Brits Trinity Audio Engineering is that company who just want to keep on giving and as we take a glance at yet another product from their arsenal, they just don’t seem like slowing down. A little while back (not sure on exact time frame now) they released an entirely new series of products, the Phantom line of supposedly more high-end designs. It is a range that has really let Trinity push their efforts with prices soaring as high as £500, it is interesting to see what a brand who have always been renowned for their bang for the buck can do at this price range. But that is neither here nor there today as we cast our attention to the Phantom Sabre. Currently going for £125 it has an RRP less than my last Trinity IEM, the Atlas but while that was designed for multi uses and sport, this is designed with technically superior sound in mind! This also marks the start of a unique driver configuration that Trinity have started to opt for now. Instead of being a relatively simple hybrid set up like with Delta and Atlas, this incorporates two 7mm titanium dynamic drivers. But unlike any dual drivers you may have previously experienced, these work in a push/pull arrangement. In simple terms, the drivers are working out of phase which allows a better control over the diaphragms, or so the theory goes.


Package of Dreams

I have seen Trinity develop their overall package and what we have with the Sabre has to be the pinnacle. I don’t just mean of their products either, I mean of IEMs, price no object. Opening up the Sabre was like my Christmas and Birthday wrapped into one with more stuff tucked in every corner of the box. Where shall we start? Maybe with the triangular carry pouch that is a staple with Trinity IEMs, or the basic adapters that you come to expect with most IEMs nowadays. Then, of course, you want a nice range of tips and with a collection only rivalled by Dunu, Trinity deliver. 4 sizes of the single flange? You bet! Triple and double flange? It goes without saying…. But does it have snazzier tips, maybe some memory foam or Spinfit? How do 3 sizes of foam and 4 sizes of Spinfit sound? Yes, to my surprise Trinity are now the UK distributor of Spinfit so they are yet another addition you can expect to all Trinity models!

sabre-5 sabre-6 sabre-2

It doesn’t stop there though and since the British brand opted to implement removable cables they thought it best that all customers shall get cables for whatever their needs. I can’t argue with that so when setting these up for the first time I had to decide whether I wanted a sheathed cable with a mic and remote or an OFC copper braided cable. I am all about signal quality so I have course picked the braided but that in turn offered me another decision, memory wire or not. That is the level of options you get with this product and I love it!

sabre-3 sabre-8

Talking about cables a bit further and with Atlas, I was saddened to see that Trinity like a lot of brands had gone for an MMCX connector but that quickly remedied that decision with all products now having that much more stable 2 pin connection. Regardless I have still found myself tilted on occasion by the barrier the male connector has around it making actually getting a solid connection quite fiddly. Maybe I am just heavy handed but I have got very agitated every time I sapped cable, then driven even madder when I put them in and the cable falls out because I didn’t secure it properly.

sabre-10 sabre-12

The cables are lovely, though. I will admit I have not used the remote cable, I use a DAP and don’t desire to take phone calls with my IEMs but the braided offering is light, flexible and well built with metal on the connectors, y-split and jack. The jack actually has a spring strain relief which is a nice touch.

sabre-9 sabre-7

One of the other things that surprise me with every new Trinity product I receive or I see released is how they design a new housing from the ground up. When you have companies selling much more expensive products with shared housings like Campfire Audio’s $1099 just using what we already had with the $349 Orion. These like Atlas have CNCed aluminium shells which are obviously very sturdy but do have the downside of drawing fingerprints and dirt like there is no tomorrow! These have taken form as a smaller, circular shape but like the Atlas, I have problems with sealing. The longer filters that are provided do help but I think ergonomics are one of the areas for Trinity to put a little focus on. I can’t work out why by simply looking at them but I find the edges digging into my outer ear causing a little discomfort. This is, of course, an individual problem but this is the first time I have found discomfort in a while. I should also mention that there is a little driver flex from the housings.

sabre-19 sabre-18 sabre-17 sabre-15


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Sonny Trigg