From the most sort after brand at the beginning of my IEM adventures to just another one of so many earphone creators on the market today, French Earsonics have remained very active in recent years. Over the last 24 months, I first got the Velvet, which provided a very smooth sound with the option to tune the signature but was rather costly. I sadly missed the S-EM9, a new flagship and that brings us to our most recent of announcements… the ES 2 & 3. Sliding into the music series next to the S-EM9 that it shares visuals with and costing €399.00, it is quoted to be one of their “earphones made for music”. Back to my initial introduction to the in-ear monitor game, it was the Earsonics SM3 (along with Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 3 and Sennheiser’s IE8) which ruled supreme. We have seen many other triple armatures from Earsonics since then (in fact they still sell the SM3 V2, Velvet and SM64) but not to quite the same level of success, perhaps Earsonics can once again take glory with a 3 driver design.


Polka Dots

I am yet to be truly impressed by the packaging of an Earsonics product but they do at least cover all your basic needs. Inside we are simply shown the carrying pouch and earphones. The pouch is very much on the small side, making it great for fitting into a jean pocket, but not for actually getting the earphone in it! Tip selection is also very rewarding with 4 sizes of standard Comply and then a crazy assortment of silicone. We have different sizes of dual flange and then these big mushroom single flanges that are unlike anything I have ever seen and didn’t seal for me.

es3-2 es3-4 es3-10 es3-3

Since both use 3 drivers you may not be surprised to learn the housing of ES3 is very much similar to the one my Velvet uses. In fact, barring the design, I think they are nearly identical. The design is pretty simple, a glossy black all around with some polka dot graphics of the ES and 3. While nothing incredibly fancy, I do find there to be a certain appeal to the aesthetic. The only thing that makes me feel they may be slightly different in dimensions to the Velvet is that they were super comfortable and these only seal when sticking out my ear, not nesting into the bowl. Josh had the same problem and while not irritating, comfort is not up to the level of VT Audio’s T4 or InEars ProPhile 8 which I have been testing alongside these. That being said they still isolate to a very high level.

es3-9 es3-6

Build, on the other hand, is precisely the same as with Velvet. Thick acrylic shells and the standard no thrills braided IEM cable that I have seen included more than anything else over the last few years. These will last as long as you aren’t throwing them at the floor and I should hope you are all more respectful than that!



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Sonny Trigg