Does iPad Come With Headphones? Nope, Never Has, Never Will.

Does iPad come with headphones? The short answer is no. Apple has never packaged earphones with the iPad. So what are your options? Read on.

The iPad has been a huge hit for Apple. Ever since its launch in Sep ’10, more than 500mn iPads have reached the homes of adoring Apple fans. Whether it be the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or just your run-of-the-mill iPad, customers have lapped them all up like hot chocolate fudge sundae.

So, Does iPad Come With Headphones?

All is not hunky-dory with iPads. Many consumers believe that the iPad and the iPhone are comparable products from Apple and should come with the same accessories and benefits. This is not the case. For example, if you think iPads come with earphones?. The answer is a big fat NO. No iPad has ever been shipped with an earphone. 

This includes the latest iPad (8th generation) and iPad Mini(5th generation). They do, however, have a headphone jack. But there’s even more sad news about the iPad Pro and iPad Air coming up in the next section.

If you are throwing your hands up in exasperation at this stage and asking Steve Jobs in heaven: Why? Then this article is for you.

Does iPad Come With Headphones

Does iPad Pro Come With Headphones?

No, and in fact, the latest model of iPad Pro does not even come with a headphone jack! Both iPad Pro(4th generation) and iPad Air(4th generation) don’t have earphone jacks. 

So, if you want to listen to your sweet, sweet tunes on your iPad, you need to:

  • Buy a USB-C to 3.5mm converter to connect your wired headphones. 
  • Use Bluetooth headphones like AirPods.

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Why Did Apple Remove The Headphone Jack From iPad Pro and iPad Air?

If you don’t own an iPhone, then this might come as news to you. However, for the majority of the Apple fan base, removing the headphone jack is consistent with what Apple has been doing to iPhones since 2016. There are many benefits:

  • You can’t have waterproof devices with large unplugged holes in them: removing the headphone jack allows your device to become completely waterproof
  • The headphone jack takes up space inside the device. By removing it, you can practically get bezel-free screens
  • Finally, fully wireless headphones are already available a dime a dozen in the market, so you don’t really need the jack anymore.

Does iPad Come With Headphones

So, Where Do You Plug In Headphones On iPad Pro?

If you have a new iPad Pro or iPad Air that does not have a headphone jack, use the methods below:

#1.USB-C Adapter

The best and simple way to connect your wired headphones is with the help of a USB-C- Adapter.

#2. USB-C Connector

Another excellent option is to use headphones with USB-C Connector on your iPad, which allows you to plug in and enjoy it.

#3. Go Wireless

You can go wireless if you do not have a headphone jack on your iPad. But there is one limitation going wireless; truly wireless headsets are pricier than your simple wired headphones. But truly wireless is the future, and there are loads of reasons why you should consider it.

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Why Does Your iPad Get Stuck In Headphone Mode?

The latest models of iPad may not have a headphone jack but can always connect your headphone to the lighting port or with a USB Type-C cable. If you do so quite often, you might face a very common problem that comes up: your iPad gets stuck in headphone mode and you can’t listen to anything without headphones.

Usually, the problem has something to do with the hardware of the device, or sometimes iOS itself might be causing problems. If you bothered to get Applecare at the time of purchase, you don’t really need to worry about all this. Just contact a service center and they will repair/replace your iPad with a new one.

But, if you cheaped out as I did with the warranty stuff there are few things you can do to get out of this jam:

#1. Restart Your iPad

The first thing you can do is restart your iPad. Like most Apple devices, all you need to do is to press the button on the top of the iPad to switch off your device. After a few minutes, switch it on and check whether the stuck headphone problem persists or not.

#2. Try To Take The iPad Out From Its Case

If you use a carrying case on your iPad to prevent it from physical damage, it might end up blocking the audio plug. Your device assumes that the headphone is connected to the device. 

The case might be pushing buttons on your device which tell the iPad to turn headphone mode on. So you can quickly resolve this issue by taking your device out of the case.

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#3. Connect A Different Set Of Headphones

If you are facing the problem of headphones being stuck, then you can connect another set of headphones and check whether you are facing the same issue or not.

#4 Try Airplane mode

Sometimes, the problems can vanish by simply putting your IPad in airplane mode and then connecting it back.

Does iPad Come With Headphones

Frequently Answered Questions(FAQ)

#1. Do Ipads come with headphones?

No, Apple never included headphones with iPads. They do not even include a USB-C dongle to connect your headphones.

#2. Where do headphones go on an iPad pro?

You will not find a headphone jack on the latest model of iPad Pro/Air. So if you want to use wired headphones with your iPad, you need a pair of USB-C headphones.

#3. Does iPad Pro come with headphones?

No, the iPad Pro does not include headphones or, in fact, a headphone jack.

#4. Which headphones to use with iPad Pro?

Three good options to buy listed below

#5. Do iPads have earphones?

The standard iPad(8th generation) and current iPad Mini(5th generation) comes with a headphone jack. You will find a headphone jack in older models. 

But the latest model, like the iPad Pro(4th generation), doesn’t have the headphone jack. In the future, even the iPad and iPad Mini are unlikely to continue with the headphone jack.

#6. Does the iPad 7 come with headphones?

The iPad 7 did have a headphone jack but no headphones, as is the case with all other iPads.

#7. How do I know if my iPad has headphones?

No iPad has ever shipped with headphones included. iPads are tablets, and almost no tablet manufacturer packages headphones with their device.

#8. Why should I buy an Ipad

There are several reasons:

  • Portability: The iPad is light in weight. So, you can quickly put it inside your purse, handbag, or briefcase. But laptops take a lot of space, and you require a bag to take it from one place to another.
  • Battery Life: Ipad comes with a battery that you can use continuously for ten hours. But if I talk about laptops, they drain the charge quickly, and you have to always carry an 18 feet cord for charging your laptop.
  • Easy To Use: Children, older adults, and adults can easily use an iPad.Apple products are user-friendly, and the iPad is an example of it. Again the children can enjoy large screens, and adults can zoom easily on the iPad to see everything better.
  • Camera quality: The device allows you to take fantastic pictures or videos. Another great thing is that you click pictures and edit in the photo app on your iPad.
Does iPad Come With Headphones

Wrap Up

iPads have been fan favorites right from the start. But they are tablets, and Apple has never packaged headphones along with their iPads. The latest models don’t even have headphone jacks (though that has nothing to do with them being tablets). 

You can always go wireless or use a USB -C -Connector or adapter to listen to your favorite music and videos.

I hope you liked this article and got answers to your questions about iPads and headphones. Please do share your suggestions for this article in the comments section below.