2000 Light Years Away….

Now to focus a little more on the E2000. While more balanced than the E3000, I would say it follows a slight V-shaped curve. While the midrange is crisp and focused, it still doesn’t quite pop as much as the top and bottom of the spectrum. Regardless it still leaves this a very versatile earphone indeed and I find this much more suited to a range of genres than its big brother.

The bass is the plumpest area of an albeit thinner sound and without drawing comparisons is deep and punchy in its own right. I am impressed by its abilities to get a little lower than one would expect which just adds texture and feel to bass lines. I think this is yet another reason why they probably opted for a vented design, give that driver some air to move in the bass. The bass strikes with a firm enough punch but don’t want to linger too long after it has done about its business. It makes for an overall thinner sound but also created a great ambience and seems to help exaggerate details.

Jumping to the middle of the park and I am a little unsure on this area. I like how clear it is but sometimes I want it a little bolder and more centred. Really though, the quality is without fault at this price point, the outline and distinction to both vocals and instruments are great.

The treble is quite light in terms of texture but has a great bell and whistle to it. I am not going to go and make any absurd claims of crazy extension but it finishes off the earphone in a complete manner at the very least. It is without a doubt that it really is the middle treble that is the stand out here. The presence of the treble sits above the midrange, sticking its head out enough to play with the bass. Due to it being very light, tonality is very pleasant, perhaps not the most realistic at times but never grating or hard work.

It is a very well pieced together earphone but doesn’t let me lead you into believing they have reinvented the wheel. It still has that budget vibe (not sure how else to put it) that just grounds you into the knowledge that you’re spending under a hundred quid.

Time For 3000

The immediate differences after jumping to the E3000 would be a bigger, badder bass and a deeper even more amazing soundstage. It is funny because in terms of strict signature I would easily be in the E2000 camp, but there is something I just prefer about the E3000. Maybe it is the confidence and technical prowess that comes with more three dimensional sound, or maybe it is the way that the deep and thick bass contrasts a very natural midrange that has this mystical elegance around the upper mids which sounded great with female vocalists such as the amazing Alexandra Savior.

The extra body of this model may well come from this juicy bass but it is present in all departments and really has me sinking my teeth into my music. The bass is easily more boosted, and it probably generates more exaggeration as we go deeper and deeper. This really is one of those earphones that shows a vented dynamic could well be the only way to go for a realistic and dynamic bass, especially if you are on a budget. Sub bass is weighted just right, not overturning the midbass but riding with it, lagging in the same buttery and fun manner.

I will say that the midrange in the E3000 is vaguer and not near as clean as the E2000, especially as we lose quality in recordings and with it being further behind the bass, I should find myself quite repelled, yet for some reason, I am drawn in and nodding my head. The treble is the same, not as etched and probably more rolled off, really noticeable with some instruments that seem like they could be slightly out of key. But these things can’t be too unexpected from a sound that absolutely follows a downwards tilt from bass to treble. Yet these really do captivate with less textured music and only when things get a little more complicated to things show signs of being a little less expensive.

Without a doubt, the E2000 is going to suit more people and probably be a better recommendation at a price point where things normally struggle in terms of balance and technicality. Yet I couldn’t help preferring the marvel of this thicker, bigger and certainly more picky sounding earphone.

“FINAL” Words

Two earphones that may only have a small aesthetic difference and have a very similar drive, but sound completely different. They certainly sound very solid for the price and the small form factor is both comfy and very well built, with the pretty poor cable being the only exception to that rule. I will happily let the rest of my review say anything else but I will finish by saying while it is exciting what they do in the summit arena, don’t miss out on the more affordable stuff they do which is very special in its own way!

Sonny Trigg