality audio. 

Why Are My Speakers So Quiet?

Why Can Your Speakers Go Quiet? 

When your speakers suddenly go quiet while you are enjoying yourself can be a very frustrating thing. You will try to find out the reason why this thing happened. The two primary reasons for your speakers going quiet can be because of hardware or software reasons. Given below, we will discuss some of these reasons. 

Check Settings

Check whether your speakers are not on mute as there is a shortcut for muting the speakers on the keyboard, which you may have pressed accidentally. 

You can also check that all the connections are made properly from your speakers to the power source. 

Check Default Devices

Most of the time, the devices already stored in your computer or laptop are set as the default playback devices, due to which your speakers would remain quiet even if you are playing something. 

To solve this issue, you can set your current speakers as the default speakers. 

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Every windows device has a built-in sound troubleshooter. This troubleshooter is responsible for checking and fixing most of the problems automatically. To access this feature, you need to right-click on the speaker option then select the troubleshoot option. This is the best option when you are not sure about what the issue is. 

Audio Drivers

The low-volume issue of your speakers might be easily resolved if you update your audio drivers. To update these drivers, you need to select the device manager tab. Then select the audio input and output option, right-click on these speakers then choose the update driver feature. 

If there are no drivers, you will have to look for them on the device manufacturer’s website and then install them by following their instructions. 

Check Communication settings

Some speakers have an in-built feature that reduces the volume of your speakers whenever you are on a call. These speakers suddenly lower the volume so that you can hear the other person. This feature can completely take the volume level of your speakers to 0%, due to which you might suddenly experience your speakers going quiet. 

Why Are My Speakers So Quiet


Another reason your speakers might be operating on a low level is that the loudness equalizer might be activated in your speakers. This equalizer balances the audio with the lyrics making the audio sound on a lower volume. 

If you want to switch off this feature, you need to go to the settings tab, click on system, and select sound. Then you need to select related settings and then choose the sound control panel. Select the speaker that is set as your default speaker. 

After selecting the default, the speaker clicks on the properties tab and chooses the enhancement option. You can check the loudness settings and other options. After you are done with all the changes, click the apply button followed by the ok button. 

Check For Damage

Your speakers can also stop functioning properly because of damage or any other defect. You can check your speakers for any visible sign of damage. If you observe something, then you can try and fix the issue yourself. 

Check The Wiring

Physical damage also includes damages to sensitive components such as the wires of your speakers. If the wires are cut or broken, then your speakers will not operate properly. Once you identify this as the problem, changing the wires is much easier to solve. 

Dust Accumulation

Your speakers can gradually go quieter because of excess dust inside them as well. You must regularly check your speakers and clean them to prevent dust accumulation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:- Why is my speaker volume so low? 

Ans:- There must be some connectivity issue if your speaker volume is coming out to be very low. You can ensure that all the power cables and speakers connected to the woofer are fully connected. 

In many cases, due to partial connection, only less intensity of signals can travel, due to which your speakers might have a low volume. 

Another thing you can do is check whether you have turned up the volume or not. Turn up the volume if it wasn’t already turned up. 

Sometimes your new speakers might also have covers or seals on the speakers, so their volume could sound low. 

Q2:- How do you fix low-volume speakers? 

Ans:- You can fix the low volume on your speakers by increasing the speakers’ volume from your device. If you have connected your speakers to a laptop or computer, you can increase the volume by clicking on the bottom right of your screen.

You will find a small loudspeaker icon. This is the volume controller for your speakers. You will find options to increase the volume of the speakers here. If this is not successful, you can right-click on playback devices, select your speakers, and select the enhancement tab. 

If you have connected your speakers to tv, you can increase the volume using a remote control. 

Why Are My Speakers So Quiet?

Q3:- How do I get my speakers to be louder? 

Ans:- The easiest method by which you can get your speakers to sound louder is to add more speakers in your room. With more speakers, there will be an obvious increase in the volume of the audio.

You can also use these extra speakers to create a surround sound experience. Surround sound speakers put you in the middle of the action due to which you feel involved. 

If you don’t want to spend money and purchase extra speakers, then another simple method to increase the speakers’ volume is to place the speaker close to the corner of the room. This method will increase the volume by 40% of your speakers. 

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Q4:- Why is the speaker on my iPhone so quiet? 

Ans:- Your iPhone can suddenly sound very quiet because of many other reasons. You might have lowered the in-call volume while you were in a call. Another reason for this could be you might have accidentally clicked on the volume rocker. 

There can be some blockage that is preventing you from hearing the other caller. If such methods do not resolve your problem, your iPhone could have some software or hardware problem. 

If the sound from your ringer and speaker is low or dimmed, then your iPhone might need proper servicing. 

Q5:- Why is my phone volume suddenly low? 

Ans:- Sometimes, the hardware or the software of your phone may be malfunctioning. If the volume is already set to max and yet you cannot hear anything, you can drag down the volume slider to zero and set it to the maximum.

If this method fails, you can also try to restart your phone so that the volume on your phone is reset immediately. When connected to a Bluetooth speaker, there are separate volume levels for media and call, so make sure both these bars are set on a high level. 

Why Are My Speakers So Quiet

Wrap Up

Like every other machinery thing, speakers too can run into some troubles and sound quieter than before. There can be several possible reasons related to either software or hardware of the speaker if it suddenly becomes quiet. To fix a low sounding speaker, first determine the cause and then troubleshoot as per the issue.