The Headphones 

We have already clarified how undoubtably epic these headphones are in terms of feature set but what are they like as a physical package. Well, to start with these are a super aural model, resting snugly on your ear. Being a wireless headphone they made me want to take them to the gym but while I am working out I need something to stay in place. These have managed just the right level of clamping, they stay on while I am held upside down doing decline bench press but never feel like the apply to much pressure. The cups even articulate to sit just right on your ears. On top of that even with the amount of tech they packed in they feel light and the protein leather and memory foam combo that pads all the parts that makes contact with your head feels soft and pleasant, if a little sweaty after an hour and a half of working out!

16fiil-8 16fiil-10

The headphones are produced completely of plastic. Compared to the Phonaudio PHN100 I wouldn’t want to pull the headband around quite as much but seriously everything is tightly made and seems good enough for me! Now as with most wireless headphones these do also come complete with a cable if you so fancy but seriously thats not what these headphones are about!

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You also get a USB cable included as well as a carry case the headphones fold up into. I like the case but they don’t fold up evenly which ticks me off a bit but you know, worse things could have happened.

16fiil-5 16fiil-3

Packaging is cute but also hilarious with some rather odd slogans…. I will just this with you….


The Surprise

Without doubt the biggest kicker for me was how good these sound. Thats using all their tech as well, ANC on, no cable and just some FLAC I have on my OnePlus Two. It’s not revolutionary or anything like that but compared to the last bluetooth headphone I reviewed (Pendulumic T1) they are spectacular. Take away all the gimmicks and quirks they have and give these to me as a $199 headphone and i’d be pretty impressed on sound alone, throw the rest in and you’re onto a real winner. All around it is a soft and musical sounding headphone, it has sweet mids and a slightly boosted bass that will cater to the masses. It really is just a cozy and fun sound, not overbearing anywhere and more impressively full in the mids, something often overlooked with more commercial, bass orientated sounds.

Beyond a great sound signature I am impressed with the overall scale to what I am hearing. For an on ear they convey space marvellously, especially in terms of depth, which is by far the most prominent dimension. The only area I do find lacklustre would be imaging, something you would like to think goes hand in hand with a better soundstage but that is something that still is a little messy with these, along with the slight electronic whirl that lets you know something is going on inside these headphones. Even with my mention of imaging instruments still separate welll, just I wouldn’t say in accurate sense like something more expensive (HD800 for example).


Back to the bass and it’s a softer hitting part of the spectrum that does lay north of neutral but more with a wooly warmth. It handles extension well enough and reminds me of a lot of my car stereo. Thats sort of a compliment by the way. In the sense I love listening to music in my car with whatever genres or artists I throw at it, because it lacks transparency and a critical edge. Before you are turned off I have a top spec Sony stereo in my car! It’s the same with the bass I am getting from Diva. You won’t find it’s prancing through the speediest of double bass licks but it runs full and smooth with the music and never seems to be draw the attention way from the vocals.

The vocals continue that soothing, mellow theme with a slight edge forward. The midrange as a whole comes across bold and airy with some influence of warmth and body from the mid-bass. I find myself surprised by subtle details and rich timbre. I think the midrange is great and really captivates me into the my music. The treble seems a little subdued and I have found it to be a bit wishy washy, emphasising decay a little unnaturally and after a great bass and midrange the treble can be a little off perfect with these headphones still sounding coherent and all around stellar.

The Future

These headphones have restored my faith in commercial headphones. They are something anyone can love, be you a tech junkie, an audiophile or just someone who wants some headphones for your commute. They look stylish if not a bit safe, sound impressive and then have so many functions and features to boot. I really don’t know where I would start to complain about anything these do and I will continue spending a lot of time using them when out and about in the gym. With 4 days to go and 681 people already committed, I would get on these before they get a tad more expensive but even then they have Great Value!

Sonny Trigg