Can You Take Broken Headphones To Apple? Apple Warranty Program in 2021

Your new and expensive Apple headphones broke down in just three months. But can you take broken headphones to Apple for repair/replacement? Read on to find out more.

Apple’s iPhone and other products are visionary, market-leading, and tend to always break the market, which is why people prefer buying Apple products even when they are expensive. 

But unfortunately, not all Apple products are durable. Apple headphones are notorious for breaking down or not working correctly after a certain period or due to poor maintenance. 

If you own an Apple headphone, and it breaks down, what next? Can you take broken headphones to Apple and get them renewed? Does Apple replace or repair your headphones? 

In this article, we provide all details about Apple’s warranty period for broken headphones. 

Can You Take Broken Headphones To Apple

Does Apple Replace Your Broken headphones? 

Apple offers excellent customer service, and in case you break your headphones, you don’t need to worry about their replacement. Apple replaces your broken headphones as long as it is under a warranty period and is used per the instructions provided in their manual. 

Getting instant proper support from Apple is very simple. As broken headphones come under hardware parts, you need to visit the Genius Bar. 

Applecare covers everything from repair of your products or replacement of your headphones. By going to the Genius Bar, you can get an immediate reply through mail, chat, call, or on Twitter by an expert. 

If you prefer to do your transactions in person, you can also visit your nearest Apple Authorised service center to get support for your broken headphones.

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Apple Warranties

Apple offers two types of warranties on their products: 

1-Year Standard Warranty

The first type of warranty that Apple offers is a one-year warranty on Apple products. It is called standard Apple One-year limited warranty that only covers faulty hardware parts or any defect on the product that is caused due to poor workmanship. 

Whether you bought the headphones from an Apple store or a third-party authorized store, you can still use the one-year warranty if there is any hardware defect or problem due to bad workmanship. 

The company is liable to repair your headphones free of cost or replace your faulty product with a new piece; also, they can refund your amount if a customer is not satisfied and unhappy with the service. 

Can You Take Broken Headphones To Apple

Applecare + warranty

Another type of apple warranty is Applecare + warranty. If your headphones are damaged due to your fault, the company will not replace your headphones if you have a limited standard apple warranty. But with Apple care + warranty, you can get them replaced even for accidental damage. This type of warranty works best for unexpected events. 

As per the company, this warranty covers your accessories for a full two years from the day you purchase the warranty. The best part of the warranty is it covers two incidents of damage every 12 months. 

The cost of this warranty is only $29. So when you have broken headphones, move ahead with apple care + warranty and pay the warranty amount; apple will take care of the best part. 

What Is Included under “Unexpected Events”?

It includes every damage or accident that may take place, like water damage, broken headphones, wire cutting, and many more accidental events. 

So when you come up with a question: Can you take your broken headphones to Apple? The answer is quite yes if you have AppleCare + warranty or are ready to pay for it. 

Apple will replace your broken headphones at no extra cost. So it is wise to go for the second type of warranty that Apple offers for accidental damage events. 

Is Applecare + warranty transferable?

The Apple Care + warranty is transferable, which means you can extend the warranty to a new owner at no cost. If you are selling the products to a new buyer, all you have to do is provide the receipt to the new buyer and inform apple that the device now belongs to the new owner. 

Can You Take Broken Headphones To Apple

Is It Ok To Buy Applecare Warranty For Broken Headphones? 

Do you own Apple Beats headphones? Did you spend around $400 to $500 on it? Are you disappointed when your headphones broke down? 

As we all know, Beats headphones come with an expensive price tag. Even when you buy Apple AirPods, they are costly and cost you around $200 to $250. 

So as we read above, Applecare + warranty covers all hardware parts and accidental damages, so why not opt for the warranty to save you hard-earned money. The warranty gives peace of mind to the buyer. 

No matter what happens to your headphones, Apple will replace or repair them free of cost if you have an AppleCare warranty. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy a new headphone, get your broken headphones replaced from Apple at a small price of just $29 to buy an Applecare + warranty. 

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Does Applecare + warranty Work On Secondhand Headphones?

But if you have bought second-hand headphones, you may not be able to take advantage of the apple care + warranty. If you break your headphones, then you are liable to pay for of warranty replacement. 

Apple directly refuses out warranty for second-hand products or accessories and even refurbished products bought from third-party sellers. 

The best way to take advantage of the apple warranty is to buy the product from the Authorized apple store or apple’s official website. 

Can You Take Broken Headphones To Apple

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple give free headphones if breaks? 

Can we get free headphones from Apple if they break? The answer is yes, provided an owner takes an Applecare + warranty for two years. The warranty gives you the benefit of replacing or repairing accidental damage to your Apple products or accessories. Either the company replaces it free of cost or repairs it under Applecare + warranty. 

What can I do with broken headphones? 

If you broke your headphones accidentally, go to an apple store or genius bar on the official apple website, and then the representative will get back either through a call or chat. You can replace or get it repaired from Apple at a minimum cost of the warranty. 

Can You Take Broken Headphones To Apple

Wrap Up

So simply put, as long as your headphones are under warranty, you can get them replaced from Apple. If you caused the damage, only Applecare could help you out, but even the standard warranty would suffice if a malfunction caused the damage.

If your headphones are under neither of the two warranties or you bought them second-hand from someone else, you might not be able to do much about it except for buying new ones. Always buy genuine, take warranty, and stay safe!