In 2015 I made a point of shooting everything and we did a lot of reports. Last year a lot of my pictures did not make it to the site and this year I only got my camera out if something really impressed us. 

The first of these brands were Raidho. The were flaunting their lanky D5.1 which sounded just excellent off of Aavik amplification but the real breath of fresh air was the Rage Against the Machine they were playing.

The display was also great. It sounded very graceful and balanced. Not at all like the reputation for such products would suggest! It was the first showing of both the Opera loudspeaker and Albedo’s new Gravity power cables. The new speakers contain – 
1 x 0.63″ compression driver on horn loaded tweeter
1 x 2″ horn loaded compression driver on mid-range
1x 12″ Paper woofer working in the bass section

This is all packed into 3 modules that combine to weigh 85kg. They are 8 ohms so get on well with SET amps such as the My Sound Cube amps that were powering them. The new albedo cables were an interesting concept as they came in three models and depending on what you was using you require a specific one of the three variations. 

Odeon Audio speakers along with New Audio Frontiers whose electronics they were using did not ring a bell with me as I walked into their exhibit but Josh and I were quickly captivated by the sound their set up was creating.

We also were totally digging the sound of this room complete with Solution electronics and Vovox cables. They also were giving off a bit of an MBL vibe with the trees that we know both optimise sound and imporve room aesthetics! 

Obviously there was some over top tier sound on offer but I think narrowing our selection down to just a few rooms makes it a little bit more of a tribute of our appreciation. 

While we were not as overwhelmingly positive as previous years this is a must experience show, even if only once in your life. It is a very special event and we have an absolute blast during our long weekend trip. Especially when you have brands like Astell & Kern throwing private press parties of an evening where they upgraded their own branded beer from stout last year to a bock. I will happily admit that the bock had a stronger output than last years model and hit me hard as I got to catch up in person with some of the guys I am often talking to over email such as Alex, James and Steph (AK), Lorand (Meze), Caleb and Ken (Campfire)!

You then had some great sights such as Cambridge Audio’s double decker bus outside the venue (I forgot to take a picture although I did get some when inside enjoying a beer) and even a Bugatti Veyron that had been kitted out with Burmester’s car audio package!

So that is a sort of summary of our experiences of this years convention but expect some more detailed individual reports over the next week or so!


Sonny Trigg