It has been over a year since I last reviewed a Dunu product. That is certainly a change of pace for the brand because the lack of reviews is not because I have been missing products, but simply because there has not been anything new. It makes sense as well considering how good their last wave was, it was always going to take something big to come next and keep up their incredibly high standards. Last year it was the DN-2002 that was reviewed, and when that was originally announced it was done so alongside two more hybrids, the DK-3001 and DK-4001. The DK-3001 has finally hit the market and as for the latter model, there has been no new information in yonks. Consequently, the 3001 takes the mantle as the new Dunu flagship and is quite a step up in price from even their last model at £499 (US prices are much more generous). While still a galaxy away from the extreme price tags of Obravo, 64 Audio and StereoPravda, five hundred quid can no longer be categorised as a cheap offering, which is what we once associated Dunu with, this is now serious money. I just hope they have not let other brands influence them into asking more than they used to.

Got Tips? Got Cables?

I don’t feel like the new influx in price has caused a more luxurious package but when Dunu has always been so generous with what you get I don’t know how exactly they could have stepped up their game. It is not the most lavish box but inside it displays the goods nicely and comes with absolutely everything you could ever need to get that extra mile out of these earphones. I mean let me just start with what tips you get, not only have they packaged some Comply and Spinfit premium tips but have given you two types of their own silicone to make sure that you are getting a fit suitable to your specific ear. Then let us look at the cables, yes cables, plural because they bundle two. They know balanced operation is something most people desire now and something that should be accessible out the box so along with a standard cable terminated with a single ended 3.5mm jack you get a cable with a 2.5mm jack, so I could go balanced with my Astell & Kern Kann out the box, I love that. Beyond that, you get the usual adapter jacks and a cute little Pelican style case.

The earphones have been shaped, unlike any other previous Dunu models, perhaps due to these having a different driver configuration or simply at an attempt to make them look a little better. We have two parts to the housing, a circle that holds the drivers and look similar to the AAW Nebula models and then an extended barrel that holds the MMCX connector to allow for removable cables. The housings are well constructed using stainless steel and certainly treat the eye better than the bland and bulky DN-2000; the main issue arises when it comes to actually wearing the earphones. There were similar and perhaps worse concerns with the DN-2002 for the same reason and that is the ergonomics. The way the connector interacts with your ear along with a shorter, lipless sound bore makes for a slightly harder time sealing (need to give it some pushing and wiggling) and some unwanted rubbing to your outer ear. Fortunately, due to the included tip range, I got there in the end but I do think they can make these new creations a little more ear friendly, especially in long term comfort once you have arrived at a competent seal.

The cables are allegedly a 5N OCC copper, which is great quality for a stock cable and it combines the flexibility of previous Dunu cables with a memory wire that is reminiscent of those on the legendary Sony MDR-EX1000. The cables are spot on and only expand my appreciation for them with the two options.


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Sonny Trigg