Of all the new IEM brands coming thick and fast from China, they seem quite easily separated into two categories. A clearly DIY ordeal that has been thrown into some simple and cheap packaging with scarce accessories or an attempt to be something a little classier. Simgot certainly falls into the latter category leaving the overall experience of VT Audio, Zhiyin and LZ very much behind in more basic times. Regardless, with all these new brands first impressions are vital, LZ was ok but not memorable, Zhiyin sticks with me for all the wrong reasons and TFZ I want to see more of. It really sets the tone of whether these will be a player in the upcoming years or just someone left in the dust as will be the fate for so many IEM brands. After experiencing the unboxing I was actually surprised to learn that these were priced at just $99, with packaging and accessories oozing much more expensive than that. This price leaves them in a very competitive playground in the IEM scene.

16en700 16en700-3

Salute to Art and Science

Visually they look like a shrunk down HiFiMAN HE-1000, something Simgot must have been of conscious when designing these and an attribute that doesn’t effect anything else. They aren’t an open back IEM! Inside the pleasantly done box is, of course, the HE-1k Jr as well as the whiff of leather coming up from the included carry case. The case uses space in the box smartly and has the included cleaning tool and tip selection inside. These include two types of tips, a Sony hybrid variation as well as a firmer single flange silicone, but on the presentation card, they are both labelled as type 2 tip with the same description, a bit stupid if you ask me. This is not a one off either as I saw it on the Massdrop listing and in other reviews. It is these small attentions to detail that just remind me of some many other Chinese companies that have absurd catch phrases or just a few things off, I said something similar in my recent FIIL review!

16en700-4 16en700-5

The earphones are very impressively constructed at under a hundred bucks with an aluminium and stainless steel housing surrounding the no thrills 10mm dynamic driver. Sadly the cable is not removable, something that never goes unappreciated but the cable is hardly a poor showing. It has memory wire similar to RHA’s cables and once again implements metal on the chin slider, y-split and 3.5mm jack. The cable is also very manageable and all in all, for what will be roughly £70 this is clearly a well-designed product with no taints of tackiness or concerning build niggles. Sadly (in terms of trying to stand out, not for the customer) that is not rare at this price now with products like the aforementioned RHA and their MA750 and AAW’s Nebula 1.

16en700-8 16en700-2 16en700-10 16en700-7

While the fairly typical looking housing may look pretty ergonomic I have actually found it to have a few minor problems when worn. Firstly I find myself needing larger tips than usual to get a decent seal, of course not an issue as such, just something worth mentioning. The more troubling trait would be from the combination of the domed housing and shallower sound nozzles. I have found that if you want to push it a bit deeper, it rebels and slides out, limiting insertion depth and security in your ear. Once again this is probably not a huge issue but I just found it a bit discerning, slowly releasing from my canal. Beyond that even though metal they don’t feel too bulky with the over the ear cable taking a lot of the weight and isolate solidly as well, even with the small venting on this inside of the housing.



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