Can You Take The Headphones From Business Class? No, They Are Not Included In The Ticket

Can you take the headphones from business class? No, you can’t take them. The cabin crew takes them back at the end of the flight. Read on to know more.

When booking your flight, have you ever thought if it is worth traveling in business class? It is a question of comfort vs. expense, especially if it’s a long flight. 

Everyone wants to have a comfortable flight. And to be able to relax comfortably and have a good rest sets you in a good holiday mood.

One of the best parts of business class is the brilliant acoustic noise-canceling headphones that they give you. But can you take the headphones from business class home?

Now you might think that the in-flight products consumed are all freebies that you can take home, just like you get to keep the toiletries in a hotel. Sometimes, it’s unclear that you are supposed to keep things back after use in business class.

Can You Take The Headphones From The Business Class

Amenities You Get When Traveling in Business Class

So when you travel in business class, the cabin crew will pamper you to enjoy all the luxuries a business class has to offer. It includes

Priority Check-in

When traveling in business class, you get priority check-in which makes it more easy and convenient. You will not have to stand in a long queue and sit comfortably while the flight attendant or staff completes the check-in process.

Baggage Allowance

The baggage allowance depends on the airlines you will travel on. But usually, you can check in two bags with priority baggage handling while traveling in business class.

Business Class lounge

When there is time for boarding, you can enjoy the business class lounge facility. But this depends on the airport and airline you are traveling in. Usually, you can enjoy the food and relax comfortably.

Priority Boarding

Whenever the boarding starts, you will be called out first and need to stand in the queue.

Bigger and comfortable seat

Well, having a bigger and comfortable seat is the best benefit you get. You have more space to relax comfortably. You can recline the business class seat to the most comfortable position and sleep.

Can You Take The Headphones From Business Class

Things You Cannot Take From Business Class.


Coming to the central question: Can you take the headphones from Business Class? Airlines can reuse headphones as you place them in the ear and not on your body. Most airlines change the foam covering the earpiece and simply use the same ones for the next batch of passengers.

When you travel in business class, airlines provide you with high-quality headphones to use. But the cabin crew collects the headphones at the end of the flight. Also, the audio jack in the headphones is useless apart from the kind of socket provided in the flight. 

Nowadays, there is a universal jack available on flights. You can use your headphones as well. The ones the airline provides are usually not allowed to take back. 

But you can take the headphones with elastic earbuds, which cannot be recycled and given to another passenger. Some airlines provide them as complimentary amenities, usually in economy class.

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You are not allowed to take the blanket along with you when you travel in business class. Airline blankets are collected at the end of the flight. 

They are then washed at the laundry center so the other passenger can reuse them. Some airlines let you buy blankets you want from the in-house magazine.


Airlines provide you with pillows during long flight journeys to be comfortable. But you need to leave the pillows back before leaving. Airlines provide pillows to make you comfortable, and you should not take them back home with you.


Like pillows and blankets, you cannot take the duvets that airlines provide you in business or first class. It will, anyways, be difficult to fit the duvet in your carry bag.

Can You Take The Headphones From Business Class

Things You Can Take From the Business Class

Germ Protection

With the ongoing flight restrictions due to the pandemic, the airlines maintain certain practices to keep the passengers on flight safe. Many international and domestic flights are now offering different germ protection techniques and keeping the areas clean. 

Many flights are now providing complimentary face masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and shields in flight. You can take this kit along even if you have not used it throughout your trip. The airlines don’t use them after giving them to passengers.

Amenities Bag

When you have a long flight and travel in business class, you get an amenity bag. It includes an eye mask, toothbrush, socks, and other necessary things you may need. This is a freebie from airlines. 

After all, who will want to wear socks that have been worn by someone else earlier, even if the airlines get them washed? You can use it only once, and the airlines cannot pass it on to someone else. Even in hotel rooms, you get the miniature toiletries set which is all yours to take.

Eye Masks

Some flights provide eye masks so you can sleep with ease on the plane. These are personal items, and you can take them with you when you leave. Due to hygiene considerations, the airline cannot use these masks again, so it is better to take them with you.

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Leftover Food

Food items served in flights are quite handy and easy to carry to the next flight. Usually, you can take the packaged food and drinks offered to you on the flight. 

But don’t carry food that is hot or frozen as it won’t be practical. Also, some unpacked foods may fail during custom clearance.


Some business class flights offer a set of pajamas to wear. The airlines cannot use these pajamas to carry them along with you on the next journey.


Earplugs save your day if you end up sitting on a loud flight. You can put on the earplugs provided by the airlines and have a good sleep without disturbance. 

The airlines cannot use earplugs once the passenger uses them. So even if you are not using the earplugs, you can keep them in your bag and take them with you.

In-flight Magazine

When you read any magazine in flight, you may not read some articles if the flight is over. But don’t worry, it’s OK to take the magazine along with you. 

Though the airline can use the magazine provided for the next passenger, some airlines will encourage you to take the magazine along to advertise the airline when others see them in your hand.


Airlines may offer slippers to passengers when traveling in business class to take off their shoes and be comfortable. You can even carry the sleepers along when you are leaving the flight.

Can You Take The Headphones From Business Class

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Are you allowed to take the headphones on a plane?

If you are provided headphones with plastic earbuds, you can usually take those home, but not the noise-canceling headphones you get in business class.

Do you get to keep the amenity kits on planes?

Yes, you can keep the amenity kit along with all the amenities provided to you. Since most of it is toiletries, the airlines cannot reuse these items.

Do airlines give free headphones?

Headphones with plastic earbuds are freebies that you can take home. However, business class headphones with noise cancellation are not freebies.

Can you take Emirates First-Class headphones?

No, you should not take the Emirates first-class headphones with you. You can, however, buy these headphones online through their store.

Can You Take The Headphones From Business Class

No, You Should Not Take The Headphones From Business Class.

As business class seats are more expensive than the economy class, passengers get excellent service and enjoy a lot of luxury amenities. The flight attendants help you out with anything you want and will go above and beyond. 

But not all amenities provided in-flight are meant for you to take home. For example, you can use the headphones but should return them at the end of the flight.

I hope now you have an idea of what you can take along when traveling in business class.