Swiftly following up my review of the first to launch in Trinity’s new Phantom line, Sabre, we are back with the latest to be branded with the Phantom tag, Vyrus. Coming in cheaper than Sabre with half the drivers, this cements itself as the value option of the Phantom series. If you recall from my look at Sabre it used two 7mm dynamic drivers in a push-pull configuration, this simplifies that design heavily with just a single 7mm driver per channel. Simple is sometimes great, though! At £59 you will only find cheaper from Trinity in their original series with the Techne and Hyperion (which this is a successor to)!

vyrus vyrus-2

Filters, Tips and Cables Galore!

You should not expect anything new here if you have purchased from these Brits before… not that I am complaining because they cover all bases! At half the price you miss out on just a couple of tricks when putting these side by side with the Sabre but one cable and some Spinfits is hardly a considerable and unfair difference. We still get 7 sets of filters, 7 pairs of ear tips and two cables. I only counted 7 pairs of tips anyway, that’s 4 sizes of standard silicone, a dual flange pair and finally medium/large foam tips. 7 right? Regardless the website and box say 13 pairs including Spinfit, either a typo or I didn’t receive the full package?!


The two cables included are all but the same. Both are the braided oxygen-free copper variant that is a bit on the thin side and loves to tangle due to being so light and flexible. I am a big fan of their metal spring loaded jacks as well. The one minor difference is that one has memory wire, the other doesn’t. With them opting to include two cables I really think this was a better opportunity to supply their braided and sheathed (with mic) cables for maximum versatility. At least if a cable dies you have an immediate backup. I should probably note you also get a little right angle jack converter, 1/4 inch jack adapter, shirt clip and the standard issue triangle case.

vyrus-4 vyrus-5

Something that on paper I thought would be miles ahead of its price but actually ended up being very hit and miss was the build quality of these. Metal housings, multiple cables and 2 pin connectors look like a dream all the way until when I have actually used these. First of all getting the cables to attach is near impossible, I let it off lightly with Sabre but have really started to find it a severe issue with Vyrus. After battling the tiny ear pieces to get the cable attached I find them to just disconnect as soon as I adjust the memory wire or reposition the earphones in my ear. The connectors don’t insert deep enough or lock together properly. I have thrown the included cables in the box to use another cable that has no shielding around the 2 pin and can attach securely. Trinity either need to tweak this ASAP so they fit easier or just got to a more traditional and less protected method of the 2 pin.


Also while the metal of the housings is seriously heavy duty stuff and finished absolutely flawlessly, the plastic that hangs out from the cable to connect too is an issue for me. It has become wobbly on my left channel and it just is something that I am constantly aware of and worried about.My left channel round seems a bit off actually. With filters not screwing into it properly.


Something I was super surprised about was the size of these. They are considerably smaller than Sabre and also the first Trinity IEM for a while I don’t have any niggle with in the ergonomic department. Even though these have the cable coming out in a way that screams to throw these over the ear when wearing, they are actually a barrel designed IEM. The way they fit is more akin to an Etymotic HF5. Not quite as long or thin but these can get deep and they feel minuscule in your ear. It is nice to finally achieve a deep and secure seal with ease! You can also comfortably wear these cable over the ear or straight down. Of course over the ear will reduce all microphonics successfully and in my eyes always be comfier but the options still nice…. The last thing I will mention is they stray slightly from optimal isolation due to small size and venting. But even that can be bettered with some careful tip selection.

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Sonny Trigg