Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones?

If you are new to gaming tournaments, you might wonder why do gamers use 2 headphones? We will answer this question in detail below

If you watch pro gaming, then you must have noticed a unique detail. All the gamers wear two different headphones. All the pro gamers wear in-ear headphones with over-ear headphones on top of them. If you are new to an esports tournament, you might wonder why do gamers use two headphones?

Not only this, but you would also find some of the players having a third piece of headphones around their neck. Let us discuss in detail why do gamers use two headphones or sometimes even three.

Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones

Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones?

If you have ever visited an actual esport tournament, you must know how loud it can get. The esports tournaments are similar to actual game tournaments, and there is a lot of noise from the crowd, the crew, and the commentators. The high noise levels from all the commotion can cause players to lose their concentration and hinder their performance.

The player must be able to hear 100% game sound. That is where the use of 2 headphones comes in.

In most shooting games, a gamer must hear every single sound, from footsteps to the bullets being fired in the game. On top of it, they have to play under pressure in front of an enthusiastic audience. All of this can be a lot to handle, even for professional gamers. 

Also, you can see the commentator explaining things in detail to the spectators, so they may cause disturbance and serve as an advantage to any team who are listening to them and playing accordingly.

There are instances where a player’s strategy and position will also be explained to the spectators. Using two headphones prevents the gamers from cheating.

The primary purpose of wearing two headphones is to increase the concentration of the gamer while blocking the noise from outside, which can become a distraction for them. The earbuds or in-ear headphones play the actual sound of the game. The over-ear headphones are there to block out the outside noise.

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How Do 2 Headphones Work For A Gamer?

The white earphones or the in-ear headphones play the ingame sound audible to the gamer.

The earbuds will sit inside the headphones and help project the game sounds like footsteps, shots, etc. As the earbuds perfectly fit into the ears, they give the player a positive and high-end experience.

The over-ear headphones mainly serve as noise-canceling ones as they entirely cover the player’s ear, thus pumping white noise into the player’s ears. The white noise will send low-frequency static sound to the player’s ears and block out any external noise.

Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones

What Purpose Does 2 Headphones Serve?

Wearing two headphones serves multiple purposes for a gamer. Let us have a look at them.

Blocking The Crowd Noise

All the esports gaming tournaments are much like any other tournament. They have a very lively audience. Every time something exciting happens, you can expect a lot of yelling and cheering from them. 

Now, playing an online game needs the full concentration of the gamers, and while playing in a tournament, they have to do that in front of an audience. Using two headphones lets the gamer hear the game sound on the in-ear headphone, and the outer headphone blocks the noise made by the crowd.

Blocking Technology Noise From The Tech Staff

Any tournament is not possible without a team of highly skilled and coordinated tech staff. There is a lot going on their end at every second to make the event successful. It creates a lot of noise which will distract gamers.

There is noise from the camera crew trying to get the best angle possible, communication between the broadcast and camera crew, or the other gamers smashing their keys while playing the game.

All of this creates a lot of commotion. Wearing two headphones cancels out all the noise from the tech staff, making the gamers concentrate on the game.

Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones

Blocking The Commentators Voice

Commentators are essential for any tournament. It is their commentary that brings excitement to the broadcast. Their enthusiasm and excitement, while necessary for the game, can be very distracting for the gamers. Two pairs of headphones also block out the commentators’ voices for the gamers. 

Communication With The Teammates

Some headphones may not pump white noise to the players. In this scenario, the headphones will help communicate with the teammates to have better coordination while playing a team game and assist in executing the plan effectively.

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The Third Pair Of Headphones

Now that you are clear, you would sometimes see a gamer wear the third pair of headphones around their neck. Most of the time, it is for sponsorship purposes. The gamers wear a pair of headphones from the brand of headphones that is sponsoring them.

Another purpose of the third headphone for a gamer is to communicate with their teammates using the mic. It is done so in the case when the noise-canceling over-ear headphones don’t have a microphone.

Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do pro gamers wear earbuds under headphones?

The pro gamers wear earbuds under headphones as they help in playing the in-game sounds. At the same time, the headphones will work as noise-reducing pairs, which will give out white noise.

Wearing earbuds under the headphones will help better communicate, provide clarity, and avoid any external sound from entering the players. It will ensure that the player can hear any sound from the game.

Are 7.1 headphones a gimmick?

Not exactly. 7.1 headphones are not entirely a gimmick. But the advertisements showcase them the best, which is not entirely true as they have both pros and cons. The headphones come with individual speakers in the ear cups.

These headsets are similar to stereo headsets which come with in-built software for a better audio experience. But many users complain that these headphones are not delivering the audio experience as promised, and the 5.1 version is better.

Why Do Gamers Use 2 Headphones

Why do COD players wear two headphones? 

COD player wears two headphones to help eliminate crowd noise during the game and give an enhanced gaming experience with clear in-game sounds.

Also, the headphones will help in maintaining clear communication with the teammates. One headphone will work for noise-cancellation, whereas the other one works to give a better audio experience.

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Parting Words

If you are a gamer, you must use two headphones for a better gaming experience. It will help in focusing on the game during the competition as they will eliminate any distractions around. 

So, if you are a player and have a noisy neighborhood, you must try wearing the two headphones and play the game.

This is because while you play a game, the adrenaline levels are high, so instead of getting distracted by all the loud cheering of the audience, buy two headphones today and try them. Let us know how using 2 headphones has changed your gaming experience through the comment section below!