Fresh into the New Year we have another product up from Jays! This will act as more of a refresh as we previously reviewed the wired version of this product a couple of years ago. 

There have been some significant changes since then though, and primarily they are for the better. For example, back then the wired version of this product was 230 Euros – the wireless version of that same product today is 180 Euros… with the wired version now coming in at 120 Euros…

Let’s just let that sink in

If I had of said back then that I thought they were too expensive for what you got, then obviously I would be saying they now offer a good buy, but I didn’t. I thought these were good value back then!

What Jays are now offering is in my eyes, a fantastic value proposition. Let’s take a look back to see why they impressed us.

Even then it wasn’t like they were a particularly premium price tag and in a sense. Let’s not forget these are a super-aural headphone though. There are several benefits to this such as the fact it makes them far more portable as they are less bulky, lighter and more discreet. This kind of headphone perfectly suits the person on the go or someone that just wants a smaller, less in-your-face looking headphone.

Before we get down and dirty with the actual headphone I want to go back to talk a little about the experience of receiving a Jay’s product. The packaging has changed a little since we first got hold of the wired version but they are still offering a great level of quality in packaging. The box isn’t as sleek and informative as it once was and that’s the only really disappointing area. Once the box opens the quality remains though, there is no ‘chocolate tray’ plastic it’s just sturdy foam holding the headphone in place and a user manual.

Something that was lovely about this product was that you could assemble the headphone yourself to a certain extent, with just a very satisfying twist and click into place, unfortunately that is now gone, but the function still remains. Another small downside compared to the old product is that you no longer receive a carrying pouch. This is a real shame because it was a nice addition although would do very little to protecting the product itself.

There is really no getting away from the fact that Jays have got a really fantastic looking headphone here, its simplistic but very effective. On our all black version the small white accents just add that little extra to keep in line with the theme from the packaging and Jays usual style. 

Moving on to the build and starting with the headband, I actually think the silicon outer layer is really nice for two main reasons. The first of which is that because of the very well designed shape of the headband you can barely feel they are on the top of your head even when they weigh in at 224g. The second reason is solely down to the choice of material as silicon doesn’t slip, it’s slightly grippy on your hair but not in an uncomfortable way by any means! It just gives you the confidence that you can move your head around and you aren’t going to send your headphones flying! Oh, and it’s very easy to clean as well.

Moving down to the yokes into the ear-cups and they are a bit plasticky, but It will keep them lightweight I guess, and to be frank I can’t fault how they function. The cups themselves do feel a lot sturdier which is great, and more in-keeping with what I have come to expect from Jays! In all honesty, these are built to last, they come with a two-year warranty which is great and they are just generally a very sturdy product.

The ear pads are an area that most companies fall short on in the on-ear headphone market; they are often uncomfortable and can get sweaty and just generally be a bit of a nuisance on your head. While these are certainly not perfect it is a darn sight better than I was expecting. They use ‘viscoelastic ear-cushions’ which are set to adapt to your ear to maximise comfort and seal. To be fair to them, it works! They are the most comfortable on-ear headphone I have tried and not just for 15 minutes either. While writing this sentence I have been listening for over an hour with no discomfort at all (which is what prompted me to open up the laptop!). Occasionally I find myself fiddling to get them to sit exactly right but once you find the perfect adjustment you can just leave them be! My only criticism really is that maybe the clamping force could be a little tight if you have an ‘above average’ sized head.


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Josh Coleby