Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed? Will UV Lighting Break Them?

Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed? Will there be any damage to their circuitry or plastics? Let’s read on and find out more.

There are people around the globe who like to listen to their favorite music tracks at all times. Regardless of whether they are in their office cabins, eating at a restaurant, or mall. You will always find their headphones by their sides.

It is nothing to be guilty about as for many of us; music is a way of de-stressing, getting motivated, and deriving pleasure. However, there are some places where you need to consider whether you can bring your headphones along or not.

Among those places, One is a tanning bed. Listening to calm and soothing music while your body gets its tan on is an ideal way to escape from the chaos of daily life. The Extra UV lightning might pose a threat of danger to the functioning of your earbuds.

This article aims to provide a clear and concise answer to the query that you can take headphones in a tanning bed. So let’s put everything aside and investigate.

Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed

How Can UV Lighting Affect Your Electronics?

Apart from the damage, it causes to human health, the bond between electronics and UV lighting can be best described as the south poles of a magnet that always repels. 

The same terminologies and innovations used in their development are what make them an antithesis to each other. However, remember that your electronic devices are likely to get affected over the long term.

Can I wear wireless headphones in a tanning bed?

Wearing wireless headphones or Airpods in a tanning bed apparently might have no side effects on their performance. However, long-term exposure to UV lightning would affect its health in some way.


Firstly, wireless headphones or AirPods tend to get overheated. The temperature inside a tanning bed can reach up to 102°F, so short tanning periods won’t cause any problems with your earphones. 

However, make sure that you do not charge them in the tanning bed since it will add up to the heat being generated in the surrounding.

In any case, know that your wireless headphones won’t explode in any way, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned air.

Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed

Impact of UV Radiation

Your wireless headphones are built to be robust. Even though the tanning bed radiates a high amount of UV rays, it really cannot reach the level of harming your headphones. 

Yes, you got me right; your skin is far more sensitive than your wireless headphones. So till your skin is fine, there is absolutely nothing to worry about the electronics you carry around because it will take many hours of very high amounts of UV radiation to cause damage to them.

To sum up, wearing wireless headphones inside a tanning bed is perfectly fine as long as it’s just for short intervals. However, don’t get too carried away with it and sit there for hours because it’s also risky for human health.

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Can I Bring Headphones Into a Tanning Bed?

Just like you can use wireless headphones (as mentioned earlier), you can also use wired headphones. However, to minimize any risks during the tanning session, do follow these tips concerning your headphones.

  • Make sure you buy one from a reliable retailer; there are many fake and unreliable products in the market. Today, marketing strategies are more clever than ever. Ask the retailer if you can specifically use it in tropical heat surroundings or tanning beds. Make sure that the material used in making the headphones is durable and sturdy.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the professionals or experienced people around you whether they have had any unpleasant experiences in such cases.

Once you are done with the above inquiries, you can go ahead with having a good tanning session while jamming to your favorite music track.

Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed

Is It Bad to Bring a Phone in a Tanning Bed?

Many people are clueless about whether it’s ok to bring your phone to a tanning bed. There are several myths and misconceptions, so let me clear them out for you.

If I speak from a tanning station rules point of view, there is no problem in taking your phone along in your tanning session. 

There are loads of things you can do with it, such as listening to your favorite rapper, taking some cool selfies for later, or even enjoy your favorite movie there.

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Scientifically Speaking

From a purely scientific standpoint, the radiation won’t cause much of a problem. It can throttle down its performance, make the battery run out faster, and even some functions might be temporarily disabled.

But that all is determined by the intensity and the duration of heat you are surrounded by. According to specialists, the temperature under 55°C won’t cause much harm; however, too much direct contact can cause some malfunctioning.

The most reliable way is to limit the amount of contact of your electronic devices with artificial heat as much as possible. Shield your phone screen from getting in touch with any infrared lightning and keep your phone covered under a towel when it’s not being used.

Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed

Potential Damages Of Iphones With Tanning:

During our research, we came across iPhone users complaining about problems with their phones after using them in tanning beds.

For example, users complained that their phone’s speaker had completely stopped working after the tanning session. 

This seems to be a common problem, in fact so common that people have found ways to curb it too. For example, one user added that you could prevent this by placing the phone under the bed, and another said that maybe the main cause wasn’t the UV radiation, and the magnetic clips in the cases could have been the culprit.

Since there seem to be more complaints about iPhones, we believe iPhones might get affected much faster than Android phones. 

Secondly, while in an android phone, only your battery or speaker is at risk; in an iPhone, once you damage the battery, the phone is practically useless unless you have Applecare.

So if you are an Apple user, you might want to reconsider your choice of taking it along with you in your tanning session.

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So, Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed?

Research shows that manufacturers nowadays pay attention to every aspect while creating their products, so most headphones will do fine. 

However, always be careful of UV rays as all plastics degrade under heat, and if you stay in your tanning booth for long, there is a possibility of damage. However, as long as you are careful about how long you are there, it should not be a very big problem for you.

All said and done, be responsible and don’t experiment too much with plastics and UV rays.

Can You Take Headphones In A Tanning Bed

Wrap Up

Wrapping up, let’s just say that your electronic devices and the UV lighting will never get along well together, so it’s best to minimize the damages in every way you can. The ideal way to do so is to shorten the duration of the tanning session to at most 45 minutes.

Moreover, understand that all other opinions online are biased. Every device functions differently in different surroundings—research whether your phone or headphones can be used under UV heat and follow accordingly.