Do Headphones Affect Alarm? How Can I Make My Alarm Play Through My Headphones Only?

Do headphones affect alarms? Can you plug in your headphones and hear your alarm in the morning without waking up others in the house? Answers coming up…

Haven’t it been ages since you have heard a loud cock-a-doodle-doo? The crowing of a rooster used to be the only alarm clock that would wake up the entire neighborhood. However, today, where everyone is working in shifts, your room partner and you may not agree on the same waking-up time. 

Your significant other or roommates may demand a certain adjustment from your end when you are living in the same room. 

Do Headphones Affect Alarms

So, how would you wake up without a blaring alarm clock that wakes you up without disturbing your room partners? Just wear your headphones! But how will my alarm go off with headphones in? Well, there’s good news on that front.

Do Headphones Affect Alarms? 

Even if you set several alarms to snooze after every three minutes to get you out of bed, thankfully, you would not have grouchy room partners giving you a stern look. Technological app advancements have the provision to make your alarm go through the headphones while maintaining the silence of the night. Here is everything you need to know about playing an alarm through headphones.

Does Alarm Go Off When Headphones Are In?

Generally, you miss your alarms when you are playing music with your headphones on. Right? You may think that setting your alarm with your headphones on sounds too good to be true. 

So, you might ask – “Will an alarm play through headphones?” Yes! Your iPhone alarm still goes off even with your headphones in.

Whether you need to catch a flight in the middle of the night or attend a meeting during the day, you can take a wink of sleep without worrying. Alarm headphones are here to the rescue! Simply wear your headphones while you catch a catnap and never miss a thing.

Will The Alarm Ignore My Headphones?

Of course, not! The rooster may forget to crow in the morning, but your alarm will not ignore headphones with a smart app. 

Do Headphones Affect Alarms

When you opt for a third-party app that offers alarm clock functionality, your headphones will pause the music to play the alarm. Your ever-reliable alarm clock app will identify the headphones and play through them.

How Can You Make An Alarm Go Through Headphones?

If you believe in spending your time wisely, you can either get yourself a smart alarm clock or go for a reliable alarm app. Both of them have the provision to allow the alarm clock to go off when headphones are plugged in.

WiFi Enabled Smart Headphone Bands

A WiFi-enabled smart alarm clock comes with headphone bands that you can comfortably wear to sleep. They are Bluetooth-enabled headphones that are compatible with setting your alarms effectively. You can choose cordless or corded stretchy headphone bands for your comfort.

Alarm Clock App

On the other hand, a reliable alarm clock app will not disappoint you even when your headphones are attached to it. Your iPhone could have a pre-installed alarm app. 

Do Headphones Affect Alarms

Otherwise, you can download alarm clock apps compatible with iOS and Android phones, such as Good Morning Alarm Clock, AlarmMon, Alarm Clock for Me, and more. These apps enable your phone’s audio output to switch from the speaker to the headset. 

With an alarm clock app, you can seamlessly control the sound management on your Android device. They fix any issues arising with phone and audio setup.

How To Install Your Alarm Clock App?

  • Check your internet connectivity before you begin to install any app.
  • You should have sufficient space on your mobile to store the downloaded alarm clock app.
  • Visit PlayStore.
  • Go to SoundAbout
  • Tap on Settings
  • Click on the option Alert Behaviour
  • Send Notification to Wired Headset Behaviour
  • Set the algorithm to “Wired Headset (override).”

After setting the alarm app, you may want to test to rule out any last-minute crisis. You can adjust the decibel, tune, and other criteria with your headphone plugged in.

How Will My iPhone Alarm Still Play If I Have My Headphones Plugged Into The Jack?

All smartphones have a built-in alarm clock. However, they are not sufficiently smart to set off the alarm when your headphone is plugged in. 

If your iPhone has a customized sound control, you have unlimited options. You can set as many alarms, choose your favorite ringtones, decide the snooze length and their duration. Alternatively, you have other options too.

Do Headphones Affect Alarms


Will my alarm still go off if I have Airpods in?

Yes, if you connect any AirPods, Bluetooth headphones, AirPods, or speakers to your iPhone, you can hear the alarm sound through your connected device. 

How can I make my alarm play through my headphones only?

No, it is not possible as there is no setting as such. You will have to use a third-party app to make sure that the alarm plays through only the headphones and not the speakers of the main device.

Can I listen to my alarm even when I am playing music?

Yes, your alarm will go off even when you are playing music on your phone. You can even test this setting by placing the alarm after three minutes. 

All You Need Is a Compatible App And Quality Headphones

With an increase in the headphones’ usage, their functionality has also increased substantially. Most of us now want to leave behind the traditional method of setting up a loud and blaring alarm for the room when one does not want to disturb a room partner. 

Do Headphones Affect Alarms

Thus, you can find a better way through headphones. You only need two things, an alarm clock app compatible with your headphones and a highly comfortable pair of headphones! There are many kinds of headphones available in the market. 

All you need is to look for a compatible and trustable app. It is advisable to look for reviews for both the headphones and the app and their compatibility before purchasing. 

Well, this would make sure that there are no compatibility issues and you are not left surprised after you make a purchase. 

Sweet Dreams!