What Does 5 Way Speakers Mean

What does 5 way speakers mean? Well, there are 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, and 5 way speakers, and you need to select the one as per your needs. Let’s look into it further.

A 5-way speaker is a coaxial speaker similar to a 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way speaker. A coaxial speaker is like a loudspeaker that contains individual drivers or units. These individual units or drivers radiate the sound that you can hear from the same axis. 

These speakers are most commonly used in cars and other vehicles. People have less knowledge about these speakers, so with this article, we aim to provide them with sufficient knowledge and information regarding these speakers. 

The majority of the people don’t pay much attention to the type of speakers they are using in their cars. Once you know the types of coaxial speakers and their benefits, you will be able to choose the speakers that are ideal for you quickly. 

What Does 5 Way Speakers Mean?

What Is A 5-Way Speaker? 

A 5-way speaker is an audio device that is prominently used in cars and other vehicles. These speakers are called 5-way speakers because they have five drivers inside them. Due to the presence of these five drivers, these speakers are capable of playing any audio or sound on five different frequencies. 

Generally, a 5-way speaker has a woofer, subwoofer, mid-range driver, tweeter, and a super tweeter. Each of these drivers is responsible for playing audios at a different frequency. 

One of the most important benefits of using a 5-way speaker is that these speakers get an exceptional audio range. Although sometimes each audio might not sound great or better when played in a different frequency, at least you have the option to do so. 

Working Of A 5-Way Speaker

In this subheading, you will get to know about the working and functioning of these drivers individually. We have taken here the most common configuration of a 5-way speaker, but there are other configurations possible. 


The woofer is responsible for playing the audio and the other sounds at a low frequency. The woofer is responsible for adding bass and treble to your audio. 

Woofers cover the lowest octaves of the speaker’s frequency range. You cannot use a woofer to produce high-frequency sounds as there would be high distortion and muffled sounds.

There are specific sounds and audio that are only appealing when you listen to them with added base. These sounds and music are specially designed to utilize the capability of a woofer. Generally, these sounds operate on a low frequency, due to which they have a vibrating effect in the audio. 


The primary or the main function of a subwoofer is to support the woofer. A subwoofer produces sounds ranging from the frequency from 10hz to 200 Hz. Initially, the sound produced without a subwoofer is rough and lacks tonal quality. 

The subwoofer will pick up the audio and produce lower tones with exceptional quality. Due to the presence of the subwoofer, the audio from your speakers will have added depth and texture. A subwoofer is generally present below the speaker, and it is responsible for the softer tonal quality of the audio. 

What Does 5 Way Speakers Mean?


A tweeter driver is responsible for producing high-range audio in a 5-way speaker. If you want to listen to high-frequency sounds, then your speaker must have a tweeter. 

You will be able to easily hear and feel the sounds coming out of this driver. In comparison to low-frequency sounds, human ears can easily grasp and understand high-frequency audio. These high-frequency sounds are also known as trebles. 

Treble sounds are generally not produced by other types of speakers. These are also essential components for sound staging and separation of the stereo. 

Mid-range Driver

A mid-range driver is an essential component of a 5-way speaker. The primary function of this mid-range driver is that it produces and maintains all the audio and sound that fall into the mid-range frequency category. 

The middle range frequencies are also among the essential sounds for us; most of the audible sounds fall under this category. For instance, the human voice, music, and so on are all part of middle-frequency audios on the spectrum. 

There should also be a proper balance in the audio so that we can hear everything. To maintain an appropriate balance in the audio, having the treble part higher than the bass part is always ideal. Due to this reason, you will quickly eliminate low-frequency distortion, muddiness, vocal projection, and so on. 

Super tweeter

A super tweeter is a fifth and last driver that is present in a 5-way speaker. This driver is responsible for producing and making sounds that are of an ultra-high frequency level. 

These sounds are generally not very distinguishable to the human ears, but when added to any audio or music, they elevate the quality of the sound. If you want to experience more realistic audio, you should go for speakers with a super tweeter. 

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Which Is The Best Speaker? 

A speaker that has the most number of drivers is not necessarily the best. There are plenty of other factors as well that make a speaker better than each other. There are some speakers in which a 2-way speaker can produce much better and crisper audio than a 4-way speaker. 

This ultimately comes down to the quality of components that are used in the speaker. For example, a 2-way speaker with high-quality drivers will sound better than a 4-way speaker with four cheap drivers. 

Even though the latter speaker might operate on larger frequencies, the audio will not sound any better if the drivers are old and cheap.

Sometimes the opposite is also true where a speaker with more drivers has better audio than a speaker with two drivers. More number of drivers results in more variation and more detail in the mid and high range frequency levels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2-way speaker better than a 4-way speaker? 

A 2-way speaker can easily produce audio and sound of much higher quality than a 4-way speaker. This is due to the fact your 2-way speaker may have two high-quality drivers. 

Two high-quality drivers can produce better sound than four cheap quality drivers. These cheap drivers may work on large frequencies, but they don’t need to sound good.

Most car speakers should select the speakers that divide the audio into two parts: higher frequency and lower frequency. 

What Does 5 Way Speakers Mean?

What is a 4-way speaker? 

A 4-way speaker is a speaker or audio device with four drivers and can operate on four different frequencies. These speakers can operate on frequencies because of these drivers. 

In many ways, a 4-way speaker is quite similar to a 3-way speaker; the only difference is that a 4-way speaker has a tweeter. This tweeter helps the speaker to produce high-frequency audio easily.

If you want to own a speaker with a great range of frequencies, then a 4-way speaker is ideal. 

What is the difference between a 3-way speaker and a 4-way speaker? 

The primary difference between a 3-way speaker and a 4-way speaker is the number of drivers. The former has three drivers in it whereas the latter has four drivers. Due to the presence of this extra driver, there is also a difference in the sound quality of these speakers. 

A 3-way speaker would divide all the audio frequencies into three parts, whereas a 4-way speaker would divide them into four parts. A 4-way speaker has a tweeter that is not present in a 3-way speaker. 

Due to this tweeter, 4-way speakers can operate at much higher frequencies than a 3-way speaker. 

What is a 3-way speaker? 

A 3-way speaker is an audio device with three drivers present inside it. Unlike a 2-way speaker, this speaker does not have two drivers in it. A 2-way speaker divides the audio frequency into two parts: high frequency and low frequency. 

A 3-way speaker is different in this aspect as it divides the audio frequency into three parts. This speaker divides any audio into high, mid-range, and low frequency. These speakers have a woofer and a tweeter, but they also have a mid-range driver. 

This mid-range driver lacks a 2-way speaker. This mid-range driver is responsible for producing mid-range audios and sounds. 

What Does 5 Way Speakers Mean?

How many watts is suitable for a speaker? 

The amount of wattage you should supply to your speaker depends on its size and purpose. For instance, a smaller speaker that you can use in your cars or homes can run efficiently on a wattage of 15-30 watts. At home, a supply of 20 watts is sufficient for optimal functioning. 

If you want to have a large speaker for gatherings or parties, then this type of speaker will require more wattage. The ideal range of watts as are necessary for such speakers is from 50-100 watts. 

A 5 Way Speaker Is Used For Higher Sound Quality

A 5 way speaker has five drivers with the aim of playing audio at different frequencies and thus enhancing the overall sound quality. But in the case of a 5 way speaker, what happens is that not all the drivers blend smoothly and because of some errors, the sound produced gets worse instead of getting better.