Keeping it Bassy

The Wireless is a bassy but forward sounding headphone. Its bass is vastly elevated, often physically shaking on some lower tones. Sometimes I feel like the driver is actually moving so far it hits my ear when it goes lower still, I don’t even think I am imagining it! That being said we are still getting a detailed, clear and rather up front midrange to support out, making for not only a very personal and in your face presentation of the music but a bassy phone I can play friendly with.

The thing with the Wireless is that the above description is how the model sounds in wired mode, connecting up the included Android cable between my OnePlus Two and the right ear cup. Oh, and the headphones are turned off, completely passive. Even though it is the bassiest you will get the headphones sounding it is by far the best. It is dynamic, unrestrained and powerful. Even turning the headphones on and leaving them in wired mode changes the sound. To be honest the biggest difference is between the headphone powered on and off. Once they are on the difference between wired and wireless is minuscule.

While this explosive signature does exist should you have them plugged in and turned off, I just can’t recommend them in that configuration, if you are going to get this sort of headphone, you have to put all your chips in. Use the ANC circuitry, get rid of the cable, have the FIIl lights on… you get the picture. If you skip all that you have such a plethora of other options to explore. While it does compress the sound a bit, it actually balances it out, neutralising the bass a tad but remaining as forward and bold through the midrange. You, of course, have to additionally deal with the constant hiss, that seemed to bother me a bit more than other wireless products.

Once you make the switch to utilising everything this has to offer you will find the bass is not the cannon it once was. That being said it still extends very deep, rumbling viscerally on all the latest dance tracks. The mid-bass is moderately boosted and is in the vast space between slow and sticky and super tight and punchy. It is a bit more consumer orientated in tuning but is done in a mature way. One with some quality.

The midrange is the real gem of this headphone. It is rocky and engaging. Drawing you in with its raw energy and how it sits on the frontline. While it will have you sitting on the edge of your seat it is not the most refined. For vocal-centric genres it is just what the doctor ordered in this type of fun headphone. It takes that more risqué mentality through to the treble. This is actually so polarising to how the Diva sounds, which in comparison is smooth, warm and easy, with a more laid back treble. This is snappy and bordering bright, although I must add that it is never harsh. It doesn’t splash as much as Focal’s Listen although that is a more detailed and transparent headphone all round. This all happens in a decently wide soundstage for a closed back.

I like the sound. It goes large in all frequencies and really will smack you round the face. It can end up being quite a fatiguing listen because it has so much of everything but it will capture your attention and take you for a ride before you get to that point. I think the Diva is the more refined and tasteful choice, but this is still a capable sounding headphone with a rather intriguing sound signature.

Make it Diva

While there is no doubt that FIIL really did sharpen up their act between Wireless and Diva, plenty of that charm still shines through with the older model. Its bassier sound is super forward but very enjoyable for a hip, Bluetooth headphone and we still have loads of usable gimmicks. If I hadn’t been spoiled by the more premium feel and ANC quality of the Diva and its Pro sibling, I would have probably been singing the Wireless’s praise from dusk to dawn simply for its sound quality but instead, I am left wanting for a new over the ear fit version of Diva. I undoubtedly prefer the comfort and form factor of this circumaural variation but would like it reincarnated with that 2017 finishing touch. Perhaps a bigger FIIL ‘Divo’ (male word for Diva) would be the answer. Maybe I am asking for too much? Perhaps the guys are already working on such a product in the lab? For now Wireless does the job, but I just know they could do it that much better!

Sonny Trigg