Obravo has been kicking around at Munich High End since my first visit and this year was no different. This Taiwanese company have a vast range of IEMs and headphones that feature an array of technologies that are a little unique to them, most notably the use of AMTs (air motion transformer). I will be honest and say in the past I have not got into what they were doing what so ever. Their prices were high and the sound did not even begin to reflect that.

For this year’s show, they had given their headphones a complete makeover and had samples of their new flagship IEM, Ra. Josh started by giving the new HAMT-Signature a go which was sitting atop the Metaxas Marquis headphone amp that seemed to be a right hit with a lot of exhibitors. Without being too disrespectful to their work, it seems like Obravo still hasn’t got things quite there with headphone designs.

However, we are delighted to report that their earphones are becoming really quite nice! We started with their current flagship, the EAMT-1 c which I found pleasant enough but was a little blown back when I found out it was £3,699, especially with its less that optimal ergonomics but it impressed me enough to stay put and see what they had next for me.

Obravo offers some of their IEMs in different flavours and the new Ra is no different. You can get it in aluminium (circa $6,000) or if you are balling a bit harder, get one of the more premium metals with titanium (circa $8,000) being next and going all the way up to the copper finish (circa $10,000). I know that you are thinking the prices are just absurd for IEMs but these did sound insanely good! Am I justifying the price? Absolutely not… but they are exquisitely made, utilising technology like nothing else and sounding on that top level of earphone design. These are good enough for me to want a pair for further listening! There is nothing else quite like them.

Sonny Trigg