Of all the IEM brands to rock up in 2016, Oriveti were certainly one of the more sophisticated and polished. I often question why these brands decide to enter this market, it is booming without a doubt but seriously crowded. Oriveti may be new but claim deep experience in the brand and even had the answer to my questions.

In this tough and competitive market, we feel there is still room for knowledgeable brands with new ideas to emerge. Because we understand the importance of sound, fit, comfort and reliability, we believe ORIVETI is ready to excite and impress listeners across the world.

Can’t fault the confidence!

They flew solo last year with their hybrid Primacy model but coming into 2017 they used the feedback they got to revitalise that model releasing the New Primacy. They also bolstered the lineup with a cheaper unit, the Basic. Basic goes on their online store for $99 while New Primacy will set you back $299. They also have some UK representation with HiFi Headphones offering an RRP of £89.00 and £249.99 respectively.

Today we are going to have a look at both models so if you want to read about Basic, turn to page 2. As for New Primacy, we will be talking about that on Page 3….

Sonny Trigg
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    Can either of these earphones be comfortably powered by a smartphone?

    • 100%! They are both easily driven. It obviously depends on your phone but you should be fine. Especially with Basic.

  • Nicola Quaglia

    Would this be a good match for Fiio X7/AM1 module?

    • I have no experience with the X7 unfortunately.

  • Juan Luis Quiroz Guevara

    How compared with earsonics es3??

    • If you were asking for the New Primacy to be compared I would say that it is a little rawer sounding with a more nimble bass response. They are both capable earphones but I prefer the balanced and details of the Oriveti while Earsonic’s opted for a bit more bass and a creamier sound.