Today we are going to try and be a bit more comprehensive as we cast a look over the OVC H15. £45.99. Active Noise Cancelling. New Brand.

It seems as though they are targeting the Bose market with both their design and use of ANC but I won’t be able to tell you how they do as I haven’t tried any of Bose’s latest IEMs. Actually I have never reviewed an IEM that has an active noise cancelling circuitary. I don’t think that means I am not qualified and I have still listened to a fair few earphones. The reason I probably have never tried one is because I have never seen the need. Both my favorite customs and universal in-ears block more ambient noise than any headphone ever could even if active. That’s like their thing, portability and isolation. Maybe it is just me, but I have never wished my earphones had ANC? Maybe I am approaching this the wrong way? I mean I guess cheaper earphones don’t always isolate the best and at this price point mega isolation could probably be desired so that then asks the next question, do you end up substituting sound quality?

Two Drivers

The H15 is a dual driver earphone. Both are dynamic and one is 6mm while the other is 13.6mm. Interesting only the 6mm is used to produce the full sound spectrum. The 13.6mm is only activated when you turn the ANC on and is used to filter the ambient sound, not create music. Seems like a interesting approach and I know that these are the only brand doing things in this manner.

The ANC unit is right down near the jack and is fairly sizable. It is something to factor in if you want the upmost portability with your earphones. It is a plastic rectangle with a shiny silver butter than lights up to green LEDs. On this unit you also have the micro USB charging port, which after a quick charge will be churning out a whopping 60 hours battery life. I didn’t test this out but I charged these once in my whole time with them!

The ANC is not the only “gimmick” these have and on the mic/remote unit these also have a bass boost which we will talk more about later. I am not a big fan of the implementation of the remote, not because it doesn’t work as normal (it operates just fine) but because it also doubles as a y-split. Not only that but it sits just a bit too high. That is probably the bigger concern for me. The cable it sits on is sheathed in cloth and that may make it more durable but it also makes it very rigid. The entire earphone is then made of plastic, even the shiny silver on the housing, don’t be fooled, it is not metal.

I should probably mention what comes with the earphones and it is not a massive haul but enough to get you going. We have a shirt clip already attached to the earphones and inside the little carrying pick you get for storage you get a charge cable, airplane adapter and some spare ear tips.

Talking of the ear tips and they are more akin to what you get on wireless or sport earphones these days with a little lock fo the concha. It means they are incredibly stable in your ear and makes for a very comfy listen. I found them to be lightweight and I was able to listen for hours… without the risk of running out of charge. I did find some microphonics with these, probably the side effect of a cloth cable but the pre installed shirt clip helps confront this, probably why they have it ready to go out of the box!


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Sonny Trigg